Game developers are always looking for the next genre, the next angle or the next story to break the norm and create commercial and critical attention.

When a developer finds a successful formula, he often tends to work with it and turn it into a franchise, such as Final Fantasy or Assassin’s Creed. Although it is only successful when a truly unique experience, such as Death Stranding, comes on the market, people pay attention to it.

Sometimes the best way to create a successful game is to draw inspiration from real life.

Assassin’s Creed uses historical sites, while Electronic Arts has had success with real teams and real athletes. Some games are also based on board games. This has been the case throughout the history of video games, and board games have often been simple enough to be played on less powerful machines. The monopoly is one of the favourites that has experienced a lot of restarting and reloading over the years, starting with the first 8-bit machines. Even today the images used in Monopoly are still very popular in games. There are many Foxy bingo names based on Hasbro’s classics, including Monopoly Big Spin and Monopoly Mega Movers. The first version of the game may have appeared on SEGA Genesis in 1988, and it was no less popular when Monopoly Plus was released on the current generation of consoles.

Other less recognizable board games, especially on retro machines, are a great success. So we made a list of four things you should really try, both on older game consoles and on the current generation of cars.

Dictionary – NES

is not very suitable for a system with paper and pen in physical form, but it is even more fun to draw with the interface of the Nintendo Entertainment System. It uses a limited version of the colour package and includes the common categories of physical, human, location, animal, object and action game. It may not be an obvious board game that can be turned into a console, but that makes it even more interesting.


Heroic research is DOS, Amiga.

RPG is now a big company, both online and as a solo game, but in the early years, the possibilities for video games were limited. Most games with wizards, elves and barbarians tended to be placeholders, like ghosts and ghosts, so this interpretation of the board game of the early 90s became almost the forerunner of the genre.



A trivial chase: I don’t – PlayStation 2

The very first Trivial Pursuit game was released on the Commodore 64 and seemed revolutionary at the time because it contained questions about music, but advanced by 20 years for a more effective and entertaining version. In addition to the classic board game interpretation, the games also had a hassle-free mode that included betting on other players, teleporting the fields, 50/50 options and revised questions. By adding a new dimension to the proven method, the developer of Artech Studios has found success.

Note – Nintendo Switch

Clue, known outside North America as Clue, is a game whose history and traditions are almost as old as Monopoly and date back to the era of war. Game consoles had many versions with direct connections, such as Clue on the Super Nintendo, and less obvious versions, Murder on the Amiga and Atari ST. The latest version, Clue on the Nintendo Switch, has been praised for its modern approach to the old game. With graphics and music of the current generation, this version looks just as fresh today as it probably was made for players in the early 1950s.


Did I miss something? Comments below as your favorite board to video game conversion!

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