The anime allows you to engage in epic battles. But not all battles need to be associated with rays of energy and brilliant magical waves.

In most cases weapons (realistic or filled with magic) add a much needed variation to the battle. And rifles have always been an effective means of reloading.

But which anime characters with weapons are at the top in terms of uniqueness, appeal and recognisability?

I always wondered who my favourite anime shooters would be – and I finally managed to get them in line for this job.

Look out! Look out! Spoiler front.

14. Shino Asada

Shino Asada from Anime Online The art of the sword online

Anime: The art of online fencing

Shino Asada looks like a typical worried classmate in real life, but in the game (whether it’s Gun Gale Online or ALfheim Online) she’s cool.

When Shino becomes Anders, she will be the perfect visionary member of your party. With her blue-blond hair and military jacket, she may also be the most beautiful shooter in the anime.

But no matter how much I rent his picture, I love his story even more.

Otherwise she wouldn’t play GMO just because she wanted to. To tell you the truth: Otherwise he tried to recover from his gunshot wound.

Otherwise, it wasn’t wrong to defend yourself against an armed robber. But death and murder aren’t things a teenager has to go through.

So every time I see someone else with a sniper rifle, I see courage and a desire to move forward.

13. Angelo Lagusa

Screenshot of an anime 91 days Angelo Lagusa

Anime: 91 days

Shino Asada and Angelo Lagusa have similar gunshot wounds.

But while Sinon decided to play the game to deal with the injury, Angelo did his life’s work to take revenge on the people who had murdered his younger brother and his parents.

It is therefore easy to understand why Angelo became what he was: cynical, serious and monotonous. He lost the joy he had as a child.

Now, thanks to his impeccable manipulative skills and other brain powers, Angelo is ready to kill anyone who stands in his way. He only has one M1911 weapon (and a knife), but that’s all he needs to be a terrible enemy.

12. Strong Coyote

Bleichanime Coyote Stark

Anime: Bleaching

Coyote Stark is not your traditional sniper because he’s a supernatural creature from Schoonen’s favorite show…

Just like Arrancar and Espada, the senior officer, you don’t want to bother him. Of course, his hair looks like it’s never been groomed – and he’d rather sleep and cherish himself than be a real leader.

But if he still needs to be on the battlefield, Coyote Stark will use his analytical skills to find the best skill he can use against his enemies.

A whole gang can do it all at once. But he can certainly fire his guns and free the ceros, there seems to be no end to it.

And finally, the gray metal is impressive.

11. ReL Mayer

Re-L Meyer in the proxy of the anime ergonomist.

Anime: Hence the power of attorney.

Long before Studio Manglobe went bankrupt, she released an original anime called Ergo Proxy.

And it’s still one of the best original series so far.

I like the character design of many of the shooters on my list, but Re-L MAYER remains unique, cool and beautiful. From his blue (or purple) eyeshadow to his black hair and his Lolitas-style outfit, Re-L Mayer exudes mystery.

She has a great curiosity, and she will break any law when it comes to solving the mystery.

Thanks to her paramilitary experience, she also likes to follow her daily routine, from eating to waking up. And this training compensates for his lack of reliable skills and gives him an advantage in dealing with weapons.

However, she is not an insensitive and perfectionist sniper in the whole series. ReL Meyer eventually became more accessible and sensitive, at least for some people.

10. Death of a child

Kill the Kid in the Soul Anime

Anime: Soul devourer

Kill the Kid is the sweetest little boy on my list.

Which is funny, because he’s the son of death.

He doesn’t have to collect souls, but he wants to collect twice as many (200 to be exact) for his twin sisters Patricia and Elizabeth Thompson.

If he’s not interested in asymmetrical design (he’s a bit of a perfectionist), he’s a fool.

Kid’s Death has super-powerful orbs that can even destroy the wrath of Pharaoh. And all the spectators loved the way he juggled with Crohne, with his frantic fast and accurate shot in the air.

And finally: How can he not dominate as a sniper when he can use his weapons in a close-up fight? What a freak!

9. Film

Screenshot of a trip in an animated film.

Anime: Travel cinema

The film is far from being an unscrupulous killing machine.

But she deserves this place because she’s good at her survival kit.

In the context of Itinerant Cinema, I can’t help but admire (or at least recognize) the cinema. She is a stoic young teenager who travels from one country to another in the hope of discovering different cultures and socio-political systems.

The film can intervene and improve the situation. But the path of cinema is one of cultural relativism, moral complexity and learning to accept or tolerate behaviour.

Although she often shoots without the intention of executing a person or an animal, she is still a high-ranking weapon user. She can shoot anyone with her Colt Woodsman, gun barrel and sniper whistle – and her range of knives.

8. revy

Revy of the anime Black Lagoon

Anime: The Black Lagoon

This Chinese-American MC, also known as Rebecca Li, has a hilarious style: I don’t care what you think!

From the cutting edge to the short jeans (very short, if you can add that) and jungle boots, Revy is all about wellness.

But even his seemingly stiff appearance cannot hide his deep emotional and psychological scars.

Revy exudes tension. His tendency to kill recklessly (including unarmed civilians), but also his vulgarity, racism and vices such as drinking and smoking are part of the coping mechanism.

I hope she makes a full recovery from all the abuse and trauma.

But until then, Ravi remains an unpredictable killing machine.

It is fast, can move in crowded places, avoids bullets and is distinguished by fast weapons such as the Beretta 92F, grenade launcher and PM-63 machine gun. What a girl!

7. Yoko Littner

Yoko Littner in Tengen Toppe Gurren Lagan.

Anime: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is one of the funniest anime of all time. There are many iconic sakugas scenes and passionate and cool characters – and Yoko Littner is easily one of them.

Of course, the 14-year-old girl doesn’t have the pointy umbrellas of the fireplace or Simon’s glasses (which will also be his sunglasses). But do you know what’s wrong with her?

Very long and powerful sniper in the style of Barrett M82.

There’s no point in someone like her easily escaping with her enormous rifle. But realism is far from what TTGL is capable of.

Yoko is a great sniper and a very valuable part of the Dai Gurren bridge.

She can enter the battlefield without mercy with her highest level of firepower. But Yoko is also a thinker who recognises the weaknesses of his enemies in order to better protect himself and his beloved allies.

6. Kiritsugu Emiya

Kiritsugu Emiya from Destiny/Stay for one night.

Anime: Fat/Night

Kiritsugu Emiya can give the impression that his soul left his body many years ago – as if he is just going through life with as little energy as possible.

But how can you blame him? He is already disappointed in the idea of being a hero to everyone, even though it has inspired his adopted son Shira to improve himself.

I am grateful to the critics of Destiny/Zero for giving Kiritsung the attention it deserves.

I also like that he’s a wizard pistol killer. Everyone else sticks to their mythical magic and fantastic skills, but Kiritsugu used modern technology.

If you’re a wizard and see him with his Thompson Pretender, Walther WA2000 semi-automatic sniper rifle and M950 caliber, it’s time to run fast.

5. Brandon Heat-Za-Grab

Brandon Heath/Tomb in Ganggrave Anime.

Anime: Gungrave

Of course, I have to turn on an anime called Gungrave.

I know there is an issue related to the fact that in previous documents (and now in Brandon’s) there have been personal tragedies related to firearms, but this is just coincidence.

Brandon knew he was capable of killing more efficiently than the others. Which meant he could go to the top of the Mafia syndicate… but he chose not to.

He loves his friends more (and his love, Maria Asagi). If that means he won’t bite the hand that feeds them, he will gladly serve.

But as Gangreve shows, life doesn’t always work out the way you want it to. People walk up and down, and love and betrayal are always around the corner.

Therefore, the only way to live is to accept change: and change is the only constant in this world.

4. Hokai Rice


Anime: Metal alchemist: Brotherhood

Without Edward Elric and Roy Mustang, Riza Hokai would easily have won the crown as an FMA fan: B (and earlier FMA amendment).

Lieutenant Reese Hawkey of the Amestrian State Army knows what she can do with her weapons, which vary from sniper rifles and bolt guns to pistols and twin pistols.

I don’t even have to doubt their physical ability to succeed in battle. The characteristic design shows a slightly muscular body and its very serious expression makes you think it’s always a step ahead.

Riza is not a cold person (especially when Black Hayate is around). But she also has a difficult past because of what she saw during the civil war in Ishbala, so I understand why she’s more stoic than expressive.

It’s hard to be in her position: she doesn’t want others to live and endure the horrors of war. But it’s his ability to use weapons that allows him to protect others.

3. Alucard

Alucard of the anime Hellsing Ultimate

Anime: Wednesday in hell

If you’ve seen Hellsing Ultimate, you know that Alucard is a man who doesn’t want to irritate you for half a second.

The organization of Hell already consists of cunning and impressive personalities willing to defeat evil threats – and Alucard is at the top in terms of absolute strength.

Let’s consider this fact:

Alucard can kill his enemies quickly, even if he doesn’t have a gun. His supernatural powers and abilities are sometimes all he needs for deadly injuries.

So imagine him using his crazy stamina, range, impeccable accuracy and crazy reflexes (i.e. he can catch and dodge bullets) with rifles ranging from machine guns and swords to his favourite pair of pistols: Jackal and Cassill.

An ordinary man is physically unable to handle his guns, because the Jackal is huge and made for Alucard, while Casull weighs six kilos – without bullets.

In fact, Cazull is so powerful that Alucard only needs one bullet to kill the average vampire.

So if you’re just a man, run away from his gun now.

2. Spiked mirror

Spike Mirror from Cowboy Bebop.

Anime: cowboy bebop

How can this man not be one of the best shooters in anime history when Bach! is his most cult line?

You see, when I think of my favorite shooters, it’s not always about sheer power.

But to be honest,spike’s definitely a good shot for working for the red dragon crime syndicate. In combination with his long and slim appearance he is surprisingly sharp, witty and even familiar with martial arts and close combat.

But I love his collective character and the way Shinichiro Watanabe (and his whole team) teaches him every episode and slowly but surely tells the audience that he’s one of the best characters in every anime.

Spike is a bounty hunter who apparently rather sleeps and is a lazybones than looks for the next target – and he is rather impatient.

But he’s a good man.

He says he doesn’t like dogs, children and some women. But Bebop welcomes Ein, Edward and Faye. And Spike will eventually find out they’re not so bad.

He also says that people shouldn’t get stuck in the past – even if it’s hard for him to get away from it. And I love this dilemma with Spike.

He doesn’t have to go through the chase and the shooting. But seemingly insignificant events in his life have led to where he is and what he is now:

It is he who must face his past for the last time, with burning rifles ready to defeat not only the bad guys, but perhaps also death.

At the same time, he can feel alive again. For the first time in the present.

1. Nozzle head flushing

Screenshot of the anime Stampede Trigun.

Anime: Trygun

Here’s a man with a $60,000,000 reward for his head. You’ve read it well: There are two dollar signs.

$60 billion doubled.

Then how come it costs $60 billion to catch one person? Let’s just say your stampede destroyed the whole town in July.

Nobody died because of the disaster caused by his advanced weapon, the hand of the angel, which only needed an explosion to cause destruction. But that doesn’t change the fact that he wiped the city off the face of the earth.

His haste, however, is mainly focused on love and peace (thanks to Rem Savereem). Then why does the destruction always linger?

It’s terrible that someone has a notorious past (and a persistent negative image) and since then has been doing everything he can to heal, just a lifetime to remind him that some things have gotten out of hand.

Although he wants to be a pacifist, you keep losing, experiencing betrayal and depression. This does not include all bounty hunters who have been trying for years to bring him down.

When he says that this world is made of love and peace, it is a desperate wish, not an explanation of a fact.

So when you see his ultimate cult fight with his own brother Knives Millions, you can see the weight of it all… His traumatic past and present contradict his ideals and his need to no longer be completely isolated.

Yeah, his cybernetic arm with a built-in machine gun is heavy. And it’s the same case for a Wolfwood crucifix, a machine gun and a rocket launcher at the same time. Only the long foal .45 isn’t big.

But physical weight is not a problem for you.

It is the emotional tensions and moral crises he has suffered for decades that make the final shoot-out so timeless, exciting and rewarding.

In a world where people wanted him dead, yours decided to save a life. His victory in battle was not only a victory for him, but also for his brother, to whom he gave a second chance.

This battle was not only about finding a stronger arrow, but also about questioning one’s own life principles and reconciling oneself with the past in order to learn to move forward with a new outlook on life.

You knew he was a god with his weapons. But above all, he was aware of the horror they bring to mankind and the consequences you have to bear to possess such a power.

He can always pull the trigger. But a good shooter knows that sometimes it’s the wisest decision for everyone to give up.

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