The boss of the village area in Resident Evil 8 is a large lady named Elena. She will be seen sitting calmly on a bench outside the boss room. When you approach her, she will suddenly get up from her seat and attack you. Elena is able to use both blunt melee weapons and firearms. As a melee weapon she uses a giant wooden club that will deal huge amounts of damage to your character. She can also use her rifle and shoot from a distance which will deal minor damage to you.

There is a certain lady in the Village From Resident Evil 8 who is the absolute BOSS of the game. She is the main lady in the game. She is a BOSS. She is the village lady Dimitrescu. She is the most difficult and scary boss in the game. She is tough. She is the person you just want to avoid. She is everything. She is the most powerful boss in the game. She has a fantastic body. She is the boss of the game. She is the heart of the game. She is the best. She is number one. She is the most powerful person ever.

This Resident Evil 8 Village Lady Dimitrescu boss guide will show you how to defeat one of the game’s main antagonists, Lady Dimitrescu. In this fight, an elegant woman turns into a vicious, demonic foe, a flying monster that looks intimidating, to say the least.

However, the fight against the final boss is quite easy and manageable if you are prepared with the best weapons and if you know when to attack and how to attack Lady Dimitrescu.

Resident Evil 8 Village Lady Dimitrescu Boss Guide

We have described below how you can defeat Lady Dimitresca in a boss fight.

Best weapon against Lady Dimitrescu

You can attack Lady Dimitrescu with any weapon, as well as with melee attacks if you dare. The best and most effective way to destroy them is to use very precise weapons, with each bullet causing a significant impact.

This means that if you have a sniper rifle, you are in the best position to attack this boss. The reason is that this boss has only one weakness: You can only meet Lady Dimitrescu when she’s on the monster. The flying monster is constantly moving and flying, which requires some precision if you want to effectively hit the Lady Dimitresca sitting on it and stun it from further attacks.

How to defeat Lady Dimitresca

The boss fight begins when Lady Dimitrescu transforms her body into a demonic being and rides a giant flying monster. You might be tempted to shoot at the monster, but you won’t take any damage if you shoot anything other than Lady Dimitrescu at the monster. If you hit it with a weapon, you immediately confirm that you should focus your attacks there.

The battle proceeds in two phases, with a slight change in terrain separating the two phases. In the first stage you are chased by Lady Dimitrescu and her monster into a small round tower where you have to fight them. You can run and hide in the corner posts that provide some cover, but it’s best to keep moving. Instead of looking at the monster, run around the tower until you are behind it. Launch an attack at this point by shooting Lady Dimitrescu. It can fly away or turn around to attack you. If he flies away, use your sniper to hit him as many times as possible, as this is the best chance to stun him.

When she is stunned, her monster falls back into the tower and stays still for a few seconds. This gives you the chance to attack Lady Dimitrescu’s body. Sometimes Lady Dimitrescu summons bats, leaving you to run only to dodge them and get hurt. Another way to avoid their melee attacks is to never approach or face a monster.

The second phase of the fight will begin when Lady Dimitrescu is weakened and hungry for more blood. At this point you will enter a new area at the top of the tower. Lady Dimitrescu will summon more bats if she mixes the fight with melee attacks. Your strategy here is to keep attacking like you did in the previous fight, never getting too close to the monster and constantly moving to dodge it. The final battle ends when she lets go and both of you are dragged into a hole in the middle of the tower and fall to the ground. Lady Dimitrescu will die, reduced to a pile of rubble and stones.

So much for our guide to Resident Evil 8’s village boss, Lady Dimitrescu. Post your comments below.

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