My playmates…

Today is the first official day of the PS5 launch in different regions of the world. It’s a special day for PlayStation fans. It’s a holiday.

To those who couldn’t get the PS5 today, I want to say that I’m very sorry. And even if you haven’t managed to get it today, you can rest assured that you’ll get it in due course, and that today is the same holiday for you as for those of us who are unwrapping the eternally elusive PlayStation 5.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate those who received the PS5 today. They exceeded all expectations. You have updated your browser quickly until you have a PS5 in your shopping cart. You’ve been waiting in line for an eternity hoping to get the chance to buy a PS5 from the other side. You entered the playroom and set up your personal pickup truck faster than the speed of light and still got home in time for dinner? You’ve spent countless moments thinking about that day. Fun, feelings of joy, adrenaline through excitement, all this is real and well deserved. You are my friend, you are the champion who will jump into the genetic games without looking back! You’re about to find out that Play… …has no boundaries!

As we learn more about PS5 and review the games as they evolve, I want to assure you that our feedback will be unbiased, honest and accurate. It doesn’t matter if you have a PS5 or not. Whether you’re playing on PlayStation or Xbox, we’re testing it for all the world’s gamers. By writing our reviews, we promise to give you food for thought that opens your eyes to things you haven’t thought about before. Things like details in audio and background graphics. See how this blade of grass bends in the wind and the dew comes off? No? Well, I’m doing it now. Do you see that? Here we go.

For all gamers around the world, no matter what platform they play on, we all share the same desire to play and enjoy video games. Whatever genre you choose, whatever your level of anger, whether you’re a casual gamer or an avid gamer, we all need to seize the opportunity to enjoy video games in general. Think about your favorite moments of play. Just when you’re finally done with what you’ve been holding. About the problems, the fears, the moments that opened our eyes a little, even if we don’t openly admit it. Keep these thoughts in mind for the rest of the day and for every day that comes. I promise you that you will be in a better mood and enjoy more than just games.

Yes, today may be the first introduction of PS5, but today is the day all players celebrate! If there was no competition, we wouldn’t be in the gaming industry where we are now. Without the fans, today’s games would be ill-considered and useless. It’s the fans that make the gaming industry so great today! That’s why today we’re celebrating players around the world by unpacking boxes of our new PlayStation 5 consoles.

Thank you for taking the time to celebrate with us today! Now, come and play! !!

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