Crucifixes : The second summer update of New Horizons will be released on the 30th. July. Every Sunday evening in August you light up the sky with individual fireworks. The moon is coming back, so you can enter the fantastic landscape and explore new islands. Save your game data on your way to Nintendo Switch Online. See what’s new in the video and press release below:


A dazzling array of flowers are ready to explode in the night sky above your island as the soothing waves of the sea unfurl on the shore. At the end of the summer there is a weekly fireworks display in August when the summer update – wave 2* arrives at Animals Crossing: New game New horizons for the Nintendo Switch system!

For those who have an online subscription to Nintendo Switch, the update adds sleep and dream features to the game, as well as the ability to visit other people’s islands. A new Island Backup service has also been added that allows Nintendo Switch Online users to save a game file. You can enjoy these features regardless of the hemisphere in which your island is located.

From the 30th. July a free update for summer – Wave 2 will add the following features to the game :

  • Fireworks – Enjoy atmospheric fireworks that light up the skies above your island every Sunday in August at 7pm. Treat yourself to exchanging the lottery bells on the square for various holiday items you can use. Give the fireworks a personal touch by using your own design template to see them floating in the air like fireworks!
  • Sleep. – Now you can take a nap in every bed in your house. The Moon offers you to visit other islands as a dream, and with her help you can share your island with others as a dream. In a dream, nothing is permanent, because nothing you do is saved, so explore it to the end.
  • Island Backup and Recovery Service – Nintendo Switch Online members can activate a new island backup service that automatically downloads backup data to islands and users on the Internet at specified times. If your Nintendo Switch system has been lost or damaged, you may be able to restore your island paradise if you have activated island backup. In the event of loss or damage, you may contact the Nintendo Service Centre to restore the island and back up the user’s data on a new or refurbished Nintendo Switch system. Once you’ve restored the data of your island and your individual players, you’ll be able to form an island community again! **** For more information, please visit the Nintendo Consumer Support page when the update becomes effective. The Island Backup feature is separate from the Cloud Backup feature available via Nintendo Switch Online for some Nintendo Switch games. A specific function for animal crossings: New horizons are planned for the end of this year to move users and store data in a different system. The details will be announced later.

Relax this summer and don’t forget to relax with fireworks on your island at Animal Crossing : New horizons. The next step is a free fall update. We hope you enjoy it!

Read more about the passage of animals: New Horizons, visit To stay up to date with the latest crossover news: New Horizons, follow @animalcrossing on Twitter.

*Players must connect to the Internet and download the latest updates to access certain game events as they become available.

**Players need to upgrade their tents at home to gain access to the dream function.

*** Nintendo Switch Online Membership (sold separately) and a Nintendo Account are required to use the online features Not all countries. Internet access is required for online features. The following rules apply. Online

****Restore is only available if the Nintendo Switch system has been lost, stolen or damaged. Requires a new or refurbished Nintendo Switch system. Active membership of the Nintendo Switch online network is also required.

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