I’ve been playing Returnal for a few months, and I like it. As with any other game, it’s no secret that it requires practice. You have to practice, and if you don’t, you won’t be good at the game. The only way to get good is to practice, and practice, and practice, and…

Step 1: Run in circles (dodge) until opponent is almost out of energy Step 2: Use Overload / Adrenaline, when your opponent is almost out of energy. Step 3: Run in circles (dodge) until opponent is almost out of energy Step 4: Use Overload / Adrenaline, when your opponent is almost out of energy. Step 5: RUN IN CIRCLES (DODGE) UNTIL OPPONENT IS OUT OF ENERGY Step 6:  Use Overload / Adrenaline, when your opponent is almost out of energy. Step 7: Run in circles (dodge) until opponent is almost out of energy Step 8: Use

Returnal features non-stop battles that can easily knock you out if you’re a relatively new roguelike player. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to getting back into the fray, with some tips and tricks to help you stay in the game longer. We’ve got everything from controller type to using overload and adrenaline, managing your health, and more in the guide below.

Combat Guide– Return

Our guide to fighting back includes some tips and tricks to help you in the fight back.

Choice between adaptive triggers and conventional control

With the introduction of the new DualSense controller for PS5, gamers now have new ways to experience the game, and adaptive triggers are one of the new features. Adaptive triggers may not be for everyone, but they offer a new and intuitive way to experience shooting games, and Returnal takes full advantage of them in combat. If you half-press the adapter’s trigger to fire, you can aim and shoot at enemies, but if you press the trigger fully, the weapon switches to alt-fire mode.

This can be a little confusing because we are used to pressing harder than normal in tense situations. This time, just press L2 hard enough to select another shooting mode. If you’re having trouble getting used to the new shooting mechanics, you can leave the adaptive triggers alone, but the developers have also thought of that and introduced a classic shooting mode for players who want to stick with the normal L2 shooting mode. To do this, you need to assign another key to the weapon’s Alt-fire mode.

While this may be different for each player, it’s always a good idea to try them out and see if you can get used to the new adaptive triggers. If so, that’s fine, and if not, you can just switch to classic controller mode and use the triggers to aim and shoot, and another button to shoot alternately. You can practice a bit in both game types to see which one suits you best, as Returnal is a rather complicated game, and your mastery will play a big role in winning or losing.

Check the overload as soon as possible

If you’ve played Gears of War, you probably remember the active cooldown in that game, where if you cooldown in the ideal area, you get increased damage for your entire clip. A similar mechanism exists in Returnal, but here it is called Overload. While reloading, a reload bar with a bonus area is shown in the middle of the screen. If you press R2 when the bar is between two points, you can quickly reload and get damage, health or another bonus. Make sure you practice and understand how to make sure you are not just charging, but overcharging.

Taking care of your health

While the battles in Returnal can quickly become extremely overwhelming, it’s important to keep an eye on your health as well. Keep track of your health so you are always aware of your current position in the game. If your health drops drastically, the screen starts flashing red, but if you’re constantly monitoring your health, you’re much more likely to look for first aid kits. Try to pick up health items even if you are out of health, as this will increase your health meter, which will eventually allow you to take more damage.

Generate and maintain adrenaline

As you fight and kill enemies, you build up adrenaline when you manage to kill three enemies in a row without getting hit. To do this, you can target small enemies and build up adrenaline, because once you build up adrenaline, you get a buff that increases to 5. These buffs are extremely useful in combat and also give you the confidence to be more offensive in the game. Keep your adrenaline up and you’ll keep getting different bonuses.

Always be on the move to avoid damage

In Returnal, you have a wide range of moves that allow you to move quickly and dodge attacks. Pressing L3 lets you run, X lets you jump and pressing Circle lets you dodge incoming attacks. You should know that you can also dodge enemy projectiles. So if you see a wall of projectiles flying in your direction, which seems inevitable, just dodge them and everything will be fine.

When the enemies are there, you should always be on the move and never stand around shooting. You have to find a balance between running, standing and shooting, and then running away again. Add dodging and jumping depending on the situation, and agility will keep you alive longer than usual. Try to keep a good distance from the enemies, but don’t stop moving and shooting to stay safe and kill the monsters.

Never lock yourself in

The enemies in Returnal are vicious and will do anything to kill you. To do so, some enemies appear in large numbers and try to capture you by surrounding you on all sides. Any attack from outside your screen will be marked on your screen in the direction of the attack, but most importantly, you won’t know what to do when attacks come from all directions. It is important that you always try to avoid being surrounded by enemies.

Understand enemy attack patterns and appropriate countermeasures

Each enemy in Returnal is unique, and they have attacks and abilities that go far beyond normal strikes or AoE attacks. Some enemies can teleport directly into your face, and others have the ability to manipulate space-time to attack you. Confronting these enemies in the game is not easy if you do not understand their attack patterns and do not know when to shoot to escape and when to dodge. Take a few minutes to understand the attack patterns of each type of enemy, walk around, stand back, and even try to spot the larger enemies in the crowd to make your fight easier.

Search for items that need to be relaunched

Because Returnal is a roguelike, there are no checkpoints in the middle of the level, and you must restart the level if you are killed in the game. Also, all the levels are procedurally generated, meaning none of them are repeatable, which can be annoying if you spend hours completing them. However, there are a few ways to give yourself a second chance to continue the game if you die. One is the astronaut figures in the game, which you can collect and keep in your inventory.

They are quite rare in the game, but if you die in the game, they will bring you back to the place where you died with full health. In addition to finding astronaut figurines, you can also spend air from the reenactors to save your progress and gain another life point. If you die anywhere later in the game, all your progress is restored by the Reconstructor, so you have a second life in the game and can try again.

Restart at any time

You don’t have to die to start a new series. If you feel that the race is not going as planned, simply pause the game and select Restart. You then start with full health, new enemies, a new map, and maybe a little more morale than last time to finish the race this time.

Switch to melee combat to take out your enemies.

Over time, you’ll unlock a melee attack that allows you to quickly take out smaller enemies and take out larger ones. If you hit a large opponent with your melee attack, you will often stun him and get a free window to strike. If you’re lucky, you can often kill them before they start again.

Concentrate on towers and healers in battle first.

You will often encounter rooms where the enemies also have a turret. These turrets are in different places, they shoot at you when you least expect it. However, they are bright red and easy to spot in the room, so be sure to destroy them as soon as you enter the area with the towers.

In addition to the turrets, long bright green lines will run in some rooms. This is a sign that there are healing towers nearby, and if you don’t destroy them, enemies will continue to appear in the area. Before you shoot at enemies, you must first target these healers and destroy them so they don’t continue to heal monsters and enemies in the arena.

For more return instructions, check out our returns wiki.

This is the end of our guide to fighting on return. If you have anything to add to this guide, please do so in the comment box below.

This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about returnal review and let us know what you think.

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