This year Nintendo made a joke about winter and Christmas and also opened the game.

Halloween wasn’t here yet, and Nintendo was already teasing the next big event for Animal Crossing New Horizons. During the trailer show of the upcoming Halloween event, the big N slipped into a small hint of the Christmas scene.

Jingle’s coming back!

If you’ve watched the whole video, you may have noticed the jingle. Jingle, for those of you who don’t know, it’s a Christmas figure that crosses animals. You may have met him on the New List or even at Pocket Camp.

The animal crosses new horizons over The Christmas Revival

The jingle always appears on the day of the toy, when gifts are exchanged between the players and the villagers. Christmas has always been one of the biggest events of Animal Crossing, and Nintendo seems to be preparing for a big party this year.

An animal that crosses new horizons, cooks and fries – rumour has it that it will finally be released this winter

If you pay enough attention to the Halloween video, it looks like Nintendo used two characters to make jokes about the very first New Horizons winter event. We find Jingle on the right and Franklin on the left.


Franklin makes his first appearance at the City Animal Crossroads. If you’ve never played Animal Crossing before, it usually participates in the Harvest Festival, which is a version of Animal Crossing’s Thanksgiving.

He will ask the players to bring him the ingredients so he can prepare a delicious dinner. It is interesting to note that in recent updates of the Animal Crossing New Horizons dataminer, pieces of code have been found that point to cooking and baking mechanisms similar to those in DIY – but only for food and vegetables.

Vegetable seeds Approaching

The code explicitly states that tomatoes, wheat, potatoes, carrots, sugar cane and even pumpkins will be available as starting seeds in the game. Today we found out you can actually buy pumpkin seeds at Nooks Cranny. That proves once again that date predictions can be true.

In addition, the Dataminators also found pieces of code suggesting they are swimming in the ocean, which were officially added to the game with the summer update after the Dataminators released it.

The intention is that the cooking and growing of the necessary ingredients will be introduced this winter at the same time as Franklin. Of course, these are rumors based on the code found in Animal Crossing New Horizons, although it is a good sign that sooner or later these features will be added to the game. We have to wait until Nintendo announces it before we make it official.

the animal crosses new horizons the seeds of the plants

No wonder this is an opportunity for New Horizon. Nintendo plans to update the game for at least another three years, and there is a mysterious shortage of food (other than fruit). There is also an endurance system in the game, which currently only contains food.

New Horizon Animal Crossing Christmas and Harvest Festival release date

While making the video we also learned that the movie Animal Crossing New Horizons Christmas and Thanksgiving Day can be downloaded for free at the end of November!

Nintendo has also announced the return of the Animal Crossing Switch edition, as well as a refill of the Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards!

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