The research camp is the easiest way to unlock new shots for Pokemon Snap. It does have its drawbacks, however, as you can only play the game in one sitting, and you can’t view your shots until you beat the game. This guide will help you unlock every shot as quickly as possible. This guide will reveal the location of the camp, as well as how to beat the camp, and how to unlock every shot in the game.

This is a guide on how to get the best score in Pokemon Snap. It is divided into two sections; first a general tips section that will help you know how to take pictures and score points in general, then a walkthrough of the Pokemon Snap Research Camps and tips for getting the pictures you need for 100% completion

The area of the research camp in New Pokemon Snap is the base of Professor Mirror. As the story progresses, the player can unlock this level and explore it to take pictures of thirteen different Pokémon. There are two variants of the map, and each variant has a maximum exploration level. In this guide, we explain how to unlock Exploration Camp and how to meet all the requirements for Exploration Camp in the new Pokemon Snap.

New Pokemon SnapResearch Camp Area

Opening up and access to research camp

The new Pokemon Snap Search Camp area opens after you reach level 1 of the Fireflow Volcano Illumina Spot search. The exploration camp can be accessed from the main menu by clicking on the yellow photo icon at the top left of the screen.

Research camp Map

On the Exploration Camp map, there are two starting zones that affect the position of each Pokémon. You will see which home zone you get on the home screen. To get a new starting area, you must cancel the current race, exit the main menu and return to the exploration camp.

Pokémon List Research Camp

There are 13 Pokémon that can be found in the Search Camp area in the game New Pokemon Snap :

LenTalk inquiry camp requests

There are 11 LenTalk requests in the search camp in the new Pokemon Snap:

Help in finding the bold attitude

To strike a cheeky pose in New Pokemon Snap, place an Illumina Orb in Cutiflu and play a tune. Honey will hold her cheeks, then you can take a picture.

A manual heart puppy on request

Bring Stoutland with Fluffruit to the middle of the camp, then hit Trubbis on the middle table with Fluffruit. Trubbish will piss off Evie and force her to go to the center with Stoutland. Then Stoutland starts to dance, after which you have to take a picture.

Eevee Party Application Manual

To make an Eevee party request, enter the lab and find Eevee and Stoutland sleeping. Scan four times and drop the Illumina sphere to wake them both up. Repeat the scanning process to see Cutifly behind the TV. Meet two Cutieflies with the Illumina Orb to track Eevee. Throw an Illumina ball at the Eevee before jumping and take a picture of the Eevee glowing as it moves its head back and forth.

Houses in the dark manual on request

To play out the game at home in the dark, Meowth sleeps next to Neo-On, but you can wake him up with fruit. Make a trail of fluff leading under the bridge of the research lab. Meowth comes running and scares Rattata away. Take a picture of Rattata running away.

Audino Fun on Demand Manual

To perform Audino’s favorite activity, give two apples to Cutifle, who will then fly to the middle of the area next to Audino. When Cutifly reaches him, Audino turns around. Take a picture of Audino during the rotation.

Guidance on loan application

To meet a borrowed courage condition, aim Orb of Illumination at Crystabloom when Sudowoodo is in range. Sudowoodoo will start dancing in the middle of the card, after which you have to take a picture of him.

Bunnelby Bursts Out manual on request

To perform Bunnelby bursts, find Bunnelby in three holes in the ground. The Pokémon alternate, like a game of windmill. Aim Fluffruit to hit the ears, then quickly Illumina Orb, which Bunnelby reflects high. Take a picture of Bunnelby’s high jump.

  • Level of study : 1
  • Pokémon: Bunnelyby
  • Photo rating: 4 stars
  • Reward: Food stickers 4
  • Leadership: Bannelby is on the rise

In the middle of the bearing Manual on request

To complete the Midcamp quest, drop the Illumina Orb into Christablum near Sudowudo. As Sudowoodo moves into range, he dances to the center of the map. Rattata and Trubbish will soon follow. When all three Pokémon are in the middle, play a tune to make them dance. Take a picture of Trubbish dancing.

Guide to research data rescue requests

To make a research data rescue request, take a path to enter the lab. Make a path of fluff from Dedenna leading to the computer. When Dedenn gets close enough, he starts sucking energy from the lab. Capture the moment with Dedenn, which exudes power.

Say hello to your neighbours Handbook on request

To fulfill the obligation to say hello to your neighbors, scan the two Starleys sitting on the roof to make them fly away. Walk around the entire level until you’re back at the beginning where you’ll see Starley sitting on a wooden stake. Throw the Illumina sphere at Starley, take the shot, and Starley will then pose. Take another photo at this location to get a 4 star photo of Starley and complete the quest.

Manual on request Empty space

To end the empty room, take the longest way to the laboratory. Once in the lab, throw some fluff until you hear a meow. Throw another fruit to get another meow, and then Meowth will run to the edge. Take a picture of Meowth in a scary pose to get a 3 star photo and complete the quest.

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