The latest God of War game is out, and Kratos has been restored to his former glory, with the majority of the game’s story focused on the big bad guy attempting to exact revenge on the gods who’ve turned on him. I’m sure most fans agree that this is a good thing, but some PS4 owners might disagree, as the game is just not as powerful as it was with the previous iteration.

The big villain of God of War: Ghost of Sparta is Kratos, who the game’s intro sequence shows being torn to shreds by the ghost of his wife. It’s a powerful image, since it’s meant to invoke memories of the original God of War, in which Kratos tore through the Norse underworld, slaying gods, taking on supernatural beasts, and eventually killing his wife (and Athena’s mother) in order to avenge them.

As we all know, God of War is a very hard series to write about. While I’ll provide my opinions on how the newest game holds up, I’ll try to not get too deep into personal discussions. I will say that I believe this new game is much better than the previous entries in the series, but there are some elements that feel much weaker this time around. And here are the entries for June, 2015!. Read more about is kratos getting weaker and let us know what you think.

God of War 7 - On why Kratos

I addressed the issue with my friends (we’ve been fans since GoW 1), and although we enjoyed the game, we felt something was tugging the wrong strings for us at times. I found a few responses that agreed, but most of them blamed the lore, feats, and anit-feats. We didn’t talk about it since we were more interested in how we felt while playing. We arrived to the conclusion that “what didn’t seem right” was that Kratos seemed to be a little weaker in terms of gameplay. I’d want to discuss some of the causes behind our feelings and hear your views on the subject.

  1. Leaping/Gliding: It may seem stupid, but jumping and gliding was a useful skill in earlier games since it provided not only additional exploring possibilities, but also beautiful looking combinations and air modifiers for your abilities.
  2. Runic Attacks: I can’t express how moving it was to see Kratos reclaim his old weapons, and it was a journey down memory lane that I will never forget. But, when it worn off (after three hours of pummeling (or slashing/burning? haha) opponents to dust everywhere, I discovered something that took away part of the enjoyment. Attacks that you could use anytime you wanted in earlier games (as long as you “invested” in the weapon and acquired the new attacks, that is) were now subject to a cooldown and (worst yet) only permitted two slots. For us, this seemed like a direct decrease since we suddenly had less diversity in battle and therefore felt less powerful.
  3. For us, the Leveling System was the worst offender of all. Consider that for a moment. In a movie, you’re hitting a strong guy and even shattering the floor as the two of you press against one other… After that, if he has higher level than you, a lowly Draugr can withstand all of your punches and axe strikes (or straight up one shots you if he has purple health). For us, it was the worst “something isn’t quite right” moment of the game. Despite not having played the prior games, a buddy who was totally new to the series had the same “wait what?” reaction. Even though we got used to it and had a great time with the rest of the game, it didn’t make sense that just adding some leather to your armor allowed you to block, parry, and stagger opponents that you couldn’t do a minute before. Oh, and if you remove that armor, you won’t be able to stagger them again. It didn’t seem right to link your stamina, blocking, and parrying (the most essential elements of the fighting system apart from evading) to your armor. It would have been fantastic if you could wear the default armor for the remainder of the game (limiting your HP and enchantments) but still be able to conquer the game’s difficulties with pure talent (precise timing of dodges, parries, and blocks) and no armor benefits. In conclusion, we believe that the fighting system should have been more focused on talent rather than equipment.

There are two things more that are maybe not so important and are even a matter of camera and perspective. The>! Blades of Chaos’!< reach and enemy density (in previous games it felt like your were tearing through entire armies). The latter is surely due to the camera and the combat system being so tied up with gear. They reduced enemy density to favor balance.

Those were the areas that we felt had an impact on the gaming experience. What are your thoughts? Do you agree with some of them or do you vehemently disagree? I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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A few people have noticed that the newest God of War game has a “feel” to it that is different to previous installments. It’s not that the game is necessarily bad, but the combo system is different, the combat is different, and as the game progresses, enemies become far more powerful, so Kratos has to rely on his trickier, but much more powerful, Rage of the Gods cutscenes. Some people have been disappointed, but I think this is a change that makes the game more accessible, and as a result, more enjoyable, rather than less.. Read more about has kratos gotten weaker and let us know what you think.

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