The latest update to the Outriders 1.05 demo came out a few hours ago. This latest update has added new content and also fixed many issues in the game. So all players of this game want to know the patch notes of this update.

Get complete information about the latest Outriders Demo Update 1.05, its release notes, download instructions, update file size and other information about this latest patch. Now let’s take a look at all the details of this patch.

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Outriders 1.05 demo update

Outriders is a fantasy game released on 1. April 2021 for various gaming platforms. Many players are currently enjoying the demo version of this game. The developer of this game regularly brings the latest updates to make the demo of this game better. The latest update to the Outriders 1.05 demo has been released today.

You can now download the latest update of this game on your gaming platforms. To update the game on PS5, you will have to spend about 453 MB of data. The size of the update file depends on the game platform. So make sure you check it before updating the game.

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How do I upgrade my Outrider?

You can easily install the latest version of Outriders 1.05 Demo Update. If automatic game updates are enabled on your gaming platform. If you haven’t enabled it, you can either enable it or update this game manually. So just follow the guide to update this game manually.

The Outriders demo has been updated on Steam, PS4 and PS5!

A similar patch for the Xbox is currently being tested. We will update you as soon as we have news of the release.

Patch note theme:

– 12. March 2021.

On PS4, you have to select Outriders via the options button. Then click on the option Check for updates. The latest update for this game is currently being tested and installed on your PS4. You can also update this game on your PS5.

On the Xbox One, you need to go to My apps and games. Here you need to select the jumpers with the More Options button. Then click on Manage Game and Add-ons, and then click on Updates. Today, the latest update for this game is being tested and shown on the Xbox One. Similarly, you can also update this game on your Xbox X|S series.

On PC you can update this game via Steam. If you do not have auto-update enabled for this game on Steam, this game will update when you launch it.

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Outriders 1.05 Patch NotesDemo Update

Here are the full patch notes for the game’s latest update, 1.05. Read it in full to know more about the changes in the game.

General notes on the patch:

  • Added motion blur switch [PC, PS4/5].
  • Minor frame rate adjustments have been made for certain Cup positions, but we are working on a more comprehensive fix in the future [PC, PS4/5].

Improvements have been made to reduce the time it takes to play Matchmake [PC, PS4/5].

  • Other minor improvements and fixes have been made [PC, PS4/5].

Additional PS4/PS5 special patch notes:

  • The shop links on the Buy Now button in the [PS4/5] lobby have been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that caused audio to be out of sync in minimized windows.

Additional patch notes for PC:

  • Fixed bug that occurred when opening a menu or the inventory [PC].
  • Fixed bug that suppressed the player’s transfer if the connection went down during the transition [PC].
  • Improved display and synchronization of subtitles when searching for Bad Day [PC].

Conclusion: Outriders 1.05Demo Update

Finally, we hope you got complete information about the latest Outriders Demo 1.05 update, patch notes, update file size, download guide and more. If you have any doubts or questions about this latest update, please contact us in the comments section. We are here to answer all your questions and doubts.

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