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In this guide, I give tips and tricks on how to keep the duplicate rares and legendaries you get. I also give recommendations on what to keep, and what to sell.

The more popular games we play, the more games have to be created. Whether it’s the latest release or an older title being remastered, more games are being released on a larger scale. This expansion has brought more attention to the previously obscure, and old, titles. One of these titles is Shadow Legends: Champions.

Champions are the essence of RAID: Legends of the shadows.

The champions you have, how you build them, and the composition of your team are the main factors that determine your strength in the game.

In this guide, we’ll give you all the basic information you need about RAID champions: Legends of the shadows.

Table of contents

Start master

You can’t play RAID: Legends in the shadows without champions.

Therefore, at the beginning of the game you have the option to choose one of the four champions as your starting champion.

The best starting champion in the game according to most players, including us, is Kael.

Whichever champion you choose as your starting champion, you will use him for a long time because he is stronger than most of the champions you get at the beginning of the game.

Fractions, rarity, affinity and role

Each champion in the game is unique, with their own skills and playing style.

All champions in the game also belong to one of the 14 factions:

  • Lords of the Banner
  • The higher elves
  • The Holy Order
  • Barbarians
  • The Ogrin tribes
  • Lizardmen
  • Skinwalker
  • Orcs
  • Demonic Spawn
  • the hordes of the undead
  • Dark Elves
  • the avenger’s knight
  • Dwarfs
  • Shadow skin

A champion’s faction affiliation only determines what chests you can use in Faction Wars and what accessories they can wear, as these are faction-dependent.

There are five oddities in the game, each harder to obtain.

  • General
  • Unusual
  • Rarely
  • Epic
  • Fabulous

Champions with higher rarity tend to be more powerful than those with lower rarity.

For more information, see our article on RAID: Shadow Legends level list.

Each champion in the game has one of four affinities that determine whether he deals extra damage or receives extra damage from another champion.

Four affinities in the RAID: Legends of the Shadows is :

  • Magic (blue)
  • Ghost (green)
  • Current (red)
  • White (purple)

You can see the affinity of the champion next to his name in the Champions tab of the game.

Be sure to check out our guide on the affinity system to better understand it.

Finally, each champion is assigned one of the four roles in the game:

The role of the champion gives an idea of his specialization and the skills he possesses.

However, this role should not be taken as an absolute description of a champion’s abilities.

Some champions can perform well in more than the role the game has assigned them.

Making champions stronger

To progress in the game, you need to make your champions stronger.

Here are the different ways to make your RAID champions stronger: Legends of the shadows:

  • booster
  • Ranking
  • Advanced training
  • Ascendant
  • Artifacts
  • Mastery
  • The main hall expands

Learn more about leaderboards, climbing, skill upgrades, and champion upgrades in our guide to champion upgrades in RAID: Legends of the shadows.

Also, check out our artifact guide for all the information you need about artifacts, how to get them, and more.

Great Hall Reinforcements are reinforcements that can be obtained in the Great Hall, located in the city, by collecting medals in the arena.

Which champions to retain

Your repository of champions will fill up quickly with RAID: Legends of Shadows, and constantly increasing his power will be expensive.

So you often want to get rid of champions and use them as fodder to upgrade other champions.

But with so many champions in the game, it can be hard to know which ones to keep and which ones to get rid of.

For starters, you can safely use all champions of common and uncommon rarity (grey and green) as food for other champions.

The only time you don’t want to use an uncommon champion as a feed is if a champion merge can be done with that champion.

You can check the merge tab yourself, or you can just select a champion as a stream in the game, and if there is a merge where you can use that champion, it will tell you in a popup message.

You can easily acquire champions that are better than almost all the common and uncommon champions in the game.

This means that you should only keep a champion if he is rare, epic or legendary.

We recommend finding the best RAID champion: Legends of Shadows is on our top list.

You can use our pet list as a guide to decide if you want to keep a champion.

If the champion is S or A, we strongly recommend keeping him.

You should also think twice about keeping B grade champions, unless you’re already well into the game and have a bunch of strong champions.

If there is a champion you are dying to try because you find him interesting, you should keep him, even if he is rated C or lower on our list.

Sometimes champions who are not the highest rank can be useful in the right circumstances and with the right team.

What to do with champions and duplicates

As you get more and more champions in the game, you might be wondering what you’re going to do with all those champions and the duplicates of some of them.

Four use of champions in the game:

  • In your team during battles
  • As fodder to raise the level or rank of other champions
  • To improve the skills of a champion, if the specified champion is the same as the one whose skills you wish to improve.
  • Before the mergers of championships.

Most of the champions you get in the game are common or uncommon and should only be used as fodder to upgrade other champions.

If you use an unusual champion on your team, duplicates of that champion are more beneficial because you can use them to improve their skills instead of using the skill pool.

Finally, you can use some champions as sacrifices to merge other more powerful champions, but the game will point this out when you select them to level or rank other champions.

You can also check the portal itself to see which champions you need for the champion merges that are currently available.

How many champions are there in the game

RAID has nearly 600 unique champions: Legends of Shadows between 14 factions.

At the time of writing, there are exactly 596 champions in the game.

New champions appear regularly, and there will likely be over 600 unique champions in play by the time you read this article.

You can see all the champions currently in the game by clicking on the index button at the bottom of the screen in the city.

In the index you’ll see a list of all the factions in the game, and if you click on one of them, you’ll see all the champions that belong to that faction.

If you’re like most players, you want to collect and experience many different champions.

That’s why we recommend our guide on how to become a RAID champion: Legends of the shadows.

These are the basics you need to know about RAID champions: Legends of the shadows!

Do you have any suggestions or ideas for this guide? Let us know your comments in the section below.During the Champion Collection, you can earn which duplicate cards. This will help you to get duplicates from the Daily Collection, or earn one from the weekly collection.. Read more about raid shadow legends masteries guide and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do with duplicates in raid shadow legends?

You can use the “Remove Duplicates” button in the top right corner of your inventory.

Which champion should I choose in raid shadow legends?

The best champion to choose in raid shadow legends is the one that you enjoy playing.

What is the best character in raid shadow legends?

The best character in raid shadow legends is the Shadow.

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