I have some thoughts on the odd megastructure, which in itself is not very good (I don’t think anyone would build it if they were playing seriously, but playing it well).

  • An interdimensional portal:
    • Technical Requirements : Disintegration of matter, space theory, mega-engineering.
    • It can only be built outside the gravity well (like a walkway), and the system cannot have an inactive interdimensional portal.
    • There will be 4 phases, each costing 5000 alloys and the last 10 years for the upgrade, with 50/100/150/200 of energy and physical research maintained, and the last phase (activation) will cost 50,000 energy, 1000 effects and 10 days.
    • After activation, the Unbidden will reproduce from the portal for 6 months and the megastructure will become an inactive portal.
    • If an Unbidden already exists, you cannot activate the portal until the format portal is closed.
    • An empire that starts building a portal receives -200 messages, an active portal receives -1000 messages from everyone else in the galaxy, with 5 disintegrations per year. The summoned crisis benefits from an additional 100% damage bonus, hull and shield on any inactive interdimensional portal in the galaxy, and +100% damage bonus on all other portals in the galaxy except the Summoner.
  • Flail Beacon:
    • Technical Requirements : Flail Rocket, Flail Pits, Secret of Life, Mega-engineering.
    • Can only be built at the edge of the galaxy, outside the gravity well, and in a system that has no active beacon scanning.
    • Will have 4 phases, each cost 5000 fusion, 3600 days, have 50/100/150/200 maintenance research on energy and society, and final activation costs 50000 energy and 1000 impact, and 10 days.
    • Upon activation, within 6 months, Prethoryn Scourge will arrive with the beacon as the central system and the megastructure will be deactivated and no longer require maintenance. The summoned Praetor has shield, armor, and 100% extra damage on every inactive beacon in the galaxy and +100% damage on all beacons except the one being summoned.
    • At launch, Beacon receives -200 messages, at activity -1000 messages from everyone else, with 5 decreases per year.
  • IA World Assembly :
    • Technical Requirements : The project for synthesis, mega-engineering, phantom signal blocking or synthesis detection is completed.
    • Can only be built on a planet in orbit that has no inactive global AI assembly, in a system that has no other active global AI assembly.
    • There are 4 levels, each worth 5000 alloys and 2500 days of upgrading and 50/100/150/200 in energy and technology research. The activation step costs 20,000 energy, 20,000 alloy, 1,000 exposure and 3,600 days and transforms the megastructure into a global assembly of inactive AIs that requires no maintenance.
    • Once activated, the planet turns into an AI world, generates a standard backup fleet, and emits a ghost signal whose strength is proportional to the number of AI worlds in the galaxy. You get a +100% bonus on shields, armor, hull and damage against any assemblage of inactive AI worlds in the galaxy, and a +100% bonus on damage against all worlds except Summon.
    • No assembly of AI worlds can be built or upgraded if there are already 5 AI worlds in the galaxy (the hidden system with the last AI world is counted if it has not been discovered).
    • At the start of construction you will receive -200 messages, at the successful activity -1000 messages, each with a distribution of 5 per year.

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Post an idea about the megastructure: for part of Stellaris.

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