Set: Part-time UFO
Gender: Puzzles, system action: Nintendo Switch (also on mobile phones)
Developer | Publisher: HAL Lab | Nintendo
Age Classification: US E10+| EU 3+
Price: US $8.99 | UK £8.09 | EU €8.99
Publication date: 28 October 2020

The recall code wasn’t used, I bought the game myself.

The more popular Kirby HAL Laboratory series has developed many games over the years, including the mobile title Part Time UFO. Finally, Jobski gave us a free Nintendo Switch with the ability to invite a colleague to a club bench.

We are looking for a job

Part-time UFOs

Jobski is a small UFO who comes to earth and finds temporary work to help the farmers pack their food. From there you rent an apartment and become independent by selecting foreign works from the catalogue. The game consists of dropping your catching dick like a claw to pick up objects and place them in a designated area. The operation is simple, but you have to prevent things from falling over and you can reset them if necessary. Their work ranges from adding a pyramid of cheerleaders to gluing a T-Rex skeleton to building a robot. Turn this tap dance game into a puzzle in the style of puzzle physics. Luckily, you’d have to hit or hang something to lose your foot.


Levels in part-time UFOs are on the timer, but when you place a blinking item in the target, the time is added. If you are hit by a fish or a gunshot, your time will be shortened. You can also retrieve extra items that you can add to your account, such as your salary. When the time is up, these bonuses do not apply. Each level has three objectives: catch a fish or do no damage when a ninja throws a shuriken at you. The next levels are unlocked by collecting enough medals, while the money can be used in the shop. If you complete the level with all three objectives at once, you will unlock a more difficult version of this level. At the end of this phase, you are encouraged to publish your photo on social networks. If you do, you will be rewarded with a unique illustration for each type of nappy.

The Switch version is played in a cooperative with two users, and the levels don’t change, but you have to be careful with each of them. A single stray UFO can spill a whole pile of pancakes!



In the shop you can buy alternative costumes with a color scheme for the cooperative and a unique emotion. Some of these outfits also change the way you control your UFO, for example by making it easier to stop or by increasing the speed of your claws. In terms of the levels, I found it difficult to realize that changing clothes helped me to achieve my goal.

After winning the last stages, you win your holiday. Treasure Island mode is more of an adventure mode where you have to test your skills to find the treasure and move the temple to retrieve the keys and unlock the next room, time after time, within the time limit. To get to this island, you have to buy a plane ticket.

The Infinity Tower is a mode in which you get random objects that need to be added as high as possible. The deadline is still limited, so you should respond as soon as possible. After reaching a certain height, the shop owner can place a floating block on you. However, you must calculate the time correctly, otherwise it will disappear.

Except there’s a built-in performance system that rewards you with cute animations. Some can be quite tricky when they ask you to reach a level with a limited number of claws. Of course, a bit for people like me!


The soundtrack has only the smallest variation, because in most songs there is somehow a main theme. It’s actually quite funny, but rehearsals can get on your nerves.

The game is held in a cute pixel style, with lots of beautiful outfits, an expressive background and hidden Qbby in most levels.

Because it’s a mobile port, it works perfectly. In fact, the only thing that bothers me about the interplay is that changing the camera perspective can be a little annoying because it bothers you. Although I’d rather not, it would be nice if they kept touch control as an option.

Balance exercise


A puzzle game based on physics is not a good time for me, and yet the charm of Jobsky, a hard worker, convinced me. I think it’s a great game for couples or for someone with a slightly older child, so you can have a quick play session together. Even if it only takes a few hours to win, there is still a lot to do.

Final verdict: Two fingers up

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