Twice a year the Plague Star Event helps the tennis players to buy uniforms and fruit bundles, the infamous Plague Crawl & Keewar Zaw pieces and all the fashion of the hunters. This article guides you through an assignment of 15 to 20 minutes, helps you find the right plans for your work and highlights the most important prizes.

Best images for the Plague Starevent

Some war frames are simpler than others, but there is a fairly short list of unsuitable war frames. The rule for this event is that you should use Instant AOE or Buffer Warframes because you need high damage performance for the main conductor and a constant clean-up of the hordes that disrupt your device. Also don’t forget that you have to be able to absorb the blow, because the enemy exit damage in the last part of the mission can be very merciless.

Rhino, newcomer choice

One of the best options for rhinos at this event is a Rhinoceros of Prime. A balanced structure that emphasises the will to survive with Iron Skin (2) and to launch Roy (3) to increase the damage for all your team. Rhino is easy to play and easy to adapt, even for less experienced players.

  • Aura: Gunlight
    , when you use a gun to fight the boss.
  • Armoured maneuverability (R5), viability (R10), temporary resistance (R7), smoothness (R5), continuity (R5), intensification (R5), Augur secrets (R5), prolongation (R5)

This basic assembly requires only one form and uses only the intermediate mods of the game in addition to the transitional spirit. The rifle booster inside is only used to polish away the damage from the rifle if you use one against the cartridge. This structure has been specially simplified and can be extended to other forms of corruption, Ground Fashion and Arcana.

Titanium, Random Player,Assembly

Another easy to understand and use combat system for Plague Star is Titania. With the Dex Pixia well modified, it cuts excellent hordes using the Razorwing (4). But it can also train a team by its ability to pay tribute (2).

  • Aura: A gun lamp for increased damage Dex Pixia
  • Intensification (R5), Current (R5), Narrow Thought (R7), Transient Force (R7), Continuity (R5), Life Force (R5), Aircraft (R3)

This simple form of zero construction allows veterans to successfully build Titania so that they can derive reasonable damage to their Dex Pixia. Just like the previous rhino, he built this simple structure for a certain purpose.

  • Hornet attack (R10), Lethal deluge (R5), Burglary (R5), Shock (R3), Insect (R3), Pact of Ogur (R5), Frostbite (R3)

This Dex Pixia design also requires no shape, and you can increase your damage later in the game using the primed target cracker, primed gambit gun, and pathogen towers and convulsion.

Mesa, peacemaker for beginners.

Mesa or Mesa Prime is next on our list, but you should play more mobile than usual. Your Peacekeeper (4) will soon make the big crowd disappear. The best way to activate the Peacekeeper is to jump into an enemy horde and create a 360° to clean everything around you. Then you move on to the next crowd. Always keep Shattershield (3) to survive and activate Shooting Gallery (2) to damage your team.

  • Aura: A bottle of gun to increase Peacekeeper damage.
  • fleet survey (R5), August report (R5), continuity (R5), liveliness (R5), constitution (R3), intensification (R5), August agreement (R5), August secret (R5)

The construction of the zero format is again a simple version for a more random 10. In the future, you can replace continuity and liveliness with your basic options. Augur Fashion is just an extra survival layer that you can replace when you switch to a meta-structure.

  • Hornet Kick (R10), Hornet Kick (R5), Gun Gambit (R5), Fatal Torrent (R5), Convulsion (R5), Gun Seat (R3), Pathogen Supply (R5), Anaemic Mobility (R5).

Only one shape is needed to install the regulator and it can be retrofitted by replacing the gun gambit and target cracker with basic versions.

Bolts, Nuclear Novice

Volt or Volt Prime is another useful choice because the beast will damage its electrical panel (3). Shooting the shield doubles the damage to the creature. It’s very useful if you remove three heads from a hemocyte. The Speed Volt (2) capability will allow the team to move and restart much faster. If you have access to the capacity expansion, your bit (4) will also increase the team’s survivability by supplementing the team’s shields.

  • Aura: Corrosion technique
  • Distortion (R5), Transient height (R7), Flux (R5), Continuity (R5), Oxygen content (R5), Capacity (R3), Intensification (R5), Strength (R5)

This meeting is a form that can be extended at a later date. With the exception of the transition spirit (grade 7 only), all mods in an average game win easily.

Neja, spears and nimbus

Finally, there is Nezha, which has excellent AOE capabilities for the crowd, has an excellent survival rate and can be used to protect the unit. Like a rhino, you want to modify the Nezha for high performance and an acceptable range. Often use your Divine Spears (4) to keep enemies in position and damage them at the same time. You can use Warding Halo (3) to protect yourself from damage. And if you have access to protection, you can also protect your comrades in arms by placing a halo around them.

  • Aura: Corrosion technique
  • flow (R5), flux (R5), vitality (R10), intensification (R5), steel fibre (R10), transient coupling force (R7), slag secrets (R5), elongation (R5)

The zero-assembly shape you see above works well with everything that has power to offer.

Other combat frames for Pest Star

Of course there are also other alternatives, such as Gara, Visp, Octavia, Nidus or Loki. But five military shots higher up is the easiest way in. The only thing that comes to mind is the Nova when using Molecular Prime. If it is not properly timed, it will prolong the last race considerably.

Most suitable companions for the plague star

I advise you to bring a carer instead of animals. Even if your Kawat or Kubrow are healthy, they tend to get stuck near the blood cell pattern. There are also areas in the endzone where recovery is not possible. Your guards should be equipped with Medi Ray to ensure further healing. You can try my Carrier Prime Late game for inspiration.

Due to the large number of enemies, modalities such as Synth Deconstruct (25% chance of seeing a Health Drop in orbit if enemies are damaged) or Dethcube’s Energy Generator (energy lanes with 10 Assisted Kills) are reliably spherical. As long as your Sentinel is adapted to survive, he will function perfectly in the missions of the Plague Star.

Plague Star – How to play Mission

If you’ve never played a mission before, your preparation phase will be a little shorter, because you’ll need some rewards for a good preparation. If you have played at least once in the past, start the preparation phase. To do this, you need to install two additional consumables in the foundry and equip them with a sprocket.

#1 Preparation

Choose the frame of your choice, make sure your weapon is damaged by corrosion and leave all four in orbit. Rest the watchmaker and then go to your foundry.

If you’ve never completed a single Pest Star mission before, just go to Cetus No. 2 and start the mission. If not, read this.

Polluted catalytic converters must be built first. They can be built in 60 seconds and are delivered in batches of 5 pieces.  If you can’t find it in your foundry, take the drawing to the Bio Lab of your dojo clan. The drawing of a contaminated catalyst is only available from the bio-laboratory. Then you need to build some of Aidolon’s phylaxes. You must buy the construction plan of the Nakakak Philaxis Aidolon with your first 2,000 permanent operations.

You can also carry out a mission without these objects, but in order to maximize the number of operations that can be performed from a plague star, the entire team must deliver 4 contaminated catalysts and 4 Eddolon Phylaxis, while protecting the vault. If you do not bring them yourself, you are dependent on the rest of the team and can perform an assignment if you do not perform the operation standing up.

Once you have constructed and removed the contaminated eidolon catalyst and phylaxide in your foundry, equip them both with your equipment. Otherwise you can’t use them for a mission.

#2 Embryo and start of mission

Go to your navigation console and navigate to Plod. Make sure you choose the one with the lowest number to increase your chances of getting complete units.

If you don’t suffer from occasional annoying Vomvals, you can do Plague Star missions day and night at Fruit. Enjoy a quick journey to the end. If you have never used a Fast Drive before, simply press the ESC key on your keyboard, select Fast Drive and then select Conzu. The mission of the Plague Star is part of the Bounty. Start the mission and go to the gate.

#3 Order: Obtaining the toxin

The first thing you need to do is get a box of toxins. He’ll be in any cave, but always in the same place. Switch to bow mode and fly to the cave. Then enter the cave and walk to the marker. Make sure you remember part of the way, because some caves can be confusing. In the vault you’ll find a poison that looks like part of a galleon reactor.

Then the poison is extracted. This is the only place where you have to purify your enemies, because you run the risk of extracting toxins. With the poison in your hand, you must come out of the cave.

#4 Order: Protection in armoured safes

You need to go to the armory. If you have poison in your hand, you can safely switch to arc mode. You’ll always carry a can of poison with you. Open the safe and bring the poison into the plate on the inside.

I need you to secure the vault for the next three minutes. Meanwhile, 4 contaminated catalysts and 4 eidolone philaxes can be added to the mixing process. Each of them will increase your operation by 250 and, in the final stage, will also increase the supply to the reservoir of the chief hemocyte.

Once the storage protection is complete, remove the bus from the board and proceed to the next step.

#5 Order: Finding and protecting a UAV

They should be placed where the cartridge holder is to be placed on the drone. This drone can be difficult to detect. If you are not carrying a cartridge, scan the drone area and mark it when you see it.

The drone will travel to the final destination of your mission. Protect it well, and if you have a Loki, you can walk ahead and change the teleport (3) for shorter travel times. As this is one of the shortest parts of the mission, there is not much to gain in terms of the total duration of the mission. On rare occasions, the drone gets stuck. The only way to unlock the drone is via Loki’s communication transporter. If you don’t have Loki, abort the mission.

Eventually the UAV will reach boiling point and the last phase of the mission, the most turbulent one, will be disbanded.

#6 Order: Conquest of hordes and 4x haemocytes

In this last phase you will be attacked by a large number of infected people. When you and your team have mowed down enough infected people so that the meter reads 25%, you need to fight the blood cells for the first time.

He’s just the new head of Derelite of Lepantis. He has three different heads with different weaknesses. The first head is vulnerable when it opens its mouth. It’s the easiest head to rip off.

The second head is vulnerable when he opens his huge breastplate, but he’s a little shy to do so.

The latter is in danger in two cases and in two different places: First a small spot on his chest, which opens just before he waves his giant scythe. As he swings his braids, his open mouth becomes vulnerable.

After tearing off a hemocyte, you will receive a reward from one of the hunting methods and you can collect a hemocyte ccistolite.

Then you are faced with another attack of the infected person, resulting in a stronger version of the hemocyte. Rinse and repeat until you’ve overcome the hemocytes four times. With every appearance of hemocytes, the battle becomes more difficult. Don’t stop, bring your teammates back to life and don’t forget that a third braid can take most shots at once.

After defeating the hemocytes four times, the mission is over. Most units go back to the door, but you can also use the tent at the door to start the mission again.

#7 Union Progression, nuck and mandatory points

Depending on the number of infected eidolone catalysts and the phyllaxis in which they are used, you will get between 1000 and 3000 stand-up surgeries. The stand is like a standing alliance. You can buy parking products, but you can also use them to take your place in the operational supply consortium to unlock even better products. You should go to Nakaku, who usually only sells masks. She’ll have supplies for the operation.

The first and only required item is a drawing by Philaxis Aidolon. All you have to do is upgrade directly to Collaborationist and get this drawing from Eidolon-Phylaxis. Then try to pave the way to the final championship title. This rank will open all items, including the very popular Plague Crypto and the Keewar Plague Strike Draw. What’s more, it’s a title you can easily agree with. You can produce as many shapes or thoughts from the embryo as you want.

Whatever rank you reach during the competition and whatever position you take, it will be moved to the next Peststar tournament.


After reading this guide you can choose a battlefield that will guide you through the mission. You also need to know what to do when you go on a mission for the first time and be prepared enough to repeat a mission or event in the future. As with all Warframe events, the word of warning is the word of warning: Don’t burn yourself too often. Reward is a juice, but fun and motivation are more important.

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