NVIDIA and AMD’s next-generation flagship GPUs are rumored to draw about 420 watts of power.

With the launch of NVIDIA’s GTX 1080 and AMD’s RX Vega coming up, rumors are circulating that both cards may draw over 420 watts of power. That’s right, more than the entire power draw for the supercharged Tesla P100 accelerator that powers the world’s most powerful supercomputer, the Titan. That’s enough power to run three whole 1080 Ti GPUs, or a single Titan X, which at its factory overclocked speeds will be even more power hungry.

Rumors are circulating that NVIDIA and AMD’s next-generation flagship GPUs will draw over 420 watts of power. According to a report by Anandtech, the new GPUs will be launching in 2016, and will be manufactured using Samsung’s 14nm FinFET process.

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The next-generation flagship graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD, which are anticipated to use the Lovelace and RDNA 3 architectures, respectively, may be more power demanding than expected. According to recent reports from renowned leakers like kopite7kimi, who recently remarked on speculation regarding NVIDIA’s flagship GeForce RTX 40 Series products with a TDP of at least 400 watts, this is the case. While that specification already outperforms the GeForce RTX 3090’s 350-watt TDP by a significant margin, kopite7kimi speculated that the flagship models’ TDP would be considerably higher, claiming that “400 words is insufficient..” Bondrewd, a member of the Beyond3D forum and a purported AMD insider, recently debunked rumors that the Navi 31 may use up to 500 watts. That caused 3DCenter.org to search for a more accurate estimate by checking into the GPU’s and its components’ alleged sizes, which resulted in a TBP of 420 to 450 watts.

  Navi 31 is an AMD product. AD102 NVIDIA
Chip MCM, TSMC 5nm, total likely 800mm2 (or more) Monolithic TSMC 5nm, possibly 600mm2
Hardware Infinity Cache, 256 bit GDDR6, 6 SE, 60 WGP, 15’360 FP32, 6 SE, 60 WGP, 15’360 FP32, 6 SE, 60 WGP, 15’360 FP32, 6 SE, 60 W GDDR6X, 12 RE, 144 SM, 18’432 FP32, 384 bit
Consumption of energy 450-480 watts is probably the range. 450-480 watts is probably the range.

3DCenter.org is the source of this information.

400 is not enough

29 July 2021, kopite7kimi (@kopite7kimi)

This is not entirely surprising, because the graphics chip developers are fighting against two effects: On the one hand, the advances in semiconductor production are not geared towards achieving a power consumption effect equal to the gain in space. If you use the area gain (fully), the result is always a slightly higher power consumption – usually with a greater difference than what you could make up for by improving efficiency at the architecture level. And on the other hand, AMD & nVidia are approaching the 5nm generation, as is well known, with violent hardware jumps – which are generally impossible to achieve with the same power consumption.

Bondrewd, kopite7kimi, kopite7kimi, kopite7kimi, kopite7kimi (via 3DCenter.org)

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A leaked document from a Chinese source, via a Taiwanese hardware maker, suggests that NVIDIA and AMD’s next-generation flagship GPUs will once again be using up a large amount of power.. Read more about how to check gpu power consumption and let us know what you think.

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