Industry experts say that game development is just one of the industries to be disrupted by blockchain technology. Nimbus Data, a company in Japan and China, recently announced they are developing an SSD which can store up to 200 TB worth of data. This would drastically change how games are made as well as make it possible for more immersive worlds like virtual reality or augmented reality games..

Nimbus Data has been working on a new SSD that will be able to store up to 200 TB of data. The company is planning on releasing the SSD before the end of the year.

Nimbus Data Developing 200 TB SSD, Could Be Revealed before the End of the Year

Nimbus-Data-Developing-200-TB-SSD-Could-Be-Revealed-beforeNimbus Data (photo credit: Nimbus Data)

Nimbus Data CEO Thomas Isakobich has confirmed that his company is developing a new SSD with an incredible capacity that will blow even its pre-existing 100 TB solid-state drive out of the water, in what sounds like a wet dream for data hoarders who have fantasized about storing their entire collections into a single, compact, whisper-quiet system. In a recent email conversation, Isakobich informed TechRadar that this new SSD, potentially a new 3.5-inch ExaDrive model, would have a record-breaking 200 TB of storage, which is enough to accommodate over 2,000 of the largest 4K Blu-ray rips (1:1) with plenty of capacity left over. Nimbus Data might release the SSD as soon as the end of the year, and although Isakobich didn’t mention price, it’ll almost certainly be exorbitant. (The ExaDrive DC 100 TB is already $40,000.)

“We’re working on a successor to the 100 TB SSD that will have even more capacity, speed, and energy efficiency than the ground-breaking 100 TB,” Isakobich told TechRadar. “We anticipate to deploy this next-generation SSD in 2022.”

Exclusive: The world’s largest solid-state drive is set to be blown out of the water (TechRadar)

Isakovich would not specify whether the drive would be a 3.5-inch type like the 100TB ExaDrive DC, whether it will have a SATA or SAS interface, whether it will use TLC or QLC NAND, or what the price and precise capacity will be.

In a 2020 interview, Isakovich said that 200TB was the magic amount. Covid subsequently took hold and disrupted supply chains like never before, with a solid state drive of that capacity slated to arrive in 2021.

Plans for a drive greater than 100TB are back on track now that things are practically back to normal. To put things in perspective, 200TB is 10 times the capacity of the biggest hard disk drive presently available (e.g. Seagate Exos 20TB and Seagate IronWolf Pro 20TB).

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The “32tb ssd” is a new SSD from Nimbus Data that will be revealed before the end of the year. This SSD has a capacity of 200 TB and can hold up to 32TB worth of data.

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