I have always been interested in trains and their immense power and usefulness to the continent. How can we transport goods from here to there if we have to travel thousands of miles over the most desolate and dangerous terrain known to man? Of course things changed when we arrived in the air and built cars and highways, but in the locomotive era there weren’t many ways to transport goods or people relatively safely and quickly.

The focus of the railroad empire is largely limited to the 1800s, when the first transcontinental railroads were built. There are myths and stories about this massive undertaking. The game does a very good job of setting up the tasks you take on. Your goal is to create the largest railroad network in the United States, and your first goal is to build stations and lay track. To do this, select the desired station based on need and price and then bring them to the city.

The user interface (UI) is not as simple as it could have been, and left me scratching my head several times over what the tutorial asked me to do. It’s easy to make decisions when someone is holding your hand, but it becomes much harder to make those decisions when you start playing the game. I recommend you follow the model they created for you in the introduction. Regardless of my complaint about the user interface, the narrator tells you exactly what to do.

When you pull out the Wonder Wheel selection with the ZR button, you have several options. This includes the laying of tracks, the purchase of locomotives, building materials and other items such as stations and passing signals. They point out that there should be a water station on the trail. They also give you the disturbing reality that trains can’t pass each other. Clearly, the laws of physics apply to trains, and they cannot enter and leave the real world. Who would have thought it?

The problem of knowing which buttons to press to do what the game told me to do became apparent. There were a few options, such as. B. Watch a short video, the move, the building selection and the selection of the building type. None of this seemed to need to be done. So logically, I decided to move because it was the one thing that didn’t allow me to stay where I was. He didn’t check off anything… except me on the options list. Then I had a chance to put my building up. The number keys L and R were used to rotate the transmitter. It was very difficult for me to photograph the building accurately because I wanted it to be geographically close to the location of the next job.

After I was able to tear down my building, I had to connect the tracks. It was very sweet and easy. You can even adjust the track in different places to follow the soil layer of your choice. Then you had to do things like build a track, choose a locomotive and so on. It was nice to see your train start taking things to the next town right away. But there’s a problem: steam locomotives need water. Your next task is to install a water tower. Then we came to the next problem, which was that the trains had this problem with solids, so we had to build diversions, because diversions had to be built. No need to fill out forms in triplicate, just lay the track and it automatically connects them. You determine your signals and the direction you want to go and move on to the next task. Everything went smoothly, but I had trouble understanding the concepts presented so far. But no matter what, you are now responsible for setting up as many stations as possible and keeping track of how to build your empire.

The graphics are quite nice for the Switch version. I know it doesn’t compete with high-end computers or even the current generation of consoles, but it’s more than adequate, and you can get as close as you want to see your beautiful locomotive do its job. The characters in the game have a cartoon side to them, but decisions about species aren’t that important, and I appreciate Dick Dastardly looking at some of them. Exaggerated facial features are always welcome in my book. They add character and make you look cool. Making people look realistic is good for something like Call of Duty, but useless in a game about railroad domination.

The sounds are exactly what you expect when you play with locomotives. Their trains make background noise, the music is tasteful and has nothing outrageous about it. They even have a voice for the narrator and the instructor. I’ve played too many Switch games where it was neglected but available on other platforms.

My main recommendation is that it is a very good game to get your feet wet in the world of simulation. I found it confusing, but rather entertaining and quick, which I didn’t expect. I’m looking forward to this challenge and the different game options they offer, including a sandbox where you can do whatever you want and try things out. At least I saw it as an opportunity. If you like simulation games, this is the best you can do for your favorite portable system. But if you have trouble seeing the fine print, play on the big screen or buy anti-fraud glasses on the rotating screen at the drugstore. Those old eyes can’t see the little things on the small screen. This is the first game where this has really become a problem for me. We don’t all have 20/15 vision for an eagle eye.

Railroad Empire – Nintendo Switch Edition Review
  • Charts – 7.5/10
  • Sound – 7/10
  • Gameplay – 7/10
  • Late Call – 8/10


Final thoughts : GOOD PAGE

If you’ve always dreamed of a really good simulator, but have been frustrated by the Switch’s obscurity until now, let’s give it a try. It should give fans of the genre hours of fun and allow you to play it however you want. However, the portable version isn’t so great for those of us who can’t see well.

Jay has been an avid gamer since the days of intelligence.  His hobbies include building personal computers, 3D modeling and printing, and spending time with his kids and dog.


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