In the ninth month of this year, we are pleased to announce that we have released a new update for our fans. With this latest PTR patch, you will enjoy some improvements in gameplay and graphics when playing Expedition: Frontier Wars! Here is the Patch Notes link if you want to read them.

The “fallout 76 datamine twitter” is a patch that was released by the developers of Fallout 76. This patch contains new content and fixes in the game.

New Expedition Datamine (Patch 35/36 PTS)

New information about Expeditions has been discovered in the interface files with this new PTS, which verifies some past theories and updates others.

To begin, we now have the Expeditions instructional text, which can be located in the interface’s translate en file.






$EXPOnboardTutSubHeader Survivor groups from outside of Appalachia have communicated with each other. Explore new lands and assist in the reclamation of the wasteland!

$EXPOnboardTut01 Vertibirds are waiting for Expedition destinations outside of Appalachia at the Whitesprings Resort.

$EXPOnboardTut02 Ultracite batteries must be completely charged for Vertibird flight. Completing daily Fuel Quests replenishes the batteries.

$EXPOnboardTut03 Team leaders may form groups and start a new Expedition using the map. At any moment, teams may return to Appalachia and restart the same Expedition.”

This illustrates a few things, some of which are new, some of which are speculative, and some of which are well-known. To begin with, you may remain in an Expedition after it has completed, giving you time to explore the cell once the mission is over. Second, as previously said, we now have complete assurance that the Expedition hub will be in Whitespring. Finally, the fuel mechanism is redesigned and renamed the Ultracite Battery, which was referenced in Steel Dawn. Finally, we find possible confirmation of the concept that in the team segment, fuel only counts for the leader, as well as hard proof of the ability to halt and continue excursions.

Next, we’ll take a look at dKGuQlX - New Expedition Datamine (Patch 35/36 PTS)

an Expedition Post-Match UI feature that is more completely realized

This tells a lot about Expeditions that may be guessed but wasn’t proven. Prizes are dependent on goal fulfillment rather than time, and rewards have a lot more space than the Daily Ops aspect. xuANQvs - New Expedition Datamine (Patch 35/36 PTS)

The swf itself contains a symbol for Expedition money, which isn’t visible in the frame.

This might mean that, rather than relying only on RNG for prizes, Expeditions just give out this cash to enable players to choose the goodies they desire.

GGsdZyh - New Expedition Datamine (Patch 35/36 PTS)

This is the picture that was used for the Pitt. Nothing new here, but it’s wonderful to see.

dLHeRIO - New Expedition Datamine (Patch 35/36 PTS)

For Fuel Quests, we also have a quest animation.

As well as a background and OCJGlVG - New Expedition Datamine (Patch 35/36 PTS) vault boy for an Expedition public team.

Finally, the plot blurb that was first shown in the placeholder text for the main Expedition hud display has been confirmed.

azYfxwa - New Expedition Datamine (Patch 35/36 PTS)

The description for the Patrioteer outfit, which is a S9 item, mentions the Union. “Show your support for the Union with this Patrioteer Outfit!”. UZJTX7U - New Expedition Datamine (Patch 35/36 PTS) Similarly the description for the S9 Super Sledge skin mentions the Union “Take down those goody-goody Union representatives with the Union Buster Supersledge Paint!”, and in addition the texture’s file names mention the Fanatics, who are a group of (presumed) Raiders that the Hellcats dealt with previously according to Steel Reign dialogue.

75RAZuA - New Expedition Datamine (Patch 35/36 PTS)

Finally, the texture for the Pitt PTS pennant has arrived. It’s not really noteworthy, but it’s still interesting to observe.

While the Pitt is still a long way off, I believe this provides more information about it and, perhaps, indicates it will be tested sooner rather than later.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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The “atom shop datamine fallout 76” is a new patch that was released for the game, Fallout 76. The patch includes a number of fixes and updates to the game.

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