The game: Fashion shop My world is like
: System Simulation
: Nintendo Switch (also for PC, PS4 and Xbox One)
Developer|Publisher : Black Sheep Studio| Microides
Age Rating : EU 3+ | USA All
Price : UK £35.99 | EU €39.99 | USA $29.99 Release Date
: 27. October 2020

Look for the code, which is mainly provided by Microids.

As a big fan of Style Boutique (or Style Savvy, as it’s called in the US) I was always looking for a good fashion game since the release of Switch. The Nintendo players themselves are pretty quiet in style, so I started looking at the other opponents.

A few weeks ago I watched the SELFY COLLECTION hoping it would be good, but it’s more of a costume party than a management game. (My review of this game here) Now it’s time to look at another challenger, the fashion store My Universe.

A lot of work ahead

Your uncle Nathan sent you a letter to inform you about a Rose fashion store. Rose is a friend of Uncle Nathan and she will be happy to help you become a great fashion designer. Of course, in due course you must first learn how to run a shop and make clothes that can be sold. After many settings for your character, you start while Rose guides you step by step.

Winning coins with missions

There are many articles in the fashion shop. Make sure you’re ready before you open the doors for the day and invite customers. You should listen to the requests of the customers coming through your door and try to help them as best you can. So first make sure the mannequins in the shop are dressed and promote your inventory. It can also be a good idea to have a stock of different, ready-to-wear clothing, so that you are ready to apply.

Listen to requests

When customers come, you should try to meet their needs as well as possible. You also have to clean the wardrobe (don’t worry, let A do the work). And make sure you take your money, because money makes the world go round!

Make your own clothes

In the style shop you can buy the clothes you need and you will need to buy enough items according to your expectations, because there will be a lot of demand for them. In a fashion store, you have to make them yourself. All of them… and there are many variations.

Lodge cleaning

Tops, jackets, different kinds of pants, dresses and much more. And for each of the items you can choose whether they should be short, long or medium, and whether they should have short or long sleeves (of course not for trousers). Of course there is a choice of materials and colours. The colors are not only predefined, there is even a color circle to make everything run exactly the way you want it.

Mini Game Models

You have to play mini-games to make the clothes you want to sell. For each element you have to create a model with different tools. Then press at the right time to open the fabric and finally operate the sewing machine. Honestly, it’s not really my thing. It takes a long time to make a product and it can happen again. However, to my great relief, once you’ve mastered a garment, you can have it right after.

Mini Sewing Kit

You will receive a mobile phone to see how many coins you have collected, which you can use to unlock models, materials, clothing and accessories. You can also consult your agenda and the requests that customers have submitted in advance. The calendar shows the fashion shows you are invited to when you see your work.

Manage your business from your phone

Play my world

A trendy store has a lot of content with lots of clothing, design and fabrics. The company grows when you reach a certain level, you can participate in fashion shows and also change the interior of your shop.

Personalize your business

Don’t forget that the My Universe series is specially designed for children who want to play to believe in the adult profession. Hence the minigames I think of and how the game brings new things into high-speed gameplay.

Fashion show quite empty

But with the graphics, I felt like the game was a little rough on the edges. The numbers look a little rough, and when your models go to a fashion show, everything looks pretty empty. The music is a relaxed background melody and the game is well controlled by the hands.


As I said in the introduction, I was looking for a game similar to Style Boutique. The fashion boutique has some store management, but it lacks stock management. You don’t buy clothes, you watch fashion trends. In this game you make your own clothes and play minigames. It may be a rehearsal, but once you’ve mastered the pattern, fortunately you don’t have to make a mini-game for that specific element.

The game offers a wide range of items that can be unlocked and expanded, and aims to entertain the player. Visually, however, it is not very pleasant, and the edges seem a bit empty and rough.

The mission was back to school.

Anyway, I like the game because of the supposedly younger audience. You can easily throw your watch away by working on your inventory and satisfying your customers. I really think the American price is good, but the European price is a little too high for my taste.

Final verdict: I love

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