The game: Metaverse Keeper
Genre : Motor, Rogue Lite
: Nintendo Switch (also for PC, PS4 and Xbox One)
Developer|Publisher : Park Games | CIRCLE Entertainment
Age Rating : EU 3+ | USA All
Price : UK £13.49 | EU €14.99 | US $14.99
Release date: 12 November 2020

Take a look at the code, which is mainly provided by CIRCLE Entertainment.

Enter metaverse

Metaverse Keeper is a game in the form of a dungeon on caterpillar tracks with light and unfair elements from top to bottom. It is a style and genre that only this year has become well known and very popular. Does the Metaverse Keeper have what it takes to stand out in a very competitive environment?

The great disaster has shaken up reality and created the metavers. A diverse group of heroes boarded the spaceship Bastion to reveal the secrets of the disaster. This continues throughout the game with various dungeon-style levels where baddies are removed, a big boss at the end, and updates throughout the game. It’s a cheat, so no two games are the same. Levels, enemies and boss fights are randomly generated to prevent repetition and encourage the player to adapt. You can choose from five heroes (some of which need to be unlocked), each looking like a relative of Rayman’s longest living relative. Their hands float, as it were, in the air. Graphically, this comic strip has a colourful and charming effect on them.

Good selection of crazy characters to choose from.

Search and destroy

The most important thing that stands out in this game is that you start each level with a randomly generated weapon. These weapons are usually melee or ranged weapons, and are often of crazy design. You can have bowling fists, a chainsaw, a sword and a shield – that’s the variety. Each weapon has a secondary capability that you can activate and reload after a certain amount of time. For example, a special movement or perhaps a totem pole that covers the ground surface, causing damage to the enemies in the area.

Even if you hit the same weapon twice, your skills won’t always be the same. If you don’t like your starting gun, it often doesn’t take long before you stand in front of another gun. Exploring the dungeons is fun, and often the player is encouraged to search every inch of the level for secret portals discovered by destroying crystals with bombs. Each level ends with the boss, and the difficulty level is absurdly high. On some songs I felt I had a decent construction for my character, if only because of the difficulty of suddenly taking off and giving the piece an unsatisfactory ending. In between races you can hand out tapes and improve the various functions to make future races more manageable. But, as I will tell you later, at the time of writing this report, the system does not appear to be fully operational yet.

The destruction of crystals can reveal hidden portals to secret rooms.

Automatic visibility

The controller responds to certain lighting problems. If you press and hold the Attack button, your character will automatically sharpen to the nearest target for both long-range weapons and close combat. It’s an effective style where you use the latter as often as you’re close to the target, and the ease of not aiming makes it a little easier. But if you want to date, it’s not going well. When you try to aim at a safe distance, your character only seems to guess where to shoot. When different enemies appear on the screen, your character seems to be struggling to decide who to aim the fire at. It seems that this game would benefit from a control system similar to that of a two-stage shooting game. You can configure the auto-reply function in the options menu, but it doesn’t seem to matter much.

difficulty level can significantly increase in battles with the boss.

Better set

Playing alone was normal, but the feeling that it really comes to life when we play together. It seems that the developers have thought of this possibility to revive teammates quickly, since some update options are linked to a common game. When the odometer stops, you also get bonus tyres when you play the online co-op, which seems a bit strange. You can play locally or online with up to four players, which is a rare sight in a game that looks like a game for cheaters. Despite the fact that I spent hours in the online lobby, the only thing I could find was an online game with a fun and quite sporty Asian player.

It’s like a fun game where you can dive online with randomly selected people or friends, but unfortunately the player base is not yet available. Fortunately, there are always locals. What I liked about the co-op is the money and ability bullets you collect, which you give to each player individually, with the only things you sometimes have to decide, weapons, secondary drop items and computer chips that update skills. The common game is without doubt what makes Metaverse Keeper different from other Lite games.

If your boyfriend falls, you can give a part of your life to bring him back to life.

First problems

The game came to Switch even during the first accesses to the PC. Although the version of Switch seems to have been updated, it hasn’t prevented me from making many mistakes, so I certainly haven’t been able to benefit from this experience. While playing at a local cooperative, one of us got stuck in the door of a new room. To get out of balance, another player had to drag to free them. The most obvious problem was that the power did not seem to be activated during the update. I put points in various new skills, such as new items for sale in the shop, for example the ability to recycle items when you enter the game, none of which have been activated. When I was involved in some boss fights, the game slowed down and sometimes it was freezing. Looks like he finally got undressed, but it wasn’t on purpose.

The game is much more fun to play

Carrier of Hope

In its present state, it has elements of a decent rogue state. It’s not so much fun alone, but the experience really comes to life when you play in a local co-op or online.

With this patch Metaverse Keeper becomes a welcome addition for fans of the Rogue Lite genre. But in its present state, I advise you to approach it with caution.

Phrase: I’m not sure

Comments : I’ve contacted the developer about the bugs mentioned in this report and I will update this article in the future if I’m aware of them!

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