Awesome! I am Mr. RyanMattB, a casual player in the League of Legends and a fan of speed runs in many games. A few months ago I came up with the idea of a LoL speed run, where the goal was to reach all enemy structures as quickly as possible. The 1v0 speed of all laps is already one thing, so I decided to throw the shit out. The purpose of driving at high speed is as follows: Finish the game as soon as possible while all enemy turrets and inhibitors are disabled and the Dragon Soul is in possession. Since you have to get the dragon soul for this race, it has a theoretical fastest time of 20 minutes, because this is the earliest time a fourth dragon can spawn. To do this, every dragon has to be killed immediately after spawning, which to my knowledge is impossible.


In the beginning I concentrated on the jungle, thinking that the complete cleaning of all 4 parts would give me gold and quality items for the first dragon. I chose a champion that I know well, Diana, and I thought her game would work well to defeat the dragon quickly, and also allow a snowball system at the end of the game. I was wrong. Diana was unable to effectively defeat the first dragon with the only slack, and the power she brought at the end of the game did not compensate for that.

I put that idea aside for a moment and came back with new ideas and interest, focusing on a champion who would allow me to take the first records for effective gold and translate that into an early slaughter of the dragon. My first ideas were for example Jinx, Ezreal and Darius, because their kits allowed for efficient cleaning and movement of the card and could take the first dragon in the early games. I decided to go with Jinx and I started doing some tests.

After a few curses I found the quickest way to catch the dragon, but it depended on both luck and a river plant that can spawn at 6:10 am. That means I couldn’t catch the first kite until around 6:15. It was normal for the time and I continued testing in the second half of the race. My friend has run it since Ivern, and it has been very effective with a one-shot end, and it allowed us to determine the best end scenario. He destroyed three towers of inhibitors about an hour and a half before the last dragon, allowing the followers to catch the inhibitor while he was taking the last dragon. Four seconds after the dragon’s death, the core was destroyed by the followers.

This race gave a different perspective on the timing of the race. We realized that the most important thing would be to kill the first dragon, and from there, managing the waves and the curves so that the game doesn’t end until you can kill the last dragon. Too many races ended abruptly because the tracks were too crowded, and many races ended when I fought with the last dragon.

We knew the first dragon would get priority, so the 15 minutes between the first and last dragon could start as soon as possible. This brings us to Shivana, whose passivity allows her to kill the first dragon extremely effectively and with less material than Jinx or Ivern needed for her. During our first tests with Shyvana we were able to get our first dragon at 5:18 am, the reference we will use in the future.


Since this race is 1v0, many runes are ineffective or useless unless shot by enemy champions. Here are the runes of each tree that could theoretically be used.


Keystone: Navy shoes

Heroic: Heating

Legend: Hurry, blood

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! None of them work in 1v0 mode.


Keystone: No

Anger: No

Prosecution: Phantom Poro

Hunter: No


Keystone: No

Artifact: Nimbus mantle

Excellent: Transcendence, determination, absolute concentration….

Performance: The water’s working, the storm.

Solving the problem

Keystone: No

Performance: Destruction, Bash’s shield

Resilience: General terms and conditions

Life: Urban sprawl, revitalization


Keystone: Unsealed book of spells, Omniston (essentially useless, the fleet footwork is the only thing you can pull).

Contents: Hexflash, magic shoes, perfect timing.

Hello: Future Market, Minion Dematerializer, Cookie Delivery.

Next: Cosmic Distinction, Time Warp Tonic.

Since most trees have few variants, the secondary tree is more variable than the primary one. We opted for determination because of the damage caused by the demolition and the initial gold you get when you roll, which is very useful for hitting your first stuff and helping with the dragon. From there we chose the tree of inspiration because it has one of the two cornerstones that could help us, and there are options in all three runes. We agreed on the runes and tested them:
H3CCx - New Legend Speed League

The Inspiration page and
H3CEP - New League of Legends Speedrun
The Precision Inspiration page is preferred.


Now that the unsealed spell book has been removed, we have some leeway for our spells. Exhaust gases and flammable substances cannot be used because there are no opponents. Barrier, healing and clarity are usually useless. Overall, Ghost offers more advantages than Flash because of its lower cooling and higher speed and duration. Teleportation has always been used to stay in the hallway as long as possible before retreating to buy things and to teleport the dragon when it appears. It is also very useful for the management of tracks and towers if you can reach your dragons without. Smith has his obvious merits. Purity is essentially useless.

Initially we took Teleport and Ghost to maximize the movement on the map, and used Spellbook to give Smite access to a third or fourth dragon. But with the change of position to Youmuu (explained later), Teleport and Smite excelled by using the spell book to access different motion speed spells such as Ghost, Flash and Heal.


Since there are no enemies, typical constructions have little effect on these breeds. It is much more important to use the gold efficiently and move as much as possible to get rid of goose bumps. Early tests with Jinx showed that the vampire scepter was the first useful dragon. Early Youmuu can inflict considerable attack damage while he is still active to move on the map. We built the rest of the items based on the scepter of the vampire, creating either BoRK, Bloodthirster, or Ravenous Hydra. With the 12 minute spelling boots we talked about speed boots versus maneuverability boots, and some tests have shown that while the mobi’s give a greater incentive, the time it takes to start after leaving the battle results in a marked decrease in speed; swifty’s are also 100 gold cheaper. From there we usually had enough time to get another full item and one or two smaller items. We decided that the end of White or Nashor’s tooth was best for Shivana, and we had about 1700 gold coins left, which allowed us to buy the Fiendish and Kindlegem Codex, which gave us a little push to finish the race quickly.

The typical order was as follows:

Go ahead: Dagger and control box (placed in front of the dragon pit to allow teleportation during the race)

First back (directly in front of the first dragon) : Vampiric scepter and any other object (usually 2 long words to work on Youmuu).

Second return (somewhere before the second dragon): Finish Yumuu, work on the scepter of the vampire.

Third return (12 minutes, between the second and third dragon, with boots in stock) : Last vampire scepter, Swiftie boots, built up to the final object (e.g. Wit’s End of Nashor).

Fourth quarterback (about 2 minutes for the fourth dragon) : Finish the last item, spend the remaining gold in the Rush option.

different phases

Take the first turrets just after the second dragon to collect all the gold dust.

Work between the first towers and the third dragon in the jungle so that the paths are not too busy.

Take the second tower just after the third dragon, keep cultivating the jungle so that the paths are not too busy.

If you work in the jungle, kill the Rift Herald and catch him, but don’t use him. Just use the support he gives you.

Take the inhibiting towers around 1h30 before the dragon finally reproduces, kill all enemy followers and ask the Allied followers to take the inhibitors and eliminate them.

Conclusion and current status

I would like to thank my friend TrevorsLoL for his help in writing the theory, the information for his Ivern games, and for his help in writing all of this.

My current record is
H3Dpe - New League of Legends speed race.

9:07 p.m., and I’m looking forward to seeing how people try to win! I have the .rofl file and the .webm of the whole game if anyone is interested. Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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