WorldOfWarships4 - Metagame Cruiser: 30mm Overmatch - Net Buffer for High Level Light Cruisers


  • The usual shielding for a T10 heavy cruiser is 25 mm (UK, IJN, RU, FR, IT) or 27 mm (US, GER) on the bow and stern, usually with 30 mm shielding on deck and side walls. There are exceptions, such as the 40 mm Goliath bridge or the 50 mm Moskva/Petro bridge and side.
  • That’s enough to return to 420mm AP, but it will be overtaken by the Republic, the Kremlin, Yamato, Thunderbird and Musashi.
  • The ships mentioned above are now quite common in meta, especially the Thunderbirds.
  • 30 mm AC shielding has minimal advantages over 25 mm CL shielding with respect to other sources of damage (missiles, bombs, DD HE, HE cruiser). 152mm + CA/CL HE 30mm, while 130mm DD HE cannot be 25mm.

My feelings:

The overweight of the BBs that overlap the shielding of the T10 AC eliminates the difference in shielding power between the AC and CL on the T10 and acts as a net buffer for the T10 CL.

In other words: If I have to do too much anyway, why not choose CL, which (1) is a little more difficult to arm with too much AP and (2) in general has some extra benefits in the current meta?

What do I mean by added value? These are things that can be seen as equilibrium factors that light cruisers get instead of heavy cruiser shielding.

  1. AA – T10 CL (Smolensk, Minotaur, Colbert, Nevsky, Worcester) all have excellent AA’s, especially long distance AAs that use dual-purpose mounts. The predominance of SW destructive cruisers (FDR, MvR) makes AA very valuable right now.
  2. Damage formation – I mean especially high gross BB and DPM against cruisers and DDs. A low caliber weapon should be a disadvantage against BB’s, but using T10 CL with a very high number of shots per minute is sufficient. Against every target you can handle (almost every cruiser and DD except the Russian 50mm Balance™ cover), you do absurd damage. The Minotaur is the exception here, but he’s doing pretty well with BB.
  3. Stealth – with the exception of Nevsky, T10 CLs have a much better stealth than ACs. Nevsky has excellent radar and ballistics, so it’s the only long-term SA. This also applies to the ACA, as light cruisers have a very narrow or even non-existent window between the tracking range and the ACA range. Heavy cruisers alleviate the grief of CVs by staggering around the hunter in their catch area.

Things I know people will point out:

  • Yeah, I know there’s a lot of 380mm/406mm/420mm guns on the T10. I’m looking at it from the perspective of someone choosing the ship he’s going to fight. If there is a good chance that all enemy BB’s are Yamatos and Thunderbirds, the 30 mm armor of the Henri seems much less valuable.
  • CL also has its own problems, such as bad ballistics (not in Smolensk or Nevsky) or overlapping armor (Minotaur, Smolensk).
  • You could just call it a network of nerves for the CAs, which is true, but again, I look at it from the perspective of someone choosing a ship. From my perspective, the power of the CL has increased compared to the power of the CA.

TL;DR: The 30 mm conversion eliminates capacity differences between LC and AC. If you still want to go further, why not some CL bonuses?

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The post Play the Cruiser Metagame: 30mm overmatch is purely a buffer for high-level light cruisers for the World of Warships game.

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