The game maniac surprised me by revealing the Galician shapes of the Pokémon sword and shield. With hindsight, I should have expected this, because in Round 7, new regional forms for old Pokémon were introduced, but Game Freak, on the other hand, tends to abandon new ideas.

But I’m retiring, and it was exciting to see Gallar Weezing and Gallar Zigzagon… Like the shapes of Alolan and the mega-evolution that came into being, the Galary shape can bring a once-forgotten Pokemon back to life and show some interesting twists and turns in the design of our favourite pocket monster.

Since both galaric forms are open so far, I would like to share my Top 5 Pokemon with you, for which I would like to have my own galaric form.–.jpg

  1. Gallar Flycon capacity (kite / swing type) : Deliver

My first choice is none other than Flygon. It’s just a personal prejudice, because Flygon is one of my favourite Pokémon. For most of the decade, Flygon has always outperformed its stronger and faster cousins. Draconite, Salamens, Sharizard-H and Garcomp are simply superior to this dragonfly.

But it doesn’t have to be. In the form of Gallar, Flygon can create a good niche for itself by duelling with the type of dragon and rock, as well as the ability to float.

This combination allows only two types of effective weaknesses (coming from the top of the head) and a certain degree of resistance of the hand. With some good moves like Stealth Rock, Head Smash and Accelerock, Galar Flygon has the potential to become a very good Pokemon.–.jpg

2. Gallar Passim ability (combat type) : Fast legs

As a tribute to the English, who were obsessed with the sport, it was appropriate to have only Pokemon that matched the football theme. And in this case the Passimian fits the picture perfectly.

Known as Team Pokemon – instead of throwing around fruit – Ghalar Passimyan will beat him as a soccer player. For me, Gallar Passimian makes so much sense. Wink, wink! Monsters of the game!–.jpg

3. Capacity of Galar Luxray (electric/yellow type) : Down with cotton

Laxray looks like a big Pokémon. Unfortunately, appearances can be deceptive, because Luxray is blocked by terrible basic statistics and a no less terrible engine pole.

According to the core philosophy of Galician forms, Gallar Luxury can revive this mediocre Pokémon.

I present Gallar Laxray with a large cotton mane as a clear indicator of adaptation to the cool British climate. As far as the capacity of Gallar Laxray is concerned, I cannot ignore the recently introduced cotton layer, which reduces the speed of the enemy after an attack.

Besides, Gallar Laxray could use a few good shots under his arsenal. Extreme speed, scrimmage, difficult game and perhaps a new physics based on the type of electric movement.–.jpg

4. Extinction of bile forms (normal/dark type) : Sok-seeper

As Australians, we have always seen pumps in the shape of lying tea pliers. That’s why I thought it was necessary to have a curved shape that reflects a tea-loving country. I recommend Gallar Sleiking, the lazy, lying Pokémon who loves a good cup of tea.

Slaking may be one of the strongest Pokémon, but he didn’t manage to create Truant in the end. However, with a suitable juice siphon (get it), suppression can almost be a monster.

I think a normal combination with a dark man would be fun, making Slacking a huge 4x weakness in the battle against the Zugarten and allowing him to compete against this powerful Pokémon.–.jpg

5. Farfetch’d Galar form (flight/combat form)

Cricket is the national sport of England (and many other countries in the UK), so it would be natural for Pokémon to follow this theme. Of all the current bag sample harvest jobs, I think the leprechaun would have balanced the bill.

Instead of Leek, Galar Farfetch will hold a cricket debate and receive some kind of fight. The type of battle will give access to more powerful movements and long-awaited resistance.

Despite the fact that Farfetch has been reshaped, it’s still a Pokémon with terrible statistical distributions. The only way to correct it is to give it a very possible evolution, starting from the Obstagon case. We all know Farfetch could certainly use more power.

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