Some players like The Elder Scrolls Online for the social aspect, others for the complex dungeons, while others just like to collect rare items. And since The Elder Scrolls Online has been around for over five years, there are many rare things that will satisfy these collectors. This list highlights the rarest items in the online scrolls for seniors and how to get there.

Essential number

Ethereal numbers are needed to get a recipe for mythical ambrosia drinks. These drinks give players a 150% XP bonus for 30 minutes. And since everyone should be at the head of the ESO, making these drinks can be an incredibly profitable business. Aetheric Cipher’s falls from all non-DLC opponents, but the termination speed is extremely low, so many players only dream of taking one.

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One of the rarest sets of items in the game, Bound by Suffering, cannot be purchased in the current game. His fall has been repaired, but it’s still negotiable. The armor style has been changed to a Dark Tempting Color, which is available to any player after reaching CP 60.

Imgakin Monkey

In The Ancient Manuscripts Online, pets are purely cosmetic companions available for any class. The rarest of these companions is the Imgakin Monkey, a pet that is only available to those who have participated in a closed beta of the Online Ancient Scrolls. Unfortunately, it cannot be sold, so its price cannot be accurately determined. However, it is safe to say that this is one of the rarest items in the game, as only a limited number of players have participated in the beta.

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These are the rarest materials in the game. They were completed immediately in 2014, a few weeks after their launch. Originally, lira runes were used to treat damage to weapons, a mechanism that is not available in the current game. Many players think that these runes have been wrongly left to the game developers because they don’t give XP if they are deconstructed.

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Before Update 12, the introduction of One Tamriel, the game contained six different types of Soul Gems. Each man had a series of steps similar to those in Skyrim. But because the gemstones of the soul exist only in one kind, the gemstones of the little soul are extremely rare.

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These incredibly rare mounts can only be purchased by opening the crown boxes. These are looting boxes bought with real money. If you want one of these slides, you should expect to spend a ridiculous amount of money because they fall on your chest by about 0.6%.

Runbox: Production residue

This costume has a very low level of crushing enemies in the mini instrument of Asylum Sanctorium. And it only comes across Veteran Mode Sanctuary, which makes it difficult for the farm.

Runbox: Walker’s costume

Timbercrow Wanderers are costume players who can make costumes with 50 earnings under the siege of Kirodyil and with differences under the siege of Kirodyil. What makes this costume rare is the limited availability of Kirodilia headquarters. You can only earn one merit a day, which means you need at least 50 days to make this costume.

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It is undoubtedly the rarest weapon in the game. Like Jaedi and Lire Runestones, the developers probably added this weapon to the game by accident. In the beginning you can catch this object by fishing in Stonefalls. Since then, the drop rate has been corrected and weapons can no longer be exchanged. He has bad statistics with fire damage from 168-1335 and 110-1428.

Triptych Veloty, Volcano

Old Scrolls Online players know that weapons are not the only items worth collecting. Furniture livens up your home at ESO, but paintings like the Triptych Véloty, Cascade are sold for an enormous amount of gold. It achieves a high price thanks to the incredibly low fall of the VVardenfell containers.

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