Today is the last day post-launch for Destiny 2. Destiny 2 is a big game. There’s no denying that, and that’s why Bungie promised a large expansion content drop that will include 4 new DLCs with a ton of free content in between. The first DLC (Bounties) dropped on Monday, and it was a big hit. On top of the other new DLCs, Bungie also released the last of the Destiny 2 Gambit Bounties. There were a lot of great rewards out there, and it was my duty to find them all. I’ve listed all the Bounties on the Gambit page.

Destiny 2 has been updated with a new expansion, Forsaken. This is a new area you can explore with new Guardians, new exotics, an all new story, and a new raid. The new area will be available on July 24, and the new raid will be available the week of July 31. The new expansion will be available on September 4. The update is free to all Destiny 2 owners, and also includes some other new content. Check out our Destiny 2 guide for more info.

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destiny2 8 - Optimized Bounties For 2021/7/30

Hello, PJSLiney! I was AFK in the Tower when I saw your post, but my chat isn’t showing up in local for some reason, so I can’t reply. I apologize for missing you!

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The first step is to get immunized.

Step 2: Collect the bounty listed below. You may still utilize the Destiny 2 Companion app!

Bounties from the Tower:

  • Abuela – Frozen in Fear – 25 Void Ability Kills in Strikes Abuela – Frozen in Fear – 25 Void Ability Kills in Strikes Abuela – Froz
  • Shooting Sparks – Abuela – 25 Arc Weapon Kills
  • 20 Grenade Kills – Zavala – Horseshoes and Hand Grenades
  • Kill 10 Challenging Enemies in Strikes in Zavala – The Harder They Fall.
  • Vanguardian – Zavala – Kill 50 Enemies in Strikes
  • Perfect Energy – 10 Fusion Rifle Kills in Strikes by Zavala
  • In the Crucible, Shaxx – Burn Bright – Cast 2 Supers
  • In the Crucible, Shaxx – Lightbearer – 3 Ability Kills
  • Shaxx – On the Mark – 3 Crucible Precision Kills
  • Shaxx – One at a Time – 1st Round Showdown Victory
  • Calibrations for Banshee – Pulse Rifle, Fusion Rifle, Machine Gun, and Arc Weapon
  • Drifter – Blockade – In Gambit, send three small, medium, and large blockers.
  • 1 Gambit Match – Drifter – All Right, All Right, All Right
  • In Gambit, Drifter – Electrifried – 15 Arc Ability Kills
  • Not Your Mother’s Combat Drill – Kill 50 Enemies in a Gambit


  • In the Cosmodrome, Shaw Han – Spitting Distance – 5 Melee/Finisher Kills
  • Shaw Han – Showstopper at the Cosmodrome – 3 Super Kills
  • Shaw Han – Complete 1 Patrol at the Cosmodrome while working remotely
  • Complete 1 Heroic Public Event in the Cosmodrome as Shaw Han – Eventful Moments.
  • Devrim Kay – European Live Zone – Kill 50 Enemies in the EDZ Devrim Kay – European Live Zone – Kill 50 Enemies in the EDZ
  • Marc’s Man, Devrim Kay, has 15 sniper rifle kills in the EDZ.
  • Devrim Kay – Salzwerk Scavenger – Loot 5 Chests in the EDZ Devrim Kay – Salzwerk Scavenger – Loot 5 Chests in the EDZ
  • Cabal or Nothing – Kill 30 Cabal on Nessus as a failsafe.
  • On Nessus, Failsafe – Void of Information – 30 Void Kills
  • On Nessus, Failsafe – Sol Sure – 30 Solar Kills

Step 3 – Carry Out the Following Procedures:

  1. Fly to Nessus, collect Failsafe’s bounty, and then complete the Insight Terminus Strike. Bring a Pulse Rifle, Fusion Rifle, and Machine Gun, at least one of which is Solar, and use a Void Subclass. Kills using the Void Ability come first, followed by weapon kills. (15 min.)
  2. Play one Showdown match and one Crucible match of your choosing if necessary. (ten to twenty minutes)
  3. Play one or two Gambit matches with an Arc Subclass. (ten to twenty minutes)
  4. Fly to the Cosmodrome, collect Shaw’s bounty, and then participate in any Heroic Public Event. Assemble a Patrol to do the task at the same time. (Five minutes)
  5. Fly to the EDZ, collect Devrim’s rewards, and then go throughout Trostland collecting chests and busting skulls. When you run out of chests, quickly go to Lost Sector to finish kills, then quickly return to Trostland to complete chests. (Five minutes)

Bounties cleared in total: 28 Dailies

Time allotted: 45-65 minutes

.51 Bounties Per Minute


  • XP: 168,000 (unmodified)
  • 4/8 Vanguard Weekly Challenge, 20 Vanguard Tokens
  • 4/8 Weekly Crucible Challenge
  • 4/8 Weekly Gambit Challenge
  • 4 Cores of Enhancement
  • 8 Modification Components
  • 10 Crucial Pieces
  • Spinmetal 20
  • 15 datalettuce datalettuce datalettuce datalett
  • 15 shards of dusklight

1.83 Season Ranks Per Hour

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  • Bounties for 2021/1/30 have been optimized.

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  • Bounties for 2021/3/30 have been optimized.

    The first known case of three bucks siring a single pair of triplets from a doe was seen by the Auburn University Deer Lab. Three fawns, three fathers, and one mother. Maury Povich is the first step. Step 2: Collect the Bounties listed below. Keep in mind that you can utilize the app! Zavala’s Tower Bounties: Horseshoes and…

  • Bounties for 2021/7/17 have been optimized.

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For the game Destiny 2, post “Optimized Bounties For 2021/7/30.”

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