RAID: Shadow Legends is a free-to-play, multiplayer online battle arena game where players fight for control of ancient artifacts. It has a highly competitive player base and some unique mechanics that make it different from other MOBA games. If you are looking to get into this popular eSport game mode, read on to find out how!

The “raid: shadow legends beginners guide 2021” is a beginner’s guide that provides tips to become a better player. It also includes the basics of how the game works, and some strategies for playing it.

RAID: Shadow Legends Guide - Beginner's Guide: Tips to Become a Better Player

RAID: Shadow Legends is a mobile strategic RPG game with over 400 different champions, each with its own set of abilities and playstyle.

The goal of the game is to defeat foes in various levels, gather champions, assemble your ideal team, upgrade and personalize your champions, and reach new heights with your clan.


Plarium is the creator and publisher of RAID: Shadow Legends, as well as Viking: War of Clans and other notable mobile games.

You may modify your champions in a variety of ways, including gear sets, masteries, and glyphs, to build an infinite number of distinct teams.

Because RAID: Shadow Legends has so many options, novice players might quickly become disoriented at the beginning.

That’s why we’ve put up this tutorial to show you how to improve your gaming skills.

Contents of the book

The fundamentals of battle

Combat in RAID: Shadow Legends is turn-based, which means you get to pick each champion’s skill and target before the adversary does.

Every champion has one or more turn-cooldown talents, which implies they can’t be utilized every turn.

Cooldown abilities are more potent than standard skills, and they often enhance friends, debuff opponents, have a larger probability of crit, or have other strong features.

New players have a tendency to employ only harmful talents in combat.

Damage increasing boosts, on the other hand, often result in more damage output in the end.

To survive later in the game, after you reach more tough levels, you’ll require defensive boosts and healing talents.

If you solely bring destructive talents, you won’t be able to hold off the adversary long enough for them to take you down.

When you first start playing RAID: Shadow Legends, you’ll find that the auto-battle mode comes in handy.

Even if you don’t have time to devote totally to the game, you may swiftly defeat levels and continue through it.

However, as you go through the levels, you’ll want to switch to manual mode since your skill options will have an influence on the stage’s conclusion.

The in-combat indications are another tool you should use while in a fight.

These are little icons that appear over the heads of adversaries and indicate whether your chosen talent does additional, reduced, or standard damage to them.

Extra is denoted by a green sign, whereas normal is denoted by a yellow symbol, and less is denoted by a red symbol.

We’ve developed a comprehensive reference on in-game mechanics and the affinity system; check out our combat and affinity guide for more information.


Boost the strength of your champions.

In RAID: Shadow Legends, there are several methods to boost your champions’ stats and strength, and you should use them all.

In a nutshell, these are all the methods for improving your champions.

  • Level up
  • Ascend
  • Increase your rank.
  • Improve your abilities.
  • Artifacts should be upgraded and improved.
  • Mastery is unlocked.

Only by spending XP brews, silver, and sacrificing other champions can you level up your champions without paying in-game resources, and even then, you can level up your champions substantially quicker.

All other methods of increasing a champion’s strength involve in-game cash, which you may earn by playing the game.

Some champion-upgrading supplies are more easier to get by than others.

The simplest to gain are mastery tomes for unlocking masteries, potions for rising, common champions for leveling, and silver for improving artifacts.

As a result, if you want to boost a champion’s power rapidly, harvest one of these four resources.

Our tutorial on how to upgrade and rank up champions in RAID: Shadow Legends includes information on what resources you’ll need for each kind of champion improvement.

In addition, we’ve developed a tutorial on how to gain all of the game’s resources to assist you in obtaining your desired resources.

Though we urge that you enhance your champions as you play, there are particular resources that you should use carefully, which we’ll discuss in the next portion of this tutorial.

Don’t be rash with your money.

When players get champions, they often feel compelled to spend their resources on them, particularly if they are trapped on a level.

This may or may not be a poor idea, depending on the resource and the champion.

Some resources are exceedingly limited, making them much more valuable than others.

It’s a good idea to think about how you invest your resources in general, but there are a few areas where you should be especially cautious:

  • Tomes of epic skill
  • Tomes of legendary skill
  • a four-star chicken
  • Chicken with a 5-star rating

You’ll need skill tomes to improve a champion’s abilities.

If the champion is of legendary rarity, you need Tomes of legendary skill to upgrade its skills.

Likewise, if a champion is of epic rarity, you’d need either epic or Tomes of legendary skill.

All other champions may utilize the rare skill tomes, which are considerably easier to come by.

Throughout the new player events, progression events, and login events, you will receive rewards such as Tomes of epic skill and epic champions.

It might be tempting to use those Tomes of epic skill on the epic champions but do some research first.

We suggest that you look at either our guide to the finest champions in the game or our team building guide for examples of great teams.

These two tutorials will help you better comprehend the worth of the game’s many epic and legendary champions.

There is no way to get your talent tomes back after you’ve used them.

Chickens are a rare and precious resource in RAID: Shadow Legends because they may be sacrificed when a champion’s rank is upgraded.

4-star and Chicken with a 5-star rating are hard to come by, and thus you want to hold spend these wisely.

Three-star chickens are similarly valued, although three-star champions are much more common than four- and five-star winners.

3-star chicken may be used to rank up 3-star champions, allowing you to spend if you feel a champion on your team is valuable, even if it isn’t one of the greatest in the game.

Complete daily responsibilities.

Small everyday jobs pile up to a huge amount of resources, progress, and expensive objects, and although each task may not seem like much at the moment, things add up over time.

Daily quests are an excellent example. Almost every daily mission is straightforward and quick to accomplish.

‘Make 4 artifact upgrading attempts,’ ‘spend 50 energy,’ or ‘defeat a campaign monster 3 times’ are examples of daily quests.

XP, money, and potions are pretty much the only things you can get from daily missions.

One of the monthly tasks, however, requires you to complete 30 daily quests before you can collect your prize.

You will earn a Sacred Shard, the greatest shard in the game, after you finish that mission and the subsequent monthly tasks.

Since a result, completing daily missions will have a substantial long-term influence, as a guaranteed epic or legendary champion might drastically alter your team’s strength.

To finish the monthly quest, you do not required to complete all 30 daily tasks in the same month, contrary to popular perception.

You may take as long as you like, but moving rapidly will help you develop faster.

Once you’ve completed all five monthly tasks, they’ll reset, and you’ll have the opportunity to acquire yet another precious resource.

You should also use daily-renewable resources like Arena entries, Clan Boss keys, and energy.

Also, be careful to see which time-limited dungeons are now accessible.

Potions with a certain affinity are accessible in all time-limited dungeons, therefore if you need potions to climb a spirit champion, you should farm the Spirit Keep while it is open.

In campaign and faction conflicts, collect stars.

Players get a rating of one to three stars after clearing a new level in the campaign and faction battles.

If you only acquire one star on a stage, you may go back and collect the remaining two stars as many times as you like.

The campaign and faction conflicts each have their own reward system based on star gathering in phases.

You may achieve a variety of different milestones, each of which comes with a prize.

When exploring the campaign, you may find them in the awards bar at the bottom of the screen, or in faction wars, under the info tab.

As they go through the game, many players don’t pay attention to accumulating stars.

Trying to achieve two or three stars on each level, on the other hand, might help you go through the game even quicker.

Many of the awards enable you to enhance your squad by increasing the power of existing champions or summoning new ones.

In campaign and faction conflicts, the conditions for earning one, two, and three stars from a stage are different.

Here’s how the amount of stars you acquire in the campaign is determined:

  • A single star indicates that the stage has been cleared.
  • Clear the stage without losing a champion with two stars.
  • Three stars = Clear the level in less than 10 minutes with two or fewer champions without losing a champion.

Because most players won’t have many champions from the same faction early on, the amount of stars in faction battles is calculated as follows:

  • A single star indicates that the stage has been cleared.
  • Two stars = Clear the stage with at least three champions and no champions lost.
  • Three stars = Complete the level with five champions without losing one.

To get access to the Sparring Pit, you must first unlock it.

The Sparring Pit is a helpful structure that enables you to level up your champions without doing anything other than pressing level up.

You can put any champion in after it’s unlocked, and it’ll get XP passively.

You can even check how long it will take to reach the following level.

In the Sparring Pit, there is just one slot accessible at first, but jewels may be used to unlock additional.

Gems may also be used to enhance certain slots, giving you more XP every hour than normal.

It’s worth noting that you can’t summon a champion to combat while it’s practicing in the Sparring Pit.

If you want to get rid of it, just take it out of the Sparring Pit.

You may wish to employ your finest champions all day on certain days.

In this situation, you can’t place them in the Sparring Pit during the day, but you should do so before going to bed, since your champions will have gained a lot of XP when you wake up.

You To get access to the Sparring Pit, you must first unlock it. building when your account reaches level 15.

Progress through the game, conquer dungeons, etc., and complete missions to acquire additional XP for your account.

Despite the fact that the Sparring Pit is a beneficial structure, we suggest using your gems to upgrade the Mine before adding extra slots to the pit.


Recruit new champions.

Obtaining new champions is one of the most important components of RAID: Shadow Legends, and many players consider it to be one of the game’s greatest features.

Obtaining new champions is thrilling not only in the present, but also in the future, since you may now put together a new squad.

Obtaining new champions is not only entertaining, but it is also incredibly helpful since it frequently immediately enhances your team’s strength by swapping in the new champion or surrendering it to boost another.

As a result, if you want to advance through the game quicker, you should concentrate on acquiring new champions.

The most common method to gain new champions in the game is to pay shards to summon them at the Portal.

Mystery Shard, Ancient Shard, Void Shard, and Sacred Shard are the four sorts of shards.

Our tutorial on how to gain shards in RAID: Shadow Legends will show you how to get each of them.

You’re now prepared to face the world of RAID: Shadow Legends and rise to the top!

If you have any tips and tactics that you think other players should know, please share them in the comments section below.

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The “raid: shadow legends beginner team” is a guide for players who are new to the game. It provides tips and tricks for becoming a better player.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get good at RAID shadow legends?

A: There are many ways to get good at this game, but the most effective way is through practice. You need to spend a lot of time with your controller in hand and not just playing matches set up by the developers. This will help you develop skills that can be used for almost any other shooter out there

What is the best starting character in raid shadow legends?

A: If youre new to the game, it would be best to start with either Shade or Safiya.

How do you progress faster in RAID shadow legends?

A: There are many ways to progress faster in RAID. One way is by using the games speed run mode, where you can play through a mission quickly and earn loot boxes as time passes. Another way is by playing on hard difficulty with permanent death enabled so that if you die, it will be reset and then continue from your last save point before dying.

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