The Nioh 2 1.23 update is now available for PS4. We have all the details of this update like the patch notes for Nioh 2 Update 1.23, the improvements in Nioh 2 and more.

We have translated these patch notes from Japanese, so if you find any errors, please let us know.

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The 1.23 update for Nio 2 was released today, January 20. The update is now available to all PS4 users. This update for Nioh 2 will fix many of the bugs that have been present in the game since the last patch was released. This update to Nioh 2 will make some adjustments and quality improvements to the game. There will also be some stability and performance improvements.

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Check out the official Nioh 2 1.23 update now.

Nio 2 Update 1.23 Patch Notes Today, January 20, 2021

Additional items in Nioh 2 Update 1.23

  • The 6th and following levels have been added to Naraku Jigoku / Deeply.
  • A new image scroll has been added.
    • *When you complete a certain mission in the Secret History of Taichi Samurai, it will appear in the Trade in the Hidden Tea Room.
    • * You can play Taichi Samurai Secret Story if you purchase additional content or a Nioh 2 seasons subscription.

Changes in Nioh 2 Update 1.23

  • Weapon Adaptation
    • Sword
      • The upper stage of the sword had a speed and feed adapted for a quick attack.
      • The Dark Shadow Rougetsu martial arts sword is adjusted so that it can easily hit the Dark Shadow Rougetsu martial arts sword.
      • Kagerotsuki’s upward sword attack is corrected.
      • The setting for the appearance of sharp attacks in the martial art Exquisite Sword has been adjusted upwards.
      • The use of Yaksha Ichimonji’s swordsmanship accelerates light to maximum accumulation.
    • Two knives.
      • Adjusting the attack and attack range of the two-weapon martial art Ryu / Man Up.
    • Weapons
      • Modified to make it easier to attack Windmill and Windmill 2 launch vehicles in line, and to reduce the amount that falls when the enemy strikes.
      • When swinging the spear with the Kayabuki martial arts spear, added a few strokes and adjusted the damage by increasing the number of strokes.
      • It’s set up so that you can maintain Kayabuki and Asuka’s spear combat skills.
    • Ash
      • The speed of the Iwahammer martial arts axe upwards to reduce dwell time and recovery of stiffness has been adjusted.
      • Todoroka’s Axe Fight can be delayed, and Toughness’s recovery time is shortened.
    • Lock case
      • Repair the strength damage from Kusarigama Martial Arts Retreat Up, which reduces the recovery time from Stiffness.
      • Correction of Kusarigama’s helmet attack by Rantenryu’s martial arts.
    • Ochachi
      • The front of Odachi’s martial art, the Ura Hammer, has been adjusted upwards.
    • Torsion bar
      • He fixed Kuren’s attack on the art of clubfighting, which shortens the time to survive and recover from hardship.
      • Accelerate the martial arts team’s offensive movement a bit.
      • Tenjo Ren’s martial arts goal and strong attack in the top row have been corrected.
  • Player Settings
    • Adjusted the amount of added magic power and the amount of accumulated attributes for some attacks from trained mass.
    • Adjustment of the amount of magic power added for all attacks with axe, double weapon, kusarigama, axe and naked arm.
  • Enemies of matching
    • The resistance has been strengthened for some Kukai attacks.
    • The partially limited energy recovery time of the Kukai has been adjusted so that the energy damage in a difficult situation becomes significant.
    • Resistance is increased for some Itsumade attacks, and modified for those with excessive judgment in the attack.
    • It’s set up so that when you reach the lower state of Itsumade, you don’t get hurt.
    • It’s set up so that when the great Itumada skill comes back as a special skill, the gap gets longer.
    • It is modified so that the asset damage becomes significant when Itumada’s weak point is destroyed.

Nioh 2 Update 1.23: Error correction

  • The problem of Vykai’s inability to report to the Kumikai when Vykai fell prey to certain martial arts was solved.
  • The problem of not being able to defeat the opponent’s difficulties related to martial arts and caused by a lack of specific energy is solved.
  • The problem of Todoroki’s axe-fighting skills increasing Iwagashi’s score even when he’s unprotected is solved.
  • One of the recorded problems did not reflect Asuka’s ability to adapt to Kayabuki’s spear fighting skills.
  • Fixed a problem where a feat of arms could not be interrupted during the movement of guardians when equipped with the Naginata Kama.
  • Fixed a problem that sometimes prevented yawing in the desired direction at the second roundabout when yawing continuously with the lower center position.

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So today we talked about the 1.23 release notes for Nioh 2, additional features and bug fixes (January 2021).

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We hope you enjoy our approach to the 1.23 update of Nioh 2 Patch Notes Today, additional features and bug fixes (Jan 2021).


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