You may be a fan of online bingo, but this beloved game has a rich history that you may not be aware of. Before the advent of online bingo, the origins of the game date back to 1530 in Italy, taking its inspiration from a lottery game called “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia”, which became an important entertainment in the daily lives of Italians.

From then on, the game began to develop and gain popularity in other parts of the world. This first version of the game, known at the time as “Le Lotto,” arrived in France in the late 1770s and was played mostly by wealthy Frenchmen. We quickly move to the 1800s, and it was Germany’s turn to develop its own version of the game, using it more as a teaching tool than anything else. Although the game gained some notoriety in these countries, no one expected bingo to spread to where it is today!

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By 1929, the game had advanced further and reached North America. This brought us closer to the bingo we know today, both in practice and in name. Known as “Bino,” bingo was considered a village market game often played at fairs in Atlanta, Georgia. The dealer selected numbered discs from a small cigar box, while players marked the numbers on their cards with beans. After a line or after the entire card was covered with beans, they shouted “Beano! – as we play the game today.

The real turning point for Bingo was when it fell into the hands of Edwin S., a New York toy salesman. Lowe. Lowe discovered the game at a trade show before introducing it to his friends. During one of the bingo sessions, one of his friends mispronounced the outrageous “Beano” as “Bingo.”

Lowe worked with math professor Carl Leffler to develop even more number combinations for use in bingo cards. By 1930, Leffler had created as many as 6,000 bingo card combinations, with fewer groups of non-repeating numbers and fewer possible conflicts if someone hit a full house.

Bingo took on an even greater dimension when a Catholic priest approached Lowe and asked if his recently launched game could be used as a way to raise money for the church. With Lowe’s approval, the congregation got fancy about all things bingo. By 1934, as many as 10,000 bingo games were being played each week, and the church had raised an impressive amount of money over the years.

More than 60 years later, the first online bingo site was launched, called “The Bingo Zone”. The site was only available to play in America and was presented in a very simple style. Despite its simple appearance, it marked the beginning of a bingo revolution and paved the way for a thriving gaming community and the range of bingo options we know and love today.

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As you know by now, bingo started small, but now dominates the online casino gaming scene. You can make it easy at home, turn on your favorite device and enjoy the best bingo games with just a few clicks. Oh, how far away we are!

Frequently asked questions

When did bingo become popular?

In the 1940s, bingo games were common in the United States. The origin of the name Bingo is unknown, but may date to the mid-1920s. It is said that one of Lowes’ girlfriends was so excited about winning that she called out “bingo” instead of “bino,” or that the word echoes the sound of a bell.

Is there an age limit for bingo?

There is currently no minimum age for playing bingo, but minors are expected to play alongside adults.

How popular is bingo?

In the United States, 75-ball bingo is the most popular, while the original 90-ball game is still the first choice in the United Kingdom. In most countries around the world where bingo is popular, it is the land-based version of the game that has led to enough popularity to launch online sites.

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