Orfix Poison: Adoption 29.6.4

Tenno! It’s our first hotfix from 2021. We attack the poisonous beetles of the Orphix species to keep the Nekrameh confusion at bay until the end of the operation on the 18th. January. We plan to release a few more patches in the first weeks of January as we prepare for another exciting year for Warframe.

Surgery: Changes and corrections to the Orthix toxin:

  • During the holidays, the team continued to work on monitoring and repairing the bugs of the operation. All the points obtained as a result of this performance have been (and will be) removed from the
    list and, if necessary, a temporary or total suspension of the competition has been imposed.
  • The corrected CBIA remuneration is not payable when the Maximum Endurance 36 Orfix is reached.
  • Fixed an issue where the affinity collected in Nekramek did not apply to your archive canon when transferring the operator.
  • Correction of the second death of Nekramekh resulting in loss of operator functionality until the operator stops working.
  • Attaches the same weapon to the bow that is in the Heavy Weapon slot and the Necramech Primary slot, resulting in a double affinity for the weapon.
  • Solved a problem where a player’s inventory could end with two copies of Nekrameh’s weapon, resulting in the loss of the acquired affinities when the player returned as Warframe.
  • Fixed a bug with the missing extraction user interface when migrating the host after killing 36. Orfix has taken place.
  • Probably a trick Nekrameh didn’t spare at the end of the mission.

Explanatory notes and corrections relating to the inventory of dart repositories

When we introduced Warframe, Necrame didn’t have a main component that could be changed. You just owned a whole nekrameh, that’s all. To increase the cosmetic flexibility of the Necramehs, we have created a modular head that you can change in the same way as a Warframe helmet. I made a scenario that retroactively gave Nekramekh helmets that you already had, so you didn’t have to rebuild them to get the helmet.

A bug in this script caused players to get extra copies of the Mausolon weapon (which comes with the tinkering/claiming of a Necramech in the foundry) without increasing the number of slots to store bow weapons. Players who had filled all their inventory slots would receive an error message indicating that the slots were invalid: Contact support if you are trying to create a new Necramech or Archiving weapon. By selling the excess mausoleums you received, this bug will only be removed temporarily, because as soon as you build another bow gun, you’ll have more bow guns in your possession than you have in stock.

Fix it: When you log in, if you have more bow weapons than slots, the stock counter in the backend will be adjusted. You will always receive the error message ‘Invalid Slots’ if you try to request a Necramech or an arch weapon from the foundry. However, the sale of surplus bow-arms or the purchase of slots on the market will solve the problem instead of just removing the error message.


  • The meshes of the Necramech HUD will now always be white, just like the other meshes, so that they are always as visible as possible.
  • Disabling the option to open the pause menu after catching a fish, as this may result in an incorrect status.
  • With the Reverse Touch/Hold option you can now check the settings for each current warframe.
  • Many Warframes, new and old, are equipped with a Tap/Hold function to perform various actions. Feedback indicated that the ability to reverse tapping/holding for all valid war images was not ideal, as some capacity features are preferred by default. After selecting Reverse Push/Hold Capabilities in the options menu, a new screen appears where you can select the valid warframes to which this applies!
    • Correction 29.6.4
  • Suppression of the extraction noise of the magnus grenade in accordance with the aesthetics/animation of the revolver.


  • Corrected the selection of currently active boosters when loading the market, resulting in a loss of functionality.
  • I’m sure: Survival rounds don’t come back after 34 minutes.
  • Lavo’s bubble filler was repaired without causing damage in any other war environment.
  • Solved a bug where the Garuda Claw add-on wouldn’t hit any enemies behind you in the given area.
  • Bonewidow’s Meathook’s health absorption rate increase has been corrected without maintaining a consistent ranking of its capabilities.
  • Correction of the capacity settings for the sleep mode of the voidrigs to indicate the power consumption/second as basic statistic 0.
  • A bug fixed in which the Wraith machete marked only one hit per enemy when using the Heavy Attack.
  • The host did not play Flash FX from residual shock arcana to the customers.
  • Restores the disappearance of the lotus head in certain cut scenes.
  • He repaired a gun that seemed invisible when Gara was fitted with Kaleida’s skin.
  • The glazing of the rear window of the Hora Urushu has been corrected without applying the chosen colour outside the arsenal. As mentioned here:

  • The Void of Helm Skin label that appears as a file path in the Nekrameh Arsenal is fixed.
  • Correction of the impossibility to place Deimos fish in the aquariums of the Personal District. As reported here:
  • Fixed a bug where the popup mode of K-Drive displayed incorrect statistics (should not be negative in red). As reported here:
  • Resolved a bug where the Buzlok HUD overlap area did not extend to the edge of the screen, leaving the edges visible. As reported here:
  • Fixing missing music during the war.
  • Fixed snapshot during the search for the sacrifice.
  • Correction of noise avoidance during the time break in the Captura scene.
  • Reverberation corrected in the scene with the Captura color key.
  • Fixed a bug for the K-Drive Vapor Trail mod – custom sound enhancement is saved when K-Drive is turned off.
  • Correction of a bug with the icon of the Prex Lavos map that is missing in the universe: Code fragment section.
  • Correction of a script error when starting the Lavos transmission probe.
  • Fixed a bug in the dedicated server script in Conclave when using Scourge.

This action was performed automatically, if you see any errors, mark
/u/desmaraisp, this will correct it. This is my github.

Source: Original link

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The Orfix Poison Station: Warframe Hotfix 29.6.4.

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