The last 7 days have been a crazy week. With the release of PS5 and a lot of new games, I can’t remember a time when I was busier. That’s why it took so long before I had a background check from Miles Morales. Now I play with a handful of names, and it’s not easy to juggle so many names at once. Anyway, let’s move on to the big picture, shall we?

I just finished my first Marvel Spider-Man game: Miles Morales and I have to say that this is the highest class for me, no matter how long it takes to finish everything. I’m not even going here. This game is easily 9.5 out of 10. SIMPLE! SIMPLE!!!!

You don’t need to be a Spider-Man fan to know when you have a good game in front of you, but being a fan of a friendly neighborhood spider makes the game much smoother! Don’t worry, there are no extra points here just because of the name of the game. The game is just as smooth, if not better, than its predecessor Spider-Man Marvel 2018. There is something to be said for playing the open world that feels really open. Fluctuations in New York City can distract from the pleasure they provide. One minute you’re scrolling a net around your next target, the next you’re facing a crime and mopping the floor with bad guys. Another typical day in the life of Miles Morales.

This game has been a graphic sensation. I think the charts are important. That’s not all, but in combination with plot, mechanics, frame rate etc. it is an equal part of the equation. Insomnia did the work of the star with the eyes of Miles Morales. Play the performance game to get the fastest images to work properly. It looks great and works as well as you can imagine on PS5. However, it is in Loyalty mode that the game really finds its strong point. The loyalty mode gives you the best lighting and game details you really need to feel in the game. I recommend playing in Loyalty mode for the first time and then play a new game + on performance. The best of both worlds, but of course you play as you like, just enjoy the game.

The story is very well written. I always like a good story and Marvel Spider-Man: Miles Morales is no exception. I often think games have a good plot, and usually they spoil what could have been a good ending. Or you pull too much on the cliffhanger (like Call of Duty Ghosts… What the hell happened? We may never know), or they just spoil the ending and it doesn’t make much sense. It’s such a happy ending with Miles Morales. I don’t want to ruin it, but I’m saying there’s more to it than that. A masterpiece, after all. Besides the fact that you play in a common story (although everything you do is part of the story because you play it as you see fit), there are many side missions that need to be accomplished. By putting an end to crime, education, looting and other ancillary missions, you can really fill your time by playing all the extra services. It’s also a great game for trophy collectors who want to have a little less trouble hunting a platinum trophy. If you’re after all this, you’ll need to play a new game+ to put it all together. It is definitely worth making a second breakthrough, because this game offers a lot of playing possibilities.

If you haven’t played the original version of Spider-Man, I strongly recommend that you capture the final output with the remastered version of Spider-Man so you can feel the two games take turns, which is just a little more than the Miles Morales title itself. Anyway, you should buy and play. It’s simple, and I repeat, this game will easily make 9.5 out of 10. It feels so good…

Have you ever played this game before? What do you think? Share your comments for discussion, but do not use spoilers or add warnings. Thanks for reading and, as always, see you online!

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