Crystal Dynamics has released the 1.5.0 update for Avengers Marvel. We will show you all the new features and bug fixes on the 18th. March 2021.

Marvel’s Avengers Update 1.27 is now available for download on all platforms. You’ll have to download a total of 19.6GB, at least on PS4. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

Marvel’s Avengers Patch Notes 1.27


  • Next update: Players who own the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One version of Marvel’s Avengers can upgrade to the full next-gen version at no additional cost. With revamped graphics, improved devastation and hero details, drastically reduced load times and more, Marvel’s Avengers is a new kind of experience on next-gen consoles. Watch the trailer for Next Genabilities to get an idea of what to expect. If you have any questions about the next generation upgrade, you can find our FAQ here.
  • New hero: Hawkeye: Played by the legendary Clint Barton, a master marksman and swordsman with an arrow, ready to take on any challenge.  He joins the Avengers with his own heroes, intrinsics, takedowns, and cosmetics that set him apart from the rest of the team. For a full analysis of Clint’s fight, check out our article on Hawkeye in Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE Deep Dive – or play the game now!
  • Operation Marvel’s Avengers: Hawkeye Future Imperfect: Hawkeye’s story takes us into a possible future where all hope is lost. With the help of the rest of the Avengers – and his friend Lucky – Clint must find out where Nick Fury is and stop the invasion.  Roam the new Wasteland biome, fight the Maestro and (most importantly?!) let Lucky know he’s a good boy in Operation Future Flawless.
  • Campaign reading: This long-awaited feature is finally here! The Marvel’s Avengers campaign replay allows you to replay the entire Reassemble campaign from the beginning. While campaign progress data is returned, you won’t lose any player progress, such as XP, character progress and collectibles you’ve obtained up to that point. Campaign replay is currently not applicable to operations such as Take Target or Future Imperfect. We plan to add the ability to replay the campaign to the operation in a future update.
  • HARM Room (modified): Many community members have expressed a desire to customize the HARM room for personal superhero training, so with this patch we have now introduced customizable HARM rooms! A customizable HARM chamber is available through the war table. After a briefing that walks you through the process when you first enter the HARM room, you can use the console to customize your combat experience with modifiers like enemy types, number of enemies, different environmental hazards like fire and electricity, difficulty and buffs! You can use the special HARM rooms to slow down and learn strategies for new heroes, or pick up the pace and challenge the Avengers you’ve already mastered.
  • A new enemy: Truck Runner’s synthesizer: The Shintoid Cargo Runner, which appears in various places, is a new enemy that carries items and tries to escape from you. If you manage to capture and destroy it, it will drop its load of resources (and maybe more).
  • Free equipment: New to this patch is a free item that you can pick up at the market for a limited time! Reach out and grab the Miss Marvel Night Galaxy costume before it disappears into the stars. Tell your friends!

  • The supporting textures are no longer visible in the input field: Avengers.
  • Skill counters are not reset in the Kamala section of the Achilles Archive after interacting with the first terminal.
  • Fixed some issues that were causing some players to leave the world and they were blocked.
  • Fixed a rare problem that caused jokes to be made outside of combat.
  • Fixed linking issues that some players experienced during the helicopter movie.
  • Tony is on his third helicopter visit from the military table, leaving a small number of players unable to advance.
  • Players will no longer be misdirected when reloading a checkpoint during a tachyon outbreak.
  • The SHIELD worker in substation zero is now 100% more efficient because he is no longer typing on a tablet while under power.
  • Hacking the server during Our Town no longer happens prematurely.
  • Fixed checkpoint reset loop that occurred to a small number of players after they fell into the river at Avengers Inlet.
  • Enemy NPCs are no longer visible during the final scene of Agents of Midgard.
  • Visual representations of electrical hazards now have a more accurate hitbox representation.
  • The Starboost armor when you get to the 4th. returns to the helicopter, the progression doesn’t stop.
  • Fixed a rare issue where defeating all the enemies on the first floor of the Desert Hive mission did not result in progress.
  • Fixed an issue in the Help Dr. Banner campaign mission where the camera would get stuck in front of the war table, preventing the player from moving away from the console.
  • The problem of the HARM hero-centric missions not being available to fans who joined the Avengers Initiative before the start of the reassembly campaign has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some players from playing Flashback missions.
  • Fixed several crashes, black screen and loading issues.
  • Fixed an issue where the mission More Than Inhuman could disappear from the war for players with broken recovery status, blocking progress.
  • Fixed an issue where AI satellites were running without a console and shutting down when asked to hack via the ping system.
  • Fixed an issue where the Heroic Hive Mega Gauntlet mission chain remained on the war table after completion, which could block progress.
  • Fixed an issue where an Evil Rebirth mission in the Hive Mind mission chain could remain on the war table after completion.
  • QoL Mission Updates:
    • The coordinates in the memory are now cleared after they are completed.
    • Elite rogue sectors are now hidden from the mission chain after they are completed.
    • Duplicating sectors with rogue factions no longer displays between factions
    • Flashback missions can now be completed once per day.
    • Improving the visibility of rewards at the end of missions

  • Avengers Initiative Strike Team members will now see the same animation when NPCs are hit by a Thor distance attack.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to respawn unlimitedly during Heroic Gauntlet if their last matching hero was used in another Strike Team game.
  • Players will no longer be blocked from the hero list after selecting an invite while the return prompt is active.
  • Fixed an issue where player stats dropped significantly when picking up or destroying equipment in Hive multiplayer missions, instead of only changing when equipment was intentionally equipped/broken.
  • AIM deflectors no longer inflict damage until the player reaches them, which can result in a failure condition before the mission begins.
  • Fixed an issue where three or more Strike Team players could be locked out of the game when a player logged out, causing hosts to migrate. This results in infinite mission loading, which is only allowed if other users leave the assault team.
  • A temporary change has been made to Quick Match: areas with performance requirements are now excluded from the Quick Match pool. This is to handle scenarios where a player does not have the required power level in a combat zone with a group and does not have the combat zone started. Players can still find a match for warzones with power level requirements by selecting a warzone directly from the war table and entering a match search for a specific warzone. We are working on a more robust solution that will be implemented in a future release.
  • Various matchmaking and stability improvements.

  • The Hulk’s hair is correctly displayed in the Hulk King outfit.
  • Jarvis VO plays constantly after he left Quinjet.
  • SHIELD cave doors no longer make the sound if they are already open.
  • Kamala’s smile remains intact after fixing the problem of her teeth disappearing in parts when she wears certain outfits, including Obsidian, Teenage Hero, Big Good and Jersey Girl.
  • A rare bug that could cause Kamala’s eyelashes or other small details to disappear when she wore the mask has also been fixed.
  • Kamala no longer leans on an invisible surface in the helicopter science lab after returning from the post-campaign.
  • Fixed a loading problem in Evil Reborn where ceiling objects would not load until the flying player was close to them.
  • Your hero no longer disappears when he runs to the wall at the beginning of the mission Endless Throat.
  • Fixed an issue where lights could appear on the ground without a source during a shielding mission.
  • Iron Man’s cape is now correctly displayed in his Iron Knight cape during the Mask mission.
  • Dr. Lyle Getz’s voice is now properly synchronized with his facial animation during the boss Dreadbot fight.
  • Captain America no longer wears his helmet during the A-Day prologue.
  • The confident sound matches the campfire and rhythms of drummer Kate Bishiop.
  • Removed a handful of unwanted asset owners from the game, and fixed several collision/sliding issues with environment assets.
  • Correcting different visual effects


  • Thor, Captain America and Iron Man are no longer marked with a T for a few frames after selection.
  • We have made changes to improve the loading time of symbolic templates in the menu.
  • Improved load times for players switching between heroes in outposts via the Hero Terminal or War Table.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player’s health bar to disappear at the end of the Masks mission.
  • Challenge card hints can now be rejected by mouse and keyboard users.
  • Vault Interact tooltips no longer display incorrectly when using Hulkbuster.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred after patch 1.4.0b where missions in the Daily Rogue sector of the S.H.E.I.L.D. faction were displayed as completed, preventing the user from completing them.
  • Fixed a rare bug where players would get a false notification that their inventory was full.
  • Added new notifications to equipment slots to notify players when they have a new item.
  • Updated changing task bars to prevent them from falling off the screen.
  • Cursor improvements: The type area is reduced to the size of the cursor for better marking accuracy.
  • Fixed an issue where the D-Pad control was not displayed correctly in the control settings menu after resetting the player. The display control now shows the saved display.
  • The Marketplace is now also accessible from the character menu and highlights new content when you enter it.
  • We’ve removed the player information and nameplate icons to make them shine!
  • We’ve changed the layout of the social menu so that the badges match the position of the characters and are more clearly associated with them.
  • Fixed several problems with localization, text and subtitles.

  • Iron Man no longer becomes invincible when he goes into the Hulkbuster, because he drops it.
  • AIM air guards no longer hover after being defeated in a Private Eye mission.
  • Kate can now jump over the blue shield of the Aegis Reapers when she encounters them in the mission Out of the Shadows.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies would sometimes disappear during the Defeat Enemy Squad event, causing the event to end without being completed.
  • Drones no longer spawn in containers of inhuman NPCs.
  • Iron Man is not stuck in falling animation when he flies onto a windowsill in the mission Threat at Large.
  • Aegis dreadbots no longer spawn in unwanted places, such as. B. on the pylons during the threat mission in the Willian area.
  • In the Tame a Titan (Elite) mission, warbots are no longer immune to phase 2 damage when players attack a warbot’s head.
  • Players will no longer be able to pass through the force field when fighting superadaptoids in mission resolution.
  • Conquer an invincible tower in a battle of horrors in an evil collecting mission.
  • Fixed an issue where AI companions could not revive players in some areas of the Young Avenger mission, such as. B. near walls or railings.
  • Drones are now taking elemental damage correctly.
  • The satellites don’t disappear after the elevator passes.
  • Fixed a bug where, after completing a Bad Blood mission, a high value target could disappear, leaving only the target indicator.
  • The tone of Iron Man’s attacks is no longer high when used in war zones.
  • Cryo Adaptoid’s slam attack is balanced so that the dodge window matches the animation and replica.
  • Fixed an issue where Captain America would sometimes try to parry a challenging Stiletto Redbot attack.
  • Players no longer inadvertently move towards their opponent when trying to tackle him when he is blocked.
  • The completion of the sabotage turbines is no longer delayed by a few seconds after the end of the construction.
  • Status effect counters, which determine the number of statuses that can still be inflicted on an enemy, are now shown during Taskmaster and Abomination villain sectors.
  • Fixed a bug in the stadium where players were sometimes sent directly from low mode, but not in observer mode.
  • Implemented a patch to prevent Elite Peacekeeper missiles from becoming invisible.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the Taskmaster stopped attacking during an encounter with Sector Rogues.
  • The camera aligns correctly when it flies over Kate Bishop’s bow after being interrupted during the equalizer animation.
  • Fixed an issue that caused confusion between heroes and enemies during a final conquest.
  • Fixed several issues with AI companions.

  • Iron Man and Kate Bishop gear sets in HIVEMIND and Mission Priority gear sets have a chance to be equipped with cryogenic bonuses.
  • Equipment for priority missions now has a small chance of being accompanied by space bonuses.
  • Fixed an issue where some priority missions were marked as completed before players attempted to complete them, resulting in reduced rewards for those missions.
  • Fixed an issue where a rare yellow ISO-8 would drop with a mix of stat types instead of pure value.
  • Fixed bug where the game would crash if the player interacted with a vendor before their item was updated, and then crash. When it’s time to refresh an item, a notification is displayed, but no new content is loaded because the user is offline.
  • Fixed an issue where some achievements – including Hold and Best Round – could not be completed at performance levels above 130.
  • Mission Rewards:
    • The rewarded equipment is always shown on the full mission screen.
    • The equipment box is no longer in an inaccessible part of the gorge.
    • As part of a larger initiative to reduce the randomness of obtaining cosmetics, model rewards have been removed from Mega Hive. In the future, the cosmetic vendor system will be updated to include many of these cosmetics, giving players more options for what they earn. To compensate, the amount of money allocated to the group was significantly increased after the completion of Phase 8 of the Mega Hive.
  • Benefits:
    • Effectiveness distribution removed for all air bonuses such as increased stun, increased critical chance, and increased damage. Instead of randomness affecting quality, the bonus now always decreases by a certain percentage and may eventually increase. For example: The Air Berserker Crusher bonus on small artifacts – which increases melee damage in the air – is no longer a 5-10% damage bonus, but a 12% bonus.
      • Other adjustments for performance include:
        • Aeroimpulse: Changed from 12-15% anesthetic damage to always 15%.
        • Blessings of the air: Changed from 4-6% Increased critical probability to always 6%.
        • Aviation Earthquake: Changed from 12-15% anesthetic damage to always 20%.
        • The blessings of aviation: Changed from a 10-12% critical chance to one that will always be 12%.
        • Aerial Berserk Lightning: The increase in damage has gone from 12-15% to always 15%.
  • Iron Man and Black Widow now have the state effect that was previously missing on their light and heavy attacks:
    • Example: Black Widow can now see status effects on her light signature attacks for Shock, Cosmic, Gamma, Pym and Plasma.
    • Example: Iron Man can get bonuses that increase the damage done to his stat by any untargeted heavy attack.
  • Heroic challenges:
    • Dreadbots now count towards challenges that require players to stun enemies.
    • Black Widow and Kate’s challenges require that hitting the opponent’s weak points at long range now works properly.
  • Additional items have been added to the low-grade content of the Marketplace – they are available in each hero’s cosmetic menu, with unused items locked.

Source : avengers.square-enix

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