Pay attention: This error is due to an incorrect DNS setting.

error ps4 nw 312646-6 corrected

Error nw-31246-6 is another ps4 network error that appears in ps4 if your DNS configuration has not been performed correctly.

This error nw-31246-6 appears on the screen when the DNS settings are not valid. Therefore, be sure to resolve the ps4 DNS problem to correct the nw-31246-6 error in order to play on your console.

We share all possible options that could lead to error nw-31246-6, and today we will solve this error in all possible ways.

Manually changing DNS settings to correct error nw-31246-6.

Another ps4 dns error:

Error ps4 dns nw-31253-4 has been corrected

Don’t forget to specify the correct DNS to make the DNS work properly, otherwise you will get the error nw-31246-6.

Steps to correct error NW-31246-6

  • Step 1 : Go to Settings on PS4 and click this option. ps4 dns-netzwerk

Now click on the Network option directly above the sound and click on the screen. ps4 wireless LAN setup step 2

You must now select the option for the network connection you are using. I recommend using the local network to connect to the internet on ps4 for a better connection.

Click on the WIFI option if you are connected via WIFI.

Click on the LAN option if you are connected by cable.

You must now select the IP address as automatic.

Click on MTU automatic settings

Now we have to add the DNS server address manually, there is the primary and secondary DNS option. Primary and Secondary DNS settings

There are a lot of free and paid DNS. If you want to use free DNS, we have many and we give you a list of free DNS servers you can use.

List of DNS servers for Ps4

DNS Suppliers Primary DNA Secondary DNA
Comodo SecureDNS
Level 3
uncensored DNA

list of ps4 dns servers

Now use one of the above DNS data on your ps4 and save your settings after you have checked your internet connection.

If your connection and configuration were successful, you will see as described above. Now try running an application or a game and check if there is still a bug or not, and finally the bug has been fixed on ps4 nw-31246-6.

If your problem is still unresolved, we finally have a weapon to correct error nw-31246-6.

If you are still confused, read this article about DNS and its configuration in detail.

Hard reset router for troubleshooting nw-31246-6 ps4-Spiel-Router

Sometimes, due to a change in router configuration, the PS4 screen displays the error code nw-31626-6, which is an error configuration on the ps4 dns or the router.

An easy way to solve a router problem is to reboot the router.

How to reboot the router to correct the error nw-31626-6

  • Turn on the router and wait 1 to 2 minutes for the router to fully boot up.
  • There will be a small button to hold this reset button for 20-30 seconds.
  • Now your router is automatically turned off and on, and by default your router is strongly rebooted because it comes from the company.
  • Now install your router from the beginning.
  • Log in to the router, set the side password and log in to ps4.
  • Now check whether the error has been corrected in 99% of the cases.

This will completely eliminate error NW-31246-6.

Frequently asked questions

How can I correct the error NW 31246 6?

To correct this error, we need to change the DNS settings and reboot the router if necessary. I recommend using Google’s DNS for a fast connection.

Why error code nw 31246-6appears

Sometimes a reconfiguration or an incorrect DNS entry rejects the error code nw-31246-6. So make sure you walk in the right dns.

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