I’m a member of the LVO, and this week I had a chance to try out some new Tyranids that were just released. Not only did they bring more variety to my army, but also with their strengths without sacrificing any weaknesses. Find out what these new units have in store for you!

The “crusher stampede rules” is a new Tyranid army of Renown that has been released. The army comes with its own set of rules, which are detailed in the article.

New Tyranid Army of Renown Crusher Stampede Review & Rules!

crusher stampede

The debut of the new Tyranid Army of Renown Crusher Stampede is detailed in this post!

It was the week before Christmas, and nary a creature was moving in the house save for the Tyranid Hive Fleets’ monstrosities.

While players of Custodes, Genestealer Cults, and T’au are teased with crumbs in anticipation of new rules, Tyranids gamers are given yet another big gift. One of the most staggeringly strong rules dumps of 9th edition comes out of nowhere and with no fanfare from GW, and it’s hidden in December’s White Dwarf Magazine. 

We’ll go through how the army creation works, the powers, and some insane combinations in the sections below. Let’s get started…

Army Construction Crusher Stampede

tyranid army of renown crusher stampedeby helgecbalzer – Hormagaunt – (C)2013 Games Workshop Ltd.

Restrictions for the Crusher Stampede

This formation, like all other Armies of Renown, enhances certain of the codex’s troops while eliminating others. There are no little bugs in this scenario. There are no models with less than three wounds and no swarms. You must also have an equal number of monsters and non-monsters. Furthermore, all units must be from the same Hive Fleet, although the Hive Fleet Adaptation does not apply to any models in your army.

There are no Genestealers, Termagants, or Ripper Swarms in this game. You can’t use your Leviathan to splash Kraken or Kronos. Also, get rid of that 6+ FNP. That’s a tough one. So, what do you end up with?

The Advantages of the Crusher Stampede

crusher stampedeLordHannu’s Tyranid hive brood

The army as a whole has a 5+ invulnerable save. Yup. The whole army is saved by demons. This is obviously fantastic for our large monsters who are lacking one, but it’s also amazing on Hive Guard and Warriors, who have three wounds and are thus permitted to go about with the big guys.

Furthermore, all monsters take -1 damage, with a minimum of 1. Yes, the army as a whole becomes disgustingly resilient. Hierodules with 18 wounds now have the 5+ you’d have to pay for from Dermic Symbiosis, plus -1 damage to make them ridiculously tough to move.

Finally, all creatures are counted according to their remaining wounds. Yup. Knights, eat your heart out. If you don’t have obsec, huge units like the 18-wounded Dimachaeron may easily traverse the board with the aid of his buddy the Swarmlord, kill your Knight, and seize your objective. Fortunately, although the Army of Renown’s troops lose their Hive Fleet Adaptation, they retain the keyword, allowing them to deploy the mad Leviathan stratagems. So simply construct that Dimachaeron Obsec for 1CP and then use your wounded characteristic to “outnumber” the opponent.

There are also three Warlord Traits, three Psychic Powers, and seven Stratagems.

Traits of the Crusher Stampede Warlord

tyranid army of renownby helgecbalzer – Carnifex – (c) 2103 Games Workshop Ltd.

I would have been overjoyed if they had been released before the Leviathan addition. They’re excellent but not fantastic, although they do have some interesting applications.

Raging Influence is a 6″ aura of exploding unmodified 6s in melee for monsters, which sounds great until you realize that all of your monsters have 6 or less attack, so maybe an extra attack per monster, and with the base sizes, point costs, and amount of terrain on the board, how many monsters can you really fit in range? It’s entertaining, but it’s not as competitive as Leviathan’s Swarm Leader or Strategic Adaptation.

Intimidation with a vengeance

Every rule imposes the mandatory deduct 1 for battle attrition adjustment, which no one accepts. It also gives -1 to melee attacks for opponents within 3″, so you could combine it with Biomorphic Carapace for a -1 to hit in melee, -1 to wound, 4+ invuln, -1 damage Flyrant with the chance of a 5+ Feel No Pain from Catalyst. Squigasaur, the Flying Bug…

Rampaging Beast is my personal favorite. The Warlord getting +D3 attacks once each battle phase doesn’t seem like much, but when combined with a Flyrant with Murderous Size and Synaptic Hive Blades, you get 6-8 attacks at S7 -3 4 damage that ignore invulns. Add in the Tyranid codex’s Voracious Appetite to reroll wounds for 1CP and slaughter pretty much any hard target in the game. 

Psychic Powers of the Crusher Stampede

crusher stampede psychic powersTanathiel’s WH40k – Mors Imperator

The Mass Convergence Discipline has just three abilities, and a psyker cannot know powers from both this and the regular Hive Mind Discipline at the same time, but you’ll want two of these in every game, so that’s not an issue.

For a chosen model, Synaptic Barrier is just a 4+ invulnerable, so it’s not a significant problem. Obviously not excellent on troops, but if you want to stack some deadly beasts, Catalyst can make them almost unkillable.

Aggressive Surge adds an extra D3 attack to a certain model. Again, this isn’t a unit, so you can’t use it to build blender Warriors, but using it on our assassin Flyrant to give him 7-11 attacks is truly catastrophic. 

A unit with Infused Energies may reroll its melee hit roll. When Warriors can offer +1 to it and they are your sole troop option, it isn’t nearly as useful as the other two abilities. Tyranids have so many fantastic psychic abilities that this simply doesn’t cut it for me.

Stratagems for the Crusher Stampede

mother of god tyranids are powerful

Here’s where you put the “Mother of God” meme. This is when things start to get a bit hot and a little messed up.

Thunderous Reverberation

For monsters in melee, Thunderous Impact is simply your usual +1 to hit, +1 to wound, and +1 to damage roll strategy. It’s not a huge deal. It’s all right… We were all hoping for Dimachaerons with a 7-damage potential. Use this strategy on a Haruspex with an additional D3 attack and watch it go off. This rule is strange in that it specifies “+1 to the damage roll.” I’m not aware of any other ability that improves a damage roll, so after consulting with a few other players, I’ve decided to play it as +1 damage if you must roll for damage. That’s still a good number of Tyranid melee weapons.

Charge of Terror

Another monster-specific ability utilized in the morale phase is Terrifying Charge. If your monster charged, you apply a -3 leadership to a unit inside engagement. It’s a nice niche tool, but not one I’m likely to use much.

Chitin that can’t be broken

Unbreakable Chitin is a transhuman that may be used for anything, although it costs extra for units with more than four models or nine wounds. This is wonderful for Warriors and Hive Guard, but not so much for huge monsters since you already have a high level of toughness. If a Volcano Cannon is being sent your way, that’s fantastic. 

Surge of Death

Death Surge is really insane. It’s a deathmatch for non-character monsters in which you compete in the highest bracket and may battle even if you’ve previously fought. Pump up your beatstick monster, assassinate an opposing target, and battle again if they manage to kill you. This implies that while you’re fighting with your massive scaries, your opponent is never safe.

Breaking the Mold

Breaking Through should be called Breaking the Game instead of Breaking Through. When you charge, add up your monster’s remaining wounds and roll that many dice. It works on a 3+ if your strength is more than your opponent’s toughness, a 4+ if they are equal, and a 5+ if your strength is less than their toughness. Deal one fatal wound for each success, up to a total of six lethal wounds. Characters, farewell. Except for Carnifexes, every creature in the army has this flaw. Because your monsters have a lot of wounds, are very difficult to harm, and are often stronger or equal to their target, it’s practically an automatic 6 lethal wounds.

Adaptation that is quick

With Rapid Adaptation, we’re back to normalized strats, allowing you to give one unit of Warriors a 2+ Weapon Skill and a 3+ Ballistic Skill before the game starts. Cool, but with the insane strats you have access to, utilizing CP on Warriors as anything other than objective holders or screens will be sub-optimal.

Enhanced Brain Functions is a start that transforms your Warriors into monsters for the purpose of battle shooting, and it becomes more costly as the squad grows larger. This is similar to how I feel about Rapid Adaption. These latter two would be much better if they weren’t in this Army of Renown, but the monster army’s choices for offensive aren’t your infantry.

Thoughts on the Tyranid Army of Renown Crusher Stampede

crusher stampede full reviewby helgecbalzer – The Last Days Of Ector – (c) Games Workshop Ltd.

The stacking of Leviathan laws atop these results in the game’s most powerful army. Tyranid beasts were already offensive powerhouses, but they became more more terrifying. At the elite tables, Hierodules, Dimachaerons, Maleceptor, Exocrines, Tyrants, and the Swarmlord were already being played competitively. They’re now very tough to eliminate, and if you kill them in fight, you’ll be pulled down with them. Furthermore, they are now all scoring units. Unless the opposition is playing horde, this list will nearly always outnumber opponents on objectives. Most obsec units are easy to come by or may be given to oneself with a strat. If your opponent is playing horde, you may use your Scythed Hierodules, which have auto-hit 18″ 3D6 flamers at S6 -2 1, or the Dakkafex, which has 24 S6 0 1 shots. 

With these rules, the Harridan is completely broken, and I advise you to inform your opponent before playing a game. With a base of 5+ invuln and -1 damage, the ability to increase its attacks, make it do 6 mortals on the charge, and add a 4+ invuln on top of the old tricks, most armies in the game will have zero play into a unit that will kill 3-5 units per turn (2 in shooting, 1 in charge, 2 in melee with fight twice) if you have the CP. I just won a tournament with a Harridan and can confidently state that the new regulations, along with previous tools, are the best way to produce poor play experiences when your opponent isn’t expecting it. 

Below are two lists, one that takes use of the new tools and one that doesn’t utilize any Forgeworld models but still has a chance to win an event.

Obliteration is the motto of the Crusher Stampede Army. 

9CP, 2000 points


Tyrant of the Hive

  • Swarm Leader, Alpha Leader-Beast: Strategic Adaptation, Warlord Trait: Adaptive Neural Lobe, a relic Psychic Power: Synaptic Barrier, Psychic Power: Aggressive Surge


  • Psychic Power: Paroxysm, Psychic Power: Onslaught


Tyranid Warriors (three)

  • Bio-Weapon Bond, 2 x Scything Talons Synaptic Link

Tyranid Warriors, 2 x 3


6 Hive Protectors


  • Psychic Power: Catalyst, Synaptic Link: Focal Essence

Attacking Quickly

Dimachaeron (Dimachaeron) (Dimachaeron) (D

Strong Backing

Scythed Hierodule (Scythed Hierodule) (Scythed Hierodule

With the rerolling Hive Guard and the launch of Dimas towards you, this list rips through you. One of the Dimachaerons will be double moving and possess obsec, presumably with a 4+ invuln and 5+ FNP in addition to its -1 damage. It will not perish while completing your home aim.

With their firearms and melee, the Hieros will tear through light vehicles and troops, as well as knights. They’ll most likely occupy center objectives, which you won’t capture unless you can kill them since their bases may effectively screen the objective and they can be seen in the command phase before scoring.

Once you’ve beaten the four bigs, you’ll encounter the Swarmlord and another Hive Tyrant, who will recycle your CP to help us fix our flawed strats. You will be outscored and outkilled by this list. 

 No Forgeworld, No Problem: Crusher Stampede 

9CP, 1998 points


Tyrant of the Hive with Wings

  • Rampaging Beast, Alpha Leader-Beast: Gestalt Commander, Warlord Trait: Rampaging Beast Synaptic Hive Blades, a relic Psychic Scream, Psychic Onslaught, Monstrous Boneswords, Monstrous Rending Claws, Adrenal Glands, Psychic Scream, Psychic Scream, Psychic Scream, Psychic Scream, Psychic Scream, Psychic Scream, Psychic Scream, Psychic Scream, Psychic Scream, Psychic

Tyrant of the Hive with Wings

  • Psychic Power: Aggressive Surge, Relic: Biomorphic Carapace Adrenal Glands, Synaptic Barrier, 2 x Monstrous Rending Claws


  • Catalyst Psychic Power, Paroxysm Psychic Power


Tyranid Warriors (three)

  • Bio-weapon Bond, 2x Scything Talons Synaptic Link

Tyranid Warriors (three)

  • Adrenal Glands, 2x Scything Talons

Tyranid Warriors (three)

  • Adrenal Glands, Deathspitters, and Boneswords


6 Hive Protectors



  • Psychic Power: Catalyst, Synaptic Link: Focal Essence

Strong Backing


  • 2x Two Devourers, 2x Carnifex with Enhanced Senses, Spore Cysts


  • Spore Cysts, 2 x Monstrous Scything Talons, Bone Mace, Adrenal Glands, 2 x Carnifex with Tusks


This list includes some of the same topics as the previous one, but with different tools. The Mawloc snatches an objective while the four Carnifexes are ineffective in killing it. Because the Hive Guard does not reroll hits, you must pick between a +1 to hit or rerolling damage and additional AP.

The Maleceptor’s enhancement will benefit both Flyrants and melee Fexes. The Lictor may be employed as an early trade piece or later as a deepstrike on a goal. Flyrant, the assassin, will completely destroy whatever it comes into contact with and will drive your fire into it. After that, the Swarmlord and Flyrant will create difficulties for any opponent, as they will be joined by enraged beatstick fexes, while the Hive Guard and Dakkafexes do their thing.

Conclusions on the New Renown Review

This is an even more aggressive set of regulations on top of Leviathan’s already fierce competition. I anticipate this illustrious army to appear at the top table and win several tournaments. It’s fantastic to see Carnifexes, Mawlocs, and some of Tyranids’ other outstanding and interesting models given fresh life, but I’m concerned about the effect on the already competitive monsters. We’d love to know what you think of the Army of Renown and how you’d approach it.

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The “white dwarf 471 pdf” is a review of the new Tyranid Army of Renown. The article features rules for playing with this army, as well as some lore on the background.

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