Crafting in Monster Hunter Stories 2 isn’t a new concept. In fact, as of MH3U, it’s been around for a long time. But in MH2, you could only craft in a dungeon if you were able to talk to the head researcher in the center room. In MH3U, the process has been streamlined and you can now craft at any time, but you’ll need to visit the research center to get the materials.

If you want to know about the best way to make the best armor in Monster Hunter Stories 2, it’s time to read our crafting recipes guide. We’ve collected all the best materials needed to make every kind of armor, and chosen the best recipes to maximize your chances of success.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Crafting Recipes Guide – All Crafting Ingredients, Recipes

This Monster Hunter Stories 2 Crafting Recipes Guide will show you all the crafting recipes, their ingredients, and how to unlock them.

Each of the crafting recipes makes you a very useful item like the Sonic Bomb, Max Potion, and other helpful items that grant you buffs or help you in combat. Each recipe needs a few ingredients for you to craft an item of your choice, but the recipes need to be unlocked first to learn how to craft them.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Crafting Recipes Guide

Below we have listed all the crafting recipes, their ingredients, and how to get the recipes.


Recipe Name


How to Unlock Recipe

Ancient Potion Hunter’s Life: Winter Complete Secret Dealings Quest
Antidote Healer’s Comp V.1
  • 1 Antidote Herb
  • 1 Blue Mushroom
Complete Wash Hands, Bring Antidote Quest
Big Barrel Bomb Boom Boom Book
  • 1 Large Barrel
  • 1 Fire Herb
  • 1 Nitroshroom
Complete The Grass is Greener Subqest
Burn Ointment Healer’s Comp V.2 Complete En-egg-matic Eggs Quest
Cool Mist Cool and Healthy Complete Staying Cool Quest
Dust of Life Group Healing Adv
  • 1 Lifepowder
  • 1 Gloamgrass Bud
Complete Mizutsune Copycat Quest
Energy Drink Need a Boost? Complete Energy Drink Quest
Flash Bomb Flash Bomb How-To
  • 1 Flashbug
  • 1 Sap Plant
  • 1 Stone
Complete Tundra Terror Quest
Hot Mist Warm and Healthy Complete More Layers Quest
Immunizer Hunter’s Life: Summer Complete Rider 101: Combining Quest
Intuitizer Perfect Vision
  • 1 Manyberry
  • 1 Blue Mushroom
Complete Shadows of Red 3 Quest
Kuan Crullers Family Favorite
  • 1 Woemill Wheat
  • 1 Loloska Honey
Complete Hot Fresh Donuts Quest
Lifepowder Group Healing Int Complete Pukei-Pukei Need Love Too Quest
Lifesoot Group Healing 101 Complete Shake That Soot Quest
Lulu Donuts Sweet Secret
  • 1 Woemill Wheat
  • 1 Lamure Honey
Complete Drawn In by Donuts Quest
Mahana Dunkers Taste of Home
  • 1 Woemill Wheat
  • 1 Hakolo Honey
Complete Delicious Donuts Quest
Max Potion Hunter’s Life: Fall
  • 1 Godbug
  • 1 Honey
  • 1 Mandragora
Complete Offal’s Not Awful Quest
Mega Barrel Bomb Big Boom Boom Book
  • 1 Big Barrel Bomb
  • 1 Blast Sac
Buy from Melynx Inc
Mega Potion Mega Potions Unlocked Automatically
Nua Te Fritters Culinary Traditions
  • 1 Woemill Wheat
  • 1 Terga Honey
Complete The Secret to Beauty Quest
Nulberry Elixir Healer’s Comp V.4
  • 1 Nulberrry
  • 1 Cactus Flower
Complete Hung Out to Dry Quest
Paintball Tracking Basics Complete Rider 101: Hatching Eggs Quest
Paracare Healer’s Comp V.3
  • 1 Anesfreesia
  • 1 Sap Plant
Complete Monsterpedia Quest
Paralysis Knife Knifepedia: Paralysis
  • 1 Anesfreesia
  • 1 Throwing Knife
Buy from Melynx Inc
Pitfall Trap Pitfall Surprise
  • 1 Trap Tool
  • 1 Spider Web
  • 1 Ivy
Buy from Melynx Inc
Poison Knife Knifepedia: Poison
  • 1 Toadstool
  • 1 Throwing Knife
Buy from Melynx Inc
Potion Kayna’s Recipe Unlocked automatically
Rutoh Ringers Alwin’s Speciality
  • 1 Woemill Wheat
  • 1 Alcala Honey
Complete Three-Hole Donuts Quest
Shock Trap Shocking Surprise Buy from Melynx Inc
Sleep Knife Knifepedia: Sleep
  • 1 Sleepyfish
  • 1 Throwing Knife
Buy from Melynx Inc
Soap Scud Deep Clean Complete Shakalaka Scamps Quest
Sonic Bomb Boom Boom Bang Book
  • 1 Screamer Sac
  • 1 Fire Herb
  • 1 Nitroshroom
Complete A Taste of Home Quest
Stink Scrub Trendsetter Secrets
  • 1 Mint Leaf
  • 1 Stink Shroom
Complete Item Quiz 2 Quest
Super Whetstone Hunter’s Life: Spring Buy from Melynx Inc
Tranq Trap Tranquil Surprise Buy from Melynx Inc
Vital Esscence Essence Vitale
  • 5 Raw Meat
  • 3 Toadstool
  • 3 Girthy Garlic
Complete A Test of Purr-severance Quest
Zest Pill Positivity Pills
  • 1 Girthy Garlic
  • 1 Nitroshroom
Complete Item Quiz 1 Quest

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