Pikmin 3 Deluxe Boss Combat Instructions

In this Pikmin 3 Deluxe Boss Battle Guide, you’ll learn how to defeat all the bosses in the switch port of Nintendo Pikmin 3. Pikmin 3 was one of the best games for Wii U, but Nintendo has now ported it as Pikmin 3 Deluxe to Nintendo Switch, and new content and features have been added. If you have played the original game, you will remember that the bosses in the game are quite difficult to beat. That’s why we’ve included some tips and tricks in this guide to help you easily beat all the bosses in the game.

Bosses’ Battle Guide – Pikmin 3 Deluxe

Our boss battles guide in Pikmin 3 Deluxe contains everything you need to know about boss battles in Pikmin 3 Deluxe and how to defeat them easily.

Boss no. 1 – Mawdad in armor.

Armoured Mawdad is the very first boss in the game, and although he’s the first boss in the game, he won’t disappear easy for you. You will meet him in the game Empty Treetrank during the game Garden of Hope. The armoured Mawdad looks like a giant centipede and has a stiff torso around his body, preventing direct damage to the skipper until he breaks for the first time. From the very beginning of the battle with the boss, you have to stick with the use of Rock Pikmin, because it’s the most effective way to break a hard shell.

As with traditional bosses, the head of the armoured Mawdad takes the weakest point, and the blow to the head causes maximum damage to the boss.  Once the launch cover is released, launch the Pickmin you read in your head for maximum damage. If the boss suffers enough damage, he eventually adds an explosive attack to his list of attacks. Make sure Alf and Pikmin are not in danger when the attack begins. You must always keep moving forward and try not to get in the way.

If a member of the Pikmin catches an armoured Mawdad, make sure you hit his boss on the head quickly, because that way you can save him. If you manage to free them, quickly use your whistle and call them back to save most of your Pikmin. Keep hurting your boss, and if his health is really bad, he’ll start climbing tree trunks. Make sure you don’t stay in one place for long at first. Keep avoiding the attacks and keep hurting the boss, and everything will eventually fall apart.

Chief? No. 2 – Vegemot Fosbat.

The rest of the story will allow you to meet Vehemoth Phosbat as the second main boss of the game. You will meet the legacy of Phosbat in the caves of the remote tundra. Before you start a boss fight, you should know that this boss fight will last for two days, unless you are very good at the game, and that you will need a lot of yellow Pikmins, because they are the most effective Pikmins for this boss fight. Before you start the fight with your boss, make sure your army consists mainly of yellow Pikmin, and only then start the fight with your boss.

One of the things you can use in this battle with the boss is that Fosbat Vehemete is afraid of the light, and the lightning in the cave will knock the boss out. Start hitting the boss and keep going until the boss starts stealing again. If this happens, make sure he’s not attacked. While dodging, inspect the cave to climb the sticks and use your Pikmin to repair and build the bridge. Finish building the bridge and look for the red bioluminescent fungus. When you find it, throw your Yellow Woodpecker overboard with the Captain. Use it to complete the connection and it will surprise the boss again, giving you a good chance to inflict additional damage.

Once the boss has done enough damage, he will scream and reproduce in the cave in smaller versions of himself. You must quickly destroy small enemies and shells, or you are the boss for the real challenge. As soon as they fall, focus on the next broken wire to disable the boss and cause more damage. After this phase, the boss will be back on the air. At this point, go to the crystal that blocks your path and use Rock Pikmin to destroy it.

As soon as the path is cleared, the building material is taken and the process is completed again, which surprises the boss again, but this time the boss and the whole cave are illuminated. Take him to earth with a yellow Pikmin and start talking about his health. The bosses’ struggles are quite exhausting, and if you don’t have time, you can come back the next day to continue the bosses’ struggles and finish what you started.

Chef no. 3 – Sand belt Meerslug

The third pattern you’ll encounter on Pikmin 3 Deluxe is the Sandbelching Meerslug, located in the tropical desert. You’ll need quite a few Red Pikmins for this boss fight, so make sure you’ve gathered quite a few before you start the fight. In this battle, the boss usually stays under the sand and attacks from under the sand. It will be pointed at your Pikmin all the time, so make sure your finger is always on the whistle so you can move your Pikmin quickly.

At some point the boss will come out of the sand and stay on the surface for a while. If this happens, immediately send your red pickmin to harm the boss. Make sure you move the Pikmin so you don’t lose it by dropping debris balls. These dirty balls won’t kill your Pikmin, but they will catch them, making it easier for the boss to strike the final blow and kill them. Make sure you’ve done enough damage to your boss to take him out and put him on the sand. Don’t miss the chance to do some damage.

As soon as the health of the boss is halved, he will form a large circle in the sand. Get out of there and call your Pikmin, because at that moment a huge pit will open to contain everything in that circle. Keep the whistle handy when this happens. As the fight progresses, the boss often stands in a pit, which makes his strokes much more difficult. During this phase you can use the spicy essence to resist the movement and increase the speed of your Pikmin. Keep up the good work and the boss will fall.

Boss number four is Maestro Scorne.

As you explore the Twilight River, you’ll meet the Maestro or Scorpions, but you’ll notice that The Boss is protected by a swarm of tiny scorpions, which makes it a bit difficult to fight The Boss from the start. To make the boss’s fight easier, you shouldn’t attack him when the scorpions are near the boss. Find an open window and start fighting with the boss. Scornet Maestro has brutal attack drills that can easily kill your Pikmin, so make sure your whistle is ready to take them out.

When the windows are open, use a little spicy gasoline and throw a little yellow pickmin and fly on the boss to influence this health. This will beat the boss to the ground, giving you a chance to launch the rest of your Pikmin army. The use of Rock Pikmin is particularly useful at this stage of the fight, so make sure you use it. Also be careful not to let the Picmins go too far, because they will be taken by a swarm of contempt. If they choose a few, use Yellow or Rock Pickmin to free them.

The most devastating attack of this Battle Boss is probably about to land when you see the Scorpions score for the Boss. If this happens, hurry to the edge of the formation, otherwise you’ll lose most of your Pikmin in an attack and even die. Use the free edges and then attack the main boss for maximum damage during this phase. Continue flank attacks and use the yellow and rocky Pikmin as often as possible, and the boss will eventually fall.

Pikmin 3 Deluxe Boss Combat Instructions

Boss #5 – Mireklops hirsute

The Quagled Mireklops are in the Garden of Hope, but this boss fight can only be played later in the game. You’re gonna need a lot of Blue Pikmin for this boss fight. Make sure you have a lot of red pickmin and rock pickmin with you, next to the blue pickmin. The host is pretty well hidden, and to really start a fight, you must first destroy the crystal in the middle of the area, which will germinate the small island and set it in motion. It’s the boss you have to beat.

To beat the boss, you can start with the boss’s leg. For this phase of the battle you must use the Blue Pickmin. Just call them back and fire them if the boss shakes them. The boss will eventually fall down and give you the chance to break the crystal in the middle of the island with the Pickmin rock. A spicy essence can be useful here to speed up the process. If you’re going with your boss, make sure you don’t move his sticky tongue.

Starting and throwing the Pikmin clockwise on a crystal is the best strategy for this phase. The crystal will eventually break and reveal the orange stem of the pattern. Attack him with your red Pickmin. If the boss manages to confuse you, concentrate on the boss’ feet again to drop him, and then get up again to continue the attack. Besides, you shouldn’t lead your Pikmin directly, or they’ll be killed. Keep up the good work and the boss will fall.

Cartridge #6 – Wraith plasma (last cartridge)

Wraith Plasma is the last boss in the game, and you will meet the boss during the Oak Formidable level. This boss has two different levels, and he will really put your Pikmin control skills to the test. The first phase of the Wraith-Plasma battle will take place in the form of an amoeba. Moreover, it is invulnerable at this stage, which makes the fight even more difficult. If the boss succeeds in absorbing Olimar, the boss returns the gold and all Pikmins in the boss are killed immediately. If the boss takes control of Olimar, you have to attack him until he jumps and Olimar is free.

Each time you see a cube, prepare for one of the four different attacks. When it begins to rise and form a thorn, it releases the electric field. Confront the Yellow Woodpecker. If you see he’s turned red and set on fire, attack him with Red Pickmin. If it absorbs into the flames, use Blue Pickmin, and if it forms another large cube around you, attack with Rocky Pickmin. Just make sure you don’t wait too long for the attacks, because all four attacks are pretty strong attacks. Keep attacking your boss, solving puzzles with your pickmin, and you’ll soon reach the end of the cave.

When you reach the end of the cave, get out and this will start the second phase of the fight, in which the boss will swallow Olimar all the time and you will have to defeat the boss to free him. In the second phase, the boss aimed your pickmin in the same way on everyone. Find the boss’s balls that fell to the ground and attack them to hurt the boss. If the boss sucks those bastards out, he gets his health back, so you have to make sure you refuse him those bastards. Use the Rock Pikmin against the boss’s knife attack, because they haven’t been hit by it.

At some point, when his health is weakened, the boss will fall back on a cubic attack. However, the strategy remains the same here, with the addition of globes on the ground. Once the attack on the cube has stopped with the right pickmin, you and the globes must attack to prevent the boss from returning in full health. When he starts flying in the arena, use Flying Pikmin to damage the boss and bring him back to Earth. Avoid his stabbing attack at all costs when the boss is in the air. The boss goes into protection mode when he’s close to death. So make sure you use a flying Pikmin to kill him quickly when this happens.

Other patterns

In addition to the bosses in Pikmin 3 Deluxe, there are three other bosses in the game that appear multiple times and are much easier to beat than the regular bosses in the game.

Extra Chef No. 1 – Long hairy legs.

Shaggy Long Legs is the boss, who looks like a hairy spider and appears twice in the game. They fight with long rugged legs in the tropical winds and in the distant tundra. To find the boss in Tropical Wilds, you can work your way through a fortified wall near a switch on the beach. They need stone bombs to bring down the wall. For the second boss you have to find a big lemon, which is at the bamboo door. They need the winged Pickmin to open that door. Walk through that door and you’ll find the boss.

To fight the boss, you must first remove all hairs from the boss’s body before you can damage the real boss’s body. Use either the yellow pickmin, the winged pickmin or the rock pickmin. Yellow Pikmin allows others to reach the boss’ throat, winged Pikmin can fly and pull his hair, while rocky Pikmin can attack the boss’ legs so others can climb aboard and pull his hair. Once she’s lost, your remaining army can attack the boss and take him down quickly.

Optional pattern #2 – Borrowed snowflake

This optional chef sits in the river of twilight. To fight with the boss, you can go down the Lilipada River to reach the trunk, and then cross the electric fence in front of you to reach the boss. This boss fight is very common, but the boss can use his beak to tear off your Pikmin one by one, which can be deadly if you’re not fast enough. Attack the boss’s head for maximum damage and watch his neck attack, and you have to be good to get him out easily.

Extra pattern number 3 – track shoe.

This special pattern also occurs twice in the game. However, both meetings take place in the Garden of Hope. The first is at the entrance of the sewer door and the second is behind a mud wall in the water. His weakness is his big eyes. Your attention should therefore be focused on attacking his eyes from the very beginning of the battle. The boss then turns on his back and you have access to his stomach, which is another weakness. The boss can unleash a powerful tick attack that will catch and kill your Pikmin. Then keep attacking his eyes to prevent him from killing your Pikmin.

This concludes our guide to the luxury battles of Pikmin 3 Boss. If you want to add something to this guide, you can use the comment section below.

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