Welcome to the next issue of PS Weekly! I have to say it’s been a crazy week for all of us here on PS5. With the release of the PS5, a handful of new games, games that can be upgraded to PS5, not to mention the PS Plus collection, it seems that there is not enough time to cover everything in just 5 days. Before I notify you of this update, I would like to tell you that much of the site’s content is still under development, but please be patient as we roll it out. We are a small team, but we strive to give you real facts and opinions and make you stand out. Let’s go straight to the news!

Next Gen in short supply until April? PS5 bugs and more in PS Weekly #7 The first release of PS5 took place on Thursday July 12th. November, held, and to everyone’s surprise, the console was completely sold out within minutes of its release in all stores. With scalpers working hard for orders and resale prices more than doubling on average, gamers who were actually looking for a console for themselves are rightly disappointed. The only thing that the entire game industry seems to agree with is that by April 2021 we can expect a shortage in the next console genres. It’s certainly just a prediction, but it seems feasible. Next Thursday (19 November) PS5 will be launched in Europe, Asia, South America, South Africa and the Middle East. It is very likely that the shortage will be felt in all regions, so if you hope to be able to buy in one of these regions on Liberation Day, you should start the preparations now. Congratulations to everyone who will be playing in these areas from day one. It’s a great deal!

Speaking of PS5: The first update for the PS5 console was released today. The update is mandatory, but rather limited. At the time of writing this article, we had no record of any patch except a note indicating that it improves the performance of the system. So it’s okay to tell you, I hope I didn’t raise any hopes.

Next Gen in short supply until April? PS5 bugs and more in PS Weekly #7 Certain problems inevitably arise with each new console version. Although I personally haven’t had any bad experiences with PlayStation 5, that doesn’t mean it isn’t bad for others. There are numerous reports of buzzing sounds coming from certain consoles. Although Sony hasn’t commented on this yet, I’ve read some of the complaints that come with the attached buzz video. Nobody really knows what is causing this noise, but many seem to think it has something to do with the equipment’s cooling system. One of the examples in the video was someone who plays Bugsnax, a fairly small game name that does not exceed the limits of the console. After playing Bugsnax for one minute, the player switched to Call of Duty: Black operations The Cold War and the buzz began to appear within seconds. The cause of the problem will probably be investigated by Sony, but for now we will wait and see.

Another problem that some PS5 owners seem to be struggling with is a boot error that seems to be caused by Call of Duty : Cold War Black Ops, but there are also games like Demon’s Souls, remastered Marvel’s Spider-Man and maybe even more. It is clear that the error starts with loading. When the DL starts, it’s called Download Queue, but it doesn’t really start. The only solution to this error is a complete factory reset of the console. It is not ideal for many people, because no one wants to download all their games anymore. I’m not really sure what caused the mistake, but I haven’t faced the problem myself yet, have I?

Next Gen in short supply until April? PS5 bugs and more in PS Weekly #7 By the way, do you remember the manufacturer of the PS5 exterior walls, which seems to have been closed last week after Sony threatened legal action? No? I’m telling you now because they’re back… PlateStation5 (read again) was a third party that started developing and selling customizable front panels for PS5 even before the launch. They accepted a lot of pre-orders and before they were sent to the boat, a team of lawyers from Sony approached them and asked the company to change their name because it was too close to the trademark PlayStation 5. The company got involved and changed its name to CustomizeMyPlates. Then the Sony legal team came back and said that they felt they had a case against a new company and that they wanted it to close and cease operations. CustomizeMyPlates cancels all pre-orders and immediately refunds customers money to avoid litigation. The company immediately started developing and selling PS5 skins/stackers for the console. Well, now the company goes back to producing and selling PS5 fronts because it thinks that other companies will do the same and it has a real chance to get back on its feet in the industry and fight the Sony lawsuit. We will see how all this will develop over time.

That’s all I have to offer in today’s edition of PS Weekly, but come back next Tuesday for more updates to keep you updated. This week and next week we’re dropping the PS5 game review. So PS Weekly number 8 may not be out until next Tuesday, but if anything happens about the break, we’ll let you know. Thanks again for reading and as always we’ll see you online!

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