What are the key differences between a full-priced game and a season pass? What’s included in each, how much do they cost, and when can you expect to get them

The “how much r6 credits is the battle pass” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to this question can be found in the “New year pass breakdown price vs content” article.

Rainbow10 - New year pass breakdown price vs content

The purpose of this essay is to explain the many methods to get battle passes and how much they cost, which includes:

Finally, TLDR

(Assuming no price changes) basic information:

  • 1200 credits = $10 (additional credits are available when purchasing bigger quantities, but this will not be taken into account to keep things simple).
  • The battle pass costs 1200 credits (about $10).
  • You get 600 credits for each combat pass.
  • Currently, skipping a tier costs 120 credits.
  • The a cold bundle of ash, Valkyre byte set, and MPX exotic weapon skin will not be included in the pricing breakdown since they have no value other than to show off / skin collectors.

Let’s begin by purchasing each battle pass separately when it becomes available:

  • If you don’t have any r6 credits, follow these steps:
    • The first one is $10, and the following three are $5. (1200 r6 credits for the first one and you get back 600 so you only need to buy 600 for the next one)
    • total cost: $25
  • If you have at least 600 credits, you may do the following:
    • Each one costs $5.
    • total cost: $20

Yearly pass ($30):

  • Each Battle Pass token is worth 1200 points.
    • 4800 points equals $40.
    • If you finish all of the BP, you will get 2400 credits to use on anything you wish, which equals $20.
    • a cold bundle of ash
    • $60 in total content value

Yearly premium pass ($60*):

*I got the pricing from Coreos video, but he got the normal pass price incorrect, so I’m not sure if this one is as well, but if it is, I’ll fix it tomorrow when I can go to the shop and double-check.

  • Each Battle Pass token is worth 1200 points.
    • 4800 points equals $40.
    • If you finish all of the BP, you will get 2400 credits to use on anything you wish, which equals $20.
    • A combat pass with 20 levels (each worth 120 credits) costs $80.
      • Total of 80 levels x 120 credits = 9600 credits
  • a cold bundle of ash
  • set of valkyrie bytes
  • MPX has an unusual skin.
    • The total value of the material is $140.

Conclusion: Buying them individually is the best solution if you are tight on cash or simply care about the Battle Pass. The regular year pass is worth it if you want 2400 credits to spend on whatever you want and don’t mind waiting until you finish all battle passes; however, unless you want the MPX and Valkyre skins, the premium year pass isn’t really worth the money, especially since the battle pass will last the entire season instead of ending 3 to 4 weeks before the new season launches, giving you more time to complete it.

With 2400 credits, you may acquire the following:

  • 600 leftovers and 1 elite skin (1800)
  • 8 skins for pro league weapons (no charms or uniforms) (300 each)
  • 4 skins for pro league weapons Plus charm bundles (600 each)
  • 5 pro league charms (each for 480 (an incredible rip-off in my opinion))
  • 1 entire pro league set (1680) and 720 extras
  • Next year, there will be three additional combat passes.
  • 2 skin packages for each season (universal skin, charm and attachment skin)

TLDR: purchasing them individually is less expensive, and the basic year pass offers the greatest value for money.

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The “how long does the r6 battle pass last” is a question that has been asked by many players. The answer to this question will be provided in the form of a breakdown price vs content.

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