Today the developers of Minecraft released the Bedrock 1.16.200 update. Below you will find all the details of this update of 8. December.

The Minecraft 2.19 update is now available for download. A total of 205 MB must be downloaded and installed. Today’s update brings many improvements, especially in the graphic field. Of course there are many corrections and optimizations.

Mincoft Patch Notes 2.19 / Hotfix 1.16.200

Give the dragon back:

  • RenderDragon, the new graphics engine for Minecraft threat platforms, is now available in Windows 10.
  • RenderDragon has been developed by the graphics team of Mojang Studios to give our game more power, stability and flexibility. The new RenderDragon architecture makes it easier for our developers to bring new graphics capabilities into play, such as physical rendering (PBR) and raytracing.
  • RenderDragon has been available for Xbox and PlayStation hardware since 2019 and we are currently migrating to Windows 10. In the future, we plan to implement RenderDragon on all Minecraft threat platforms, including mobile devices.

Mining vehicle with radius tracking :

  • Beam tracing is possible under Windows 10 with compatible graphics hardware.

Minecraft Update 2.19 is out – Patch Notes 1.16.200 on December 8

  • Players can radically change the appearance of the game. Immerse yourself in the volume mist. See Minecraft in a whole new light with its advanced dynamic lighting system, Ray Tracing.
  • Players can also experiment with advanced types of block structures, such as metal surfaces, impact cards, normal cards and light radiation (dirty light bulbs, reflective blocks… Yes, please!).
  • Don’t forget to read the FAQ article to learn more about bundle tracking features.
  • The content on the market now knows the ray-tracing functions and shows an abbreviation in the user interface to indicate support.
  • The creators: We have new documentation for creating content for Minecraft with Ray Tracing!

Mining with OpenXR :

  • Minecraft on Windows 10 now uses OpenXR to support Windows MR and Oculus VR.

Minecraft Update 2.19 is out – Patch Notes 1.16.200 on December 8

  • OpenXR is a royalty-free, open source API standard that provides access to a wide range of vendors for all VR/RM devices.
  • The implementation of OpenXR in Minecraft provides a more consistent experience with the current VR/MR schemas, as well as support for the schemas yet to be implemented.
  • You can still use the mixed reality portal and the Oculus store. However, there is also a URL that can be executed in the VR:
    • Mining operation: //mode/?OpenXR=true
    • This can be done via a shortcut on the desktop, linked to the Start menu, via a bookmark in the browser, or via something else you can specify with the URL

New possibilities:

New volume settings

  • Added different volume controls for sound categories (e.g. hostile, block, weather, etc.).
    • They play a preview of the corresponding sounds in the main settings menu and play the standard sound by clicking on it in the game.

Minecraft Update 2.19 is out – Patch Notes 1.16.200 on December 8

Vanilla parity changes and corrections :

  • Basalt can no longer be destroyed by fireballs (MCPE-75252).
  • The destruction of the basalt blocks now takes a little more time…
  • The dragon egg now always falls like an object when it is destroyed by an explosion (CMEP-52632).
  • A right click on the block of snow with a shovel won’t break it.
  • Traces of mud (formerly traces of grass) can now be produced with a shovel for mud, carmine red, mycelium, coarse mud and grass.
  • Dutch leggings texture update (MCPE-103016)
  • Vines should not be twisted on the compost blocks during crawling (MCPE-78973).
  • Intact shielding now leads to 90% less kickback (MCPE-77430)
  • Bees do not stray more than 22 blocks from their original hive (CMEP-60252)

Known issues :

  • Players using Minecraft on 32-bit Windows 10 N systems may crash when downloading the game if the Media Foundation Pack is not installed. The problem can be solved by downloading and installing the Media Foundation Pack.
  • Players cannot return to the world after logging out of a broken session.
  • In the VR, the help text in the living room does not change accordingly when the input method from the joystick to the motion control changes.


Productivity and stability

  • Improved blade loading speed while flying Elytra (MCPE-85614)
  • A large number of scheduled direct updates no longer cause the game to crash (MCPE-94942)
  • Fixed a bug that can sometimes occur when switching the portal or flying into creative mode.
  • Solved an accident that can sometimes occur while flying or moving around in the game world.
  • Repair of an accident that may have occurred during the initiation of the local world.
  • The problem of loss of sound from some mobile devices after a pause and resumption (MCPE-101027) has been solved.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Nintendo Switch to crash when trying to load a 256x resolution Resource Pack.
    • The system now blocks this choice and tells the player that he cannot choose.

General Information

  • Players who have the Founder’s Coat will see it again on the Coats tab in the locker rooms.

Game description

  • Only sample items are displayed on the creation screen when the item is automatically created on the controller. This prevents a quick update of the cookbook.
  • The player handshake is fixed when the viewing function is turned off (MCPE-79380).

Mobile Phones

  • Fixation of Mafia groups and other frozen and desynchronized entities with their bodies o_O (MCPE-71243)
  • Villagers won’t steal jobs from each other anymore (MCPE-43071)
  • Mobile devices no longer stop randomly attacking and tracking their targets (MCPE-48144).
  • Pigeons that are close together cannot catch the same object if it falls between them (MCPE-95644).
  • Update of the texture of zombic pigment to suppress the flicker of the pants (MCPE-96793)
  • Mobile devices no longer spawn in paired roses (MCPE-97331).
  • Nowadays bees only hive and hive nests.
  • Telecommunication is no longer transmitted in both directions between fixed objects if there is not enough space for multiple objects (MCPE-101202).


  • The compass is no longer used when used on Lodestone in creative mode (MCPE-96258).
  • Glow sticks no longer use textures with forming properties (MCPE-45686, MCPE-68417).


  • Cocoa pods produced in the jungle are now being produced in the right direction (CSBM-102399).
  • The panels do not replace the jewelry if you try to place them in the same room as the jewelry.
  • Fixed a bug where the end gate blocks were not removed after the end gate block was destroyed. The filled blocks, with the exception of the end gate blocks, remain in place.


  • Custom packages are now correctly updated after restarting the game when playing in VR.


  • Corrected an error when the screen reader did not read the screen head in the game.
  • Confirmed that the screen reader did not read the access button DeepL on the pause screen.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the screen reader from reading the screen title and the access buttons to DeepL on the game invitation screen.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the screen reader from reading the title on the profile and icon editing screens.
  • Corrected a button numbering error on the pause screen when using the text-to-speech function.
  • The emoticon wheel now supports a screen reader.
  • Fixed an issue where the screen reader did not read updates often enough on some devices.
  • Corrected the screen reader so that messages with control icons on the chat screen can be read correctly.
  • The screen reader now reads the open message in the chat while the Text To Speech For Chat function is disabled.
  • Several problems regarding the text contrast in the user interface have been solved.
  • Fixed an issue when the Server tab does not correctly read the text-to-speech prompts when a Microsoft account is not subscribed.
  • Several problems were resolved when the voice synthesis indexes on the home screen were not correct.
  • Fixed problems when user interface commands in text-to-speech mode were incorrectly indexed for pop-up modules.
  • Reducing the transparency of the top row of UI touch buttons for better legibility

User interface

  • A splash screen for the user interface has been added to inform players about the use of outdated graphical drivers.
  • Several obituaries have been corrected (MCPE-30360).
    • Stung by the llama…> Stung by the llama.
    • Malfunction -> Malfunction -> Malfunction
    • stabbed with a Blaze -> stabbed with a Blaze.
    • Stabbed with a guest -> Stabbed with a guest -> Stabbed with a guest.
    • Shots fired at the shooter–> Shots fired at the skeleton.
    • killed by the trident -> stabbed by the trident.
  • A fixed paper doll, so that it can now always be rotated with the mouse when it is in the cabinet (MCPE-101210)
  • Font color Classic Control – Intensive now corresponds to the surrounding text in the menu of the VR control.
  • The object preview in the creation grid now has a different background colour, depending on the presence of objects in the inventory.
  • In the Player Rights menu, you can move on the controller again, regardless of the level of player rights.
  • The [X] button in the Chat Settings section is no longer used when using the controller.
  • The profile screen has been improved, the characters are now visible and can be selected or changed immediately after loading.
  • Avoid buying a kingdom when a player cancels the Purchase History dialog box.
  • The strawberry blond color now has the correct name in the Character Creator (MCPE-102674).
  • When loading instructions on the screen, is no longer displayed (no ID).
  • Corrected disappearance of the visual focus indicator in VR when displaying tabs in VR with the screen reader turned on.
  • If the display is now in list mode (MCPE-106012), the display pause is correct.


  • /playsound team now plays the sound correctly for all players within range.
  • The duration of the /effect command is now limited to 1,000,000 seconds (MCPE-92916).
  • The commands to tick the same range now prohibit adding ranges with the same name twice.
  • The SMS message /titleraw is not sent back to the reader (MCPE-63618).
  • The FadeOut argument is no longer ignored in the time command /title.

For cartographers and complementary authors :

Updated document templates

  • Updated templates for version 1.16.200 with new sources, behavior and documentation are available for download.

Corrected by .

  • Disable bandwidth optimization to see if it solves a mafia and entity latency problem (MCPE-105892).
  • Non-standard bullets are brought back to life as they should be.
  • Fixed a bug where loot tables created incorrect loot items with the set_data function
  • Fixed face lock with data-driven blocks for the correct assignment of a single transparent cube with a single opaque cube.
  • When transporting and inventorying data-driven units, the tops of the data-driven units are not rotated more than 180 degrees (MCPE-63134).
  • Fixed a problem with the queue of pliers that occurred on a data-driven loop block that changed into a different mix. The error can cause memory problems, increase the load and save time, and periodically stop the game (no identification).
  • Data-controlled fixed blocks to reduce UV radiation in the same way as preventing UV leakage (without identification).
  • Solved some selection problems when placing blocks larger than 1x1x1 at the edge of the sheet. Also added warnings about the content of large blocks
  • modified set_block and set_block_at_pos to use the BlockDescriptor when specifying block_type.
  • Older versions of the commands now use the previous position instead of the current position.
  • An error has been fixed if request.cardinal_block_face_pllace_on no longer worked with on_player_placing.
  • The size of the texture buffer in the atlas has changed from 0 to 1 when the smartcard is turned off.
  • An error in the output of the blocks in the component minecraft:block_placer has been fixed.
  • Sets a smaller battlefield for a player when swimming and sliding after the reset after the event is sent to the player.
  • Correction of user-defined production of hatching eggs in model worlds
  • The variable names of the geometry, material and texture variables in MoLang can again contain points.
  • Items with a blocking element no longer cause invalid recipe results to appear in the cookbook.


  • Added Query.cardinal_facing_2d to determine the direction of the face of the earth, which is neither up nor down.
  • Added the possibility to place block templates in the Models / Blocks folder.
  • Added the possibility for triggers to send events to the block they interact with (for example, when they are on).
  • Added the possibility to ask an interactive person to talk about both block interaction and the use of minecraft:on_use_on in an element. A person can be questioned with query.block_face.

Spare parts

  • Fixed using query.get_equipped_item_name on an item that was renamed without correct result. Now we link it to the vanilla version, so the old name will come back when the world is linked to a certain vanilla version.
  • add_mob_effect and remove_mob_effect no longer cause content errors when the actual effect names are
  • Added documentation for remove_mob_effect so developers know they can use the all value to remove all mob effects from the target.
  • Sturdy objects that do not fit in the additional slots for the horse’s equipment. Don’t fix all the behavior that’s rested.
  • Extent of the stock of mining vehicles : The inventory part should be expanded according to the equipped storage bins, so that the server can accept the product placement.
  • A note for an item with the component item lock will no longer be displayed if the show tag rule is disabled.

The source: De-mining

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