NVIDIA is reportedly about to release an interactive version of its excellent ray tracing demo, Balls for Night. According to one of the Green Omniverse team’s official accounts, which it recently announced to a curious user, the stunning graphical showcase will soon be available as a playable game, once the development team has completed the final round of bug fixes. NVIDIA’s Marbles demo during Nightfall was used during the GeForce RTX 30 series unveiling in September to showcase the power of the GeForce RTX 3090 and how it can render dynamic ray tracing, plotting and 100 million polygons in real time.

Balls of Night is a physics-based demo made with dynamic beams and over 100 million polygons, NVIDIA explains in a post describing the creation of the demo. Built on NVIDIA Omniverse and powered by a single GeForce RTX 3090 GPU, the end result showed hundreds of different light sources at night, each bead reflecting light differently, all in real time.

Marbles at Night not only showcased the latest technologies for content creation, but also demonstrated how creative professionals can now seamlessly collaborate and design simulations with incredible lighting, accurate reflections and real-time ray tracing with Trajectory Tracing.

The first iteration of NVIDIA’s RTX Marbles technology took place at GTX 2020 and was used to demonstrate the performance of the world’s first ray-tracing GPU, the Quadro RTX 8000. Built on a real-time graphics platform powered by Pixar’s RTX GPUs and NVIDIA Omniverse versatile scene description, Marbles at Night features numerous detailed elements that have been hand-crafted, modeled, and textured from scratch.


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