Many people assumed that that the long-awaited DOOM Eternal would come with a new soundtrack from Mick Gordon and Rocket Science. However, a recent Twitter message from Gordon shows that that’s not the case at all. This was rather disappointing to many fans, but also not entirely unexpected, as both the soundtrack and the movie were revealed as a work in progress.

In a brief post on the Doom Eternal website, Doom co-creator John Carmack revealed that the game’s soundtrack has been completely reworked by Mick Gordon. Carmack said that he was “honored” to have Gordon “take the reigns of the soundtrack” for the game and added that “it’s going to be the best soundtrack ever”.

“DOOM Eternal” is a game in the  DOOM series that is currently in development, with Mick Gordon, the composer of the original “DOOM” soundtrack, as the game’s director. One of the developers for the game, however, has recently revealed that Mick Gordon’s offer to redo the soundtrack has been rejected.

Mick-Gordon-Claims-Offers-to-Redo-DOOM-Eternal-Soundtrack-HaveImage courtesy of id Software

DOOM Eternal players quickly complained about discrepancies in quality between the game’s soundtrack and in-game audio shortly after its debut. After that, there was a squabble with composer Mick Gordon, who said he’d never work with id Software or Bethesda again. Mick has now tweeted that he has volunteered to rewrite the soundtrack, but it has been rejected.

Executive Producer Marty Stratton sent a long letter supporting iLead d’s Audio Designer Chad Mossholder, who was put in charge of final editing. Mick was granted numerous extensions, including on-time payment incentives, according to Stratton, but he failed to fulfill deadlines. Mick had been hired to create a minimum of 12 songs (about 60 minutes), but after about a month, he requested additional time. He was granted an almost six-week extension and was promised as many as 30 songs, but only nine were delivered.

Marty’s backup plan was to delegate editing to Mossholder, who would work with the material Mick had provided. He said that Mick had already mixed and compressed the songs, which has caused controversy among fans, Mick, and id. Before the soundtrack’s ultimate release, Mick and Chad collaborated to compile all of the material utilized for it; there are over 50 songs.

Over the last year, I’ve made many offers to recreate the @DOOM Eternal OST…

But I can’t seem to persuade them to say yes.

What should I do?

19 August 2021 — Mick Gordon (@Mick Gordon)

When questioned about his future with DOOM on social media, Mick responded, “I doubt we’ll work together again.” We had never considered terminating our cooperation with him until now, so this was unexpected to see – but his remark does illustrate a complex relationship. Our problems have never stemmed from a lack of creativity… In the short term, we’re ready to move on and won’t be collaborating with Mick on the DLC we’re presently working on. As I already said, his music is amazing, he is a unique talent, and I really hope he receives many accolades for his work to DOOM Eternal at the end of the year.

Mick Gordon (through KitGuru), Marty Stratton are the sources.

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According to Mick Gordon, an experienced film composer who has worked on blockbuster hits like the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Dark Knight trilogy, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Resident Evil: Retribution, the offer to re-record DOOM Eternal’s soundtrack in his studio was probably rejected because of “one tiny detail”, which is the fact that the score was written by Mick Gordon.. Read more about doom eternal soundtrack mick gordon mix and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Mick Gordon not making music for Doom anymore?

Mick Gordon is no longer the composer for Doom.

Did Doom Eternal soundtrack get fixed?

Doom Eternals soundtrack was not fixed.

Did Mick Gordon do Doom Eternal DLC music?

Mick Gordon did not do the Doom Eternal DLC music.

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