Moving Legends : Adventure is a popular role-playing game in which players collect heroes, form a team and compete in enemy levels.

In the game, players need to collect different resources and items to make progress.

To help players on their journey, the developers of MLA have included a redemption code system, as they have for many other games.

This means players can exchange special codes for useful rewards.

In this frequently updated guide we have listed all the active codes you can request from Mobile Legends: Adventure.

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Moving Legends: Adventure Reimbursement Codes

Active codes

The following refund codes have been changed from 8am onwards. January 2021 confirmed.

  • GLAXMAS (1,000 diamonds)
  • CHAPTER 1 THE YEAR (1,000 diamonds)
  • GLASLITE (300 diamonds, 30,000 combat points)
  • MLAISFIRE (3 premium invocation scrolls, 40k battle points)
  • GNDFBGO (300 diamonds)
  • 888888 (288 Diamond)

Make sure you enter the code with the same capital letter as in the list above.

If you have received the message CD-KEY that has expired, it means that the code has expired.

To help other players use our list, you can inform us in the Comments section if you notice that one of the active codes on the list has expired.

If you receive another error message when you execute the code, it means that you have entered the code incorrectly or that you are not authorized to retrieve the code.

Expired codes

All of the following codes have worked before, but have now expired.

  • AU5ZWR2223J (1000 diamonds)
  • HV4K4V2223K (10 nightmare cards)

The developers of Mobile Legends : Adventure regularly publishes new codes that players can use.

We will update this list when new codes are published and old codes expire. We therefore recommend that you check this list from time to time.

Usually new codes are published by the developers and announced on the social media of the game when a major new update is released.

Sometimes developers release new code for parties and special promotions.

We love it when readers share new codes with us, so feel free to share any new codes you find in the comments section.

How to redeem the codes in the mobile legend: Adventure

Redeem codes in Mobile Legends : Adventure, go to Action, Suburb or City in the lower menu.

Click on the Community icon at the top of the screen.

Click on the Notification tab in the lower menu of the Community window.

Select the Eject CD-KEY tab from the left menu of the notification window.

Enter the active code in the field Enter the CD-KEY.

Click on Confirm and you will be rewarded for the code you have entered.

Read the previous section of this guide for active mobile legends : Ransom codes for the adventure.

What are the refund codes

Refund codes are special codes that players can use to exchange useful items and resources in Mobile Legends: The adventure, including diamonds and tickets for the challenge.

Codes are usually released by developers when important new updates are released, job openings are approaching or important promotions are announced.

Codes expire after a certain period of time, usually at the end of the holiday or event for which they were issued.

Players can speed up their progress by using these redemption codes, as they often offer many useful rewards.

We therefore recommend that you check this list of active codes from time to time.

How to get the other codes

The only way to get more codes in Mobile Legends: The adventure awaits game developers to release more.

As soon as we notice new active redemption codes, we will add them to this list so you can use this item to learn more.

When new codes are published, they are usually announced on the game’s social media or directly in the promotions for which they are published.

These are all the discount codes we have for Mobile Legends: Adventure!

If you want to improve our wish list for Mobile Legends: Adventures, let us know in the comment section if you find new active codes or if you notice the expiration of active codes.


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