Lightning Arrow – A capability based on the use of lightning to fire at an enemy, causing nearby enemies to be struck by lightning.

This is a popular starting skill, especially for Ranger classes, as it can easily eliminate enemies at great distances.

The thunderbolt not only breaks enemies at a good distance, but also has fairly bright effects, and remember that the ability to shock enemies can be a great help in the long run.

Flash Arrow

A lightning bolt shoots a loaded arrow that hits 3 other enemies with the lightning and causes the same damage.

Each enemy hit results in the death of 3 other enemies, while 50% of the physical damage of the power is converted into lightning damage.

There is a 0.5% chance of hitting enemies, depending on the quality of the gem. Players can cause even more damage to enemies as the quality of the gem increases.

Lightning brick building

There are several compositions that make use of the lightning rod’s ability to hit multiple targets with lightning, here are some of the popularly built lightning rods.

Bracket for large multiple projections Construction

The Deceptive Archer is a very useful skill to use with the Flash Arrow, as it allows you to get another copy of yourself somehow from the photos you draw.

The Mirage Archer targets enemies even further away, and if you fire both lightning bolts at enemies, it will be easier to clear the maps.

This collection focuses on the use of multiple shooters to shoot at the player and also the Mirage Archer to hit multiple enemies by hitting 3 additional enemies with lights for each shot.

Basic building

  1. Lightning arrow
  2. Archer Mirror
  3. Large multi-projection bowls
  4. Drill/circuit carrier

This is a Lightning Arrow Mirage Arrow from the main buildings, which activates the Magic Archer on the fly, which, like your character, shoots various bullets.

Large multi-shot projectiles increase the number of flares fired, and to hit more enemies, you can choose between the Pierce or the Chain Holder.

The use of a chain support ensures that the arrow hits another enemy twice and hits 3 enemies every time lightning strikes.

Pierce shoots lightning arrows through enemies, triggering 3 lightning bolts in an area for each enemy hit.

Single light arrow

The more traditional one-shot construction focuses on defeating enemies that are fired with the additional lightning rod and other adjustments to the auxiliary skills from gem to lightning rod.

In this way, you can focus your shots on the target and get additional effects at the same time by adding support stones that either have different bonuses.

A shot can only hit one enemy at a time, which requires a support jewel to hit multiple enemies, but more possible effects depending on the gems used.

  1. Lightning arrow
  2. Chain support
  3. Additional aid for natural disasters
  4. Faster attack support / faster projection support

The thunderbolt and its thunderbolt can hit multiple enemies, adding a chain support that makes it possible to cling to enemies and even jump between them.

Additional support for elementary damage increases the lightning damage and any additional elementary damage added to the assemblies.

Support for faster attacks becomes viable when players repeat after applying certain effects to cause damage, while support for faster balls can increase both the damage and the speed of the ball.

Additional backing stones

The lightning is critical

  1. More support for critical strikes
  2. More support for serious injuries

A Lightning Critical Arrow focuses on firing multiple projectiles that can attach to or pierce enemies.

With this change, the chance of critical effects is greater and the damage is greater.

Lightning Cold Arrow

  1. Additional damage due to cold
  2. Hypothermia

The main projectiles and the lightning will have extra damage from the cold and will even make the enemies flee.

Cold weather damage will increase and can cause additional damage and freeze enemies with the support of hypothermia.

DPS fire flash arrow

  1. Combustion aid
  2. Distribution support according to the ignition principle

The damage caused by fire comes on top of the damage caused by projectiles and lightning, which have the chance to set the enemy on fire and force him to absorb the damage over time.

Ignition proliferation causes enemies to ignite to transmit the effect to other enemies, and ignition causes more damage.

Upper flash arrow

  1. Support for victims of lightning strikes
  2. Domestic support

By providing extra support during lightning strikes, lightning damage can bypass the enemy’s resistance, allowing the lightning arrow to do more damage.

Inner support gives you an increased chance of hitting enemies, causing them more damage, and also gives you a buffer of inner support when you kill affected enemies.

Basic damage

  1. Basic damage with attack support
  2. Support for victims of lightning strikes

Increases all elementary damage not inflicted on enemies, including lightning damage.

This increases the total amount of damage caused by lightning and ensures that the attacks penetrate the enemy’s lightning resistance.

If the Mirage Archer is not preferred, you can simply replace it with another wearable jewel.


The proposed climbing tree for the Lightning Arrow is Deadeye, with the emphasis on long range shooting, followed by Ricochet.

The Far Shot increases the damage from the shots at the distance they pass, so the further away you are from the target, the greater the damage.

At long and medium distances, your attacks already cause more damage, while the range of the fire also increases the bullet velocity by 30%.

The ricochet causes the lightning bolt to cling to other enemies, causing one enemy to fire another lightning bolt that hits another enemy nearby.

As the arrows of the lightning strike, the additional lightning causes more enemies, causing total damage in the area and allowing you to eliminate the enemy groups faster.

A slain enemy suffers more damage if there is an unused chain, i.e. if there is no enemy to which the lightning has to be attached, then 10% damage is added to each unused chain.


Additional lightning strikes different enemies, allowing you to quickly eliminate the enemies at the beginning of the game.

The addition of larger Multiple Projectiles makes this effect easier, and with the additional support of the Mirage Archer, you can simply double the number of shots you make from time to time.

The Mirage Archer is effective during the game if you attack enemies when it shoots itself while it is activated, which happens when you hit the target with the lightning bolt.

By making the lightning arrow hit more enemies in addition to the Greater Multiple Projectiles effect, you can also take advantage of the lightning effect, which can easily eliminate a large number of enemies.

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