Activision is one of the richest third-party game developers/publishers in the industry, and that’s saying something. With a net worth of around $30 billion and the money this company makes from players, you’d think they’d be more user friendly with the services they offer, but Activation not only has extremely poor customer service, they seem to have outgrown what I consider poor customer service, they’ve done away with everything but email support and ambassador chat, and I’m not even sure ambassador chat works anymore, let alone properly.

Last week Activision support announced on Facebook and Twitter that they would no longer be providing customer support. Instead, on these social media sites, announcements like the servers are down, but the team is working on it and the servers will be restored, go team! The messages then explain that customer service can be contacted on the activation page. How useful…

In addition, live chat support has been removed from the website. There used to be a link you could click on for help. Whether it’s a live chat or a phone for support you can call, but unfortunately that doesn’t exist. Even calling the company is pointless. After following the directions to the desired department, you will be greeted by a recording asking you to come in for assistance. Not to mention that they made it difficult to find a phone number. There is no longer a clickable contact button that I could find. I had to google the number and it looks like the company has a number that you can just put on the website.

After looking for every possible way to contact support, the only available options I found were either using the forums (which is fine, but not if you need help from an actual employee of the company) or sending an email. Fucking email. I can’t imagine how many letters they must receive and how many are lost in translation.

Activision isn’t known for its customer service, but that’s a good thing. It usually takes up to 10 days to get a response to your email, and I’ve read reports of customers who have had to wait much longer, and some of them have gone so far as to give up on helping the company. It’s not just frustrating, it’s just wrong.

If you have a franchise that sells more than any other game every year, but you have terrible customer service, that’s exactly what we as consumers should be complaining about. The games will have problems and we accept that, but the lack of customer support, I can’t accept that. Even if we can never really unite and find a way to teach Activision a lesson, it would be nice if everyone boycotted the company until we see real improvements in games and support. I love games, and I love many developers and contributors, but I have no love for the big bosses.

While this article is full of facts, the claim that the company has terrible customer service is my opinion. I know a lot of people who feel the same way I do, but if there’s anyone out there who thinks Activision has great customer service/support, I’d love to hear about it. I would like to know how and why their experience was good and how they got involved. Thanks for reading and, as always, see you online soon!

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