Quake (or to those outside the world of PC gaming, Quake) is one of the most iconic first person shooters of all time. Released in id Software’s 1996, the game (or to those outside the world of PC gaming, Quake) is one of the most iconic first person shooters of all time. Quake is a fantastic game, but 20 years on it was almost over, as the series had been in a steady decline for several years. In 2009, it was announced that the series was to be rebooted, with a new game called “Quake 4” the main focus. The game was cancelled in 2011 before its release, but in 2012, the game “Quake”, was announced. The game was released in 2015

There are rumors floating around that Bethesda is planning to announce a new Quake game at Quakecon 2018. It is not clear if it will be for the PC, Playstation or Xbox platforms, but there are rumors that the new game will feature a female lead character and will be set in space.

Quake-Revitalized-Edition-to-Be-Announced-at-Quakecon-Will-ReportedlyImage courtesy of id Software

Several months ago, XboxEra’s Nick “Shpeshal Nick” Baker revealed reports that id Software was working on a new Quake game alongside Wolfenstein studio MachineGames. That seems to have some significant truth.

Bethesda released a schedule for their forthcoming Quakecon event, which revealed the Quake series will be making its big comeback courtesy of MachineGames, as discovered by XboxEra before it was pulled down. During a “Let’s speak Quake” event on the series’ famous history, Jerk Gustafsson, one of the studio’s founders, will address a “revitalized edition” of the game.

This suggests that Baker’s sources were accurate. Unlike the previous Quake games, which had male Rangers, the next Quake game will have a female protagonist, according to Baker’s initial claim (the 1996 original was voiced by Trent Reznor, who also provided the soundtrack for the first Quake). The suggestion is that, in addition to multiplayer, the next Quake game will include a campaign mode.

The most recent Quake game was Quake Champions, which was published in 2017. Quake Champions, developed by id Software and Saber Interactive, saw a return to the fast-paced Arena action that made the original Quake games so famous.

Quake-Revitalized-Edition-to-Be-Announced-at-Quakecon-Will-ReportedlyImage credit: XboxEra

Orly? Do you want to speak about Quake with me? I’m starting to believe my source on this one is solid: https://t.co/IyjBTbDCbD https://t.co/xkjsolsKnl

12 August 2021 — Nick (@Shpeshal Nick)


Quake is back, and in this special broadcast, Digital Foundry’s John Linneman speaks with Machine Games’ Jerk Gustafsson on the game’s legendary history and what it meant to each of them. The two will also talk about the new Machine Games material that has been added to this revamped version.

Xbox Era is the source.

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