Forget about the usual sports games and get ready for Out of the Park Baseball 22! This is the best baseball game ever created and I’m not exaggerating. I’ve played a lot of baseball games throughout my time and I can say that this game is the best I’ve played. I’ve been playing it online for almost a year now and it never gets boring. The gameplay is very similar to the real thing and I love how they recreated the stadiums and fields. Out of the Park Baseball 22 is a game that is worthy for all baseball fans.

Out of the Park Baseball 22 is an excellent baseball simulation computer game, with a great playing experience and solid graphics. It is the 2001 sequel to the popular baseball game “Out of the Park Baseball 2001” and is the second sequel of the “Out of the Park” series. It was developed by the renowned German gaming company SimBiology.

At first glance, OOTP 22 may seem like just another baseball simulator that makes use of modern technology and graphics to give more life-like visuals to a decades-old sport. But that would be wrong. At its core, OOTP 22 is a game that trades realism for fun. If you’re a baseball fan looking for a fun way to spend your time, OOTP 22 delivers.

The Out of the Park Baseball franchise has been around for over two decades and has entered the baseball lexicon. Originally a text-only baseball simulator, OOTP has evolved into a hybrid game that offers both text and visual options to follow the action on the field. The OOTP series and its developers have continually made changes and quality of life improvements over the years, and this year is no different – as I will discuss in this OOTP 22 review. What’s new in OOTP 22? Here’s what the development team had to say:

  • New 3D ballparks for every Major League Baseball team
  • Much improved basketball court kit
  • A fully redesigned coaching system that integrates and impacts your entire organization
  • Entirely new management strategies and options
  • Gameplay and performance enhancements
  • Perfect Team 22 announced, along with a new game mode called Perfect Draft

With that out of the way, let’s move on to the test of OOTP ’22 .

What I like – OOTP 22Review

Modes and options

OOTP ’22 offers users multiple ways to play baseball the way they want to. OOTP offers the ability to play the current season of Major League Baseball, any season in the past, or international baseball leagues you may be interested in, including the new KBO license that OOTPacquired this year.   word-image-6468 Even though OOTP does not have a license for a specific league, you can still create the league you want because of the game’s infrastructure and the flexibility it offers. OOTP ’22 not only gives you the ability to play different types of baseball, but also to customize the game in a league that you create yourself. If you want to simulate multiple games at once, this option is available. If you’re picky and want to check every save from every game this season, you have the opportunity to do so.

A perfect team and a perfect project

OOTP also offers plenty to keep you entertained, even if your passion doesn’t lie in playing in the current or past era of Major League Baseball. As veterans of the series know, OOTP also includes an Ultimate Team-like mode called Perfect Team. This year, the development team took that idea further with Perfect Draft.   word-image-6469 Normally I don’t like this kind of map mode, but the OOTP franchise did a good job of adapting and streamlining the game. In Perfect Draft, you have access to almost every player card in the game. You build your team the way you want, and then the game gives you many ways to fight against others. These include fast play, daily and weekly tournaments, and yes, rewards are offered.   word-image-6470 Even I, who hates game types, found a way to enjoy Perfect Team and Perfect Draft. I love being here because the developers have made it so easy to join, understand and build teams. Will any of these modes become a staple for me as I work on this year’s game? No. But I always respect the extra depth and choice. Plus, there’s something seductive about playing the perfect draft and tearing up decks to improve your current team into the perfect team.

New 3-D Park Renderings

I can’t say enough how pleased I am with the new improvements to the 3D rendering of baseball fields in OOTP ’22. Not only are the existing ball fields new and beautifully designed, but the new renderer also does a great job with community-created ball fields that can be imported into your game.   word-image-6471 OOTP as a franchise obviously offers an incredibly broad path that allows users to play in different leagues around the world, and that makes this improvement all the more important. Whether you choose the current MLB season, an international league, or even a fictional league, baseball rendering improvements will enhance the user experience no matter how you choose to play. This is especially important when it comes to the details of a ball park, such as. B. billboards, advertising signs, and stadium-specific details. I’m replaying the 1984 season in which I played for my favorite club, the Cubs. This was when I first became interested in baseball, so the exact replica of the team and stadium is reason enough to bring tears to my eyes.   word-image-6472 A visit to Candlestick Park, Shea Stadium, the Olympic Stadium, the Vet or any of the many other iconic stadiums of the past transported me back to a bygone era that conjured up images and memories from my childhood. Seeing the historic scoreboard come to life in the Astrodome, or viewing Tiger Stadium with proper stadium details and lettering, was phenomenally satisfying. The level of detail of the new three-dimensional ball fields is almost unmanageable. The only downside to all of this is the inability to pick up a controller and control the action on the field while playing in different eras, different leagues, or even the current MLB 2021 season. If OOTP ’22 gave me a controller experience with the depth and realism of the stadiums and results, I don’t know if I need another baseball game this year.


It is immediately apparent that the gameplay has been refined and improved in OOTP ’22 . While last year’s efforts were appreciated, there were too many instances where actions on the ground were not adequately synchronized with actions in the text. I have often seen things like players not approaching balls properly or running around the bases like they were blindfolded.   word-image-6473 In OOTP ’22, this action is greatly improved, and the action and text now fit together very well, creating a sense of authenticity of what is happening in real time. While the playing field has improved greatly, it’s still not perfect and sometimes frustration creeps into the overall experience (I’ll talk more about this later in the review). Ultimately, the improvements to the field are solid enough to create a much better user experience in the long run that will offer more realism, durability, and authenticity.


It may seem odd to mention the game’s community, but the OOTP community is virtually unbeatable when it comes to helping this franchise reach heights that would otherwise be met with difficulty. If you’re familiar with OOTP, then you know that importing content is extremely important to many, and Out of the Park Baseball 22 is no different in this regard. Historical baseball fields from different eras can be found, downloaded and used to create an authentic feel of the era you are playing in.   word-image-6474 It’s not just the stadiums, the community does a great job of uploading player faces, stats and even historical rosters to help you live in the baseball world you want to create. While the community does a great job of creating content, they also do a great job of explaining how to get that content into the game – and even helping to solve problems along the way. The beauty of the community is that it’s just a click away from the game. With one click, browse the forums where you can download, learn and train. The OOTP community is probably the most helpful community about the game I’ve come across, and should be used often, especially if you’re new to the series.

What I don’t like – OOTP ’22 Review

Field operations

While I mentioned the gameplay as one of the things I liked about OOTP ’22, and it still is, there are a few problems. As I mentioned earlier, the consistency of the visual representation of the game and the correlation with the actions conveyed by the text has been significantly improved. But there are always times when z. For example, a fielder appears delayed or hesitant in approaching a catch or in passing the ball to a reliever after a catch. Unfortunately, this kind of late response also occurs with infielders.   word-image-6475 Regardless of the type of infield move I used, there were times when I saw my shortstop hesitate to make a play or just hang on to the ball when there was clearly enough time to get the ball to the designated pocket for an out. The frustration level has gone up for me because I like to play baseball video games with a controller to control the action myself. Those of you who are like me may have similar moments of frustration.


As a veteran of the series, it made navigating OOTP ’22easier for me, which is valuable. However, I remain concerned about accessibility for newcomers. I understand that this is a text-based game, so beginners will have a hard time mastering it – just as there are learning periods when you first pick up a game on a controller. And, it’s not just the baseball problem. Many other simulation-based sports games I have reviewed over the years fail to provide a user experience that I would consider accessible and manageable, while still offering depth and realism.   word-image-6476 It’s a fine line, and developers are getting better at it. The developers have a wonderful set of tutorials and guides to help those new to the series. The OOTP community also does a good job on the forums giving advice to newcomers. OOTP ’22 is a surprisingly deep baseball simulator with a deep learning curve, so it’s a constant effort to maintain that depth without scaring anyone off.


Visually updated 3D stadiums and an improved user interface are the best improvements in OOTP ’22. Of course, there are more improvements and tweaks, but the truth is that OOTP ’22 looks a lot like last year’s game, and that’s not a bad thing. What I like most is that the development team is trying to blur the lines between text-based simulation and normal gameplay, and it’s working. However, if you are new to this series, you must be patient and willing to learn. If you’re a veteran of the series, an updated visual experience is reason enough to buy this year. Indeed, Out of the Park 22 Baseball offers an experience well worth the price of admission. While the game is not perfect overall, OOTP ’22 is an excellent combination of fun, difficulty and nostalgia.

Associate members

Out of the Park Baseball is an amazing sports management simulation game that simulates the social and economic aspects of minor league baseball. The game starts with a basic budget, but through a series of decisions, you have the ability to significantly impact the club’s performance over the course of the season.. Read more about out of the park baseball 22 free download and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Out of the Park Baseball worth it?

I don’t know if Out of the Park Baseball (OTP Baseball) is worth your time. I haven’t played the 2011 edition, and I hear some of the updates are a bit buggy. I don’t know what the latest version does, because I’ve never played it. However, the original version is a great game, and I suspect the updates are great. So, I’m writing this review to help you decide if Out of the Park Baseball (OTP Baseball) is worth your time. Out of the Park Baseball is an amazing baseball simulation game. It is an incredibly deep game with a lot to do. If you are a baseball fan or just want to learn more about the game then you should definitely check this game out.

Is Out of the Park Baseball free?

From the time we got our hands on Out of the Park Baseball 22, we have been excited. The developers have continually added features to the game, and we have been interested in every one. For those of you who have never played OOTP, it is a revolutionary baseball simulation game that makes you cringe when you see the results of your fielder’s mistakes. Out of the Park Baseball (generally shortened to OOTP) is a series of baseball simulation computer games created by small independent software developer, Out of the Park Developments (OOTP). The series has been released for nearly every computer operating system and gaming platform, and is one of the best-selling series of sports games in the world.

How do you play OOTP 22?

We’ve got a lot to write about this year, so let’s get right to it. In OOTP, when you die, you’ll respawn at home plate with your team intact. If that’s not enough, the game also lets you bat for as many as four pitchers in a single game. Another great new feature is that you can set up a new MLB team for your OOTP experience. And, of course, you can create custom leagues and play in them, too. This week I didn’t get a chance to play OOTP 22 but I did play a few games. I have OOTP 22 on my computer and I have tried to play every game in the series and I am starting to get pretty good at OOTP 22. Every year I try to improve my OOTP 22 skills. I play games on my computer and on my smartphone.

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