Marvel’s latest comic book is under fire for presenting a predominantly white and male cast of characters. The company claims these depictions are ‘accurate’, but critics say it overlooks the Latino culture in America by only featuring heroes who come from Europe or North America.

The “Marvel Accused of Light-Washing America Chavez” is an article that talks about how Marvel has been accused of light-washing America Chavez. The article also mentions the controversy surrounding the character, as well as a petition to change her name.

Marvel Accused of Light-Washing America Chavez

America Chavez is accused of being light-washed by Marvel.



Woke on woke crime has arrived for the production of Doctor Strange 2 in the shape of a slew of Twitter assaults made against Xochitl Gomez, the 15-year-old actress who will portray America Chavez in the film. Gomez has been subjected to a barrage of venomous comments for “light-washing America Chavez.” From the moment America Chavez was announced as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the bulk of Marvel fans were outraged. These ardent admirers, who have been accused of being racist and sexist for their views, never attacked Gomez personally for accepting the job, nor did they insult America Chavez’s color or sexual orientation. This violent onslaught was launched by the woke Twitter mob, which purports to promote “diverse POCs” like Gomez.

American Chavez is a newer Marvel superhero who first appeared in 2011. She is from the Utopia dimension, a planet devoid of all males in which women may naturally produce children with one other. She became a multiverse hero as a result of her capacity to create dimensional portals, going across the universe to represent all LGBT people of color. Despite the fact that she is an extraterrestrial, Marvel has officially designated her as Puerto Rican, and much of the controversy surrounding Gomez’s casting stems from this. Gomez is Mexican, not Puerto Rican, which is unfortunate for her.

America Chavez

This isn’t the first time Marvel’s most “diverse” and politically pandering characters have been targeted by the mob. Similar criticism has been leveled at the Ms. Marvel Disney+ program for hiring an actress with Islamic ancestry but not Islamic beliefs to represent Ms. Marvel’s Muslim closest friend. The Madame Webb show was also attacked by this organization because a seeing actress was hired in the role of a blind character. The distinction is that in the Ms. Marvel and Madame Webb cases, the mob did not assault the actors personally, as they did with Gomez.

The hue of brown on Gomez’s complexion has been a source of criticism for her casting. Gomez, like American Chavez, is a Latina female; nevertheless, she is a few shades too light for the woke crowd. The rabbit hole that this criticism creates must be followed all the way down to more bizarre restrictions, until no actor working today will ever be able to take another role unless they look, eye color, height, weight, sexual orientation, history and background, birthplace, and belief are all identical to the character.

Even though ordinary Marvel fans criticize the America Chavez character for being woke and politically pandering, and for existing purely to virtue single with no distinguishing features other than being “gay,” they all recognize that Gomez is a perfect match for the part. They don’t blame her for accepting the role. At 15, many Marvel fans would have sold their souls to be in a Marvel film. This argument was insufficient for the SJWs, who instead chose to harass this young lady on Twitter, preferring hatred and continual fury despite the presence of a character developed and inserted solely to cater to them and their passionately held ideas.

America Chavez, Wolverine

Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is a classic example of how superhero casting has been publicly critiqued from the outset. Because of the height mismatch between himself and the character, diehard Marvel fans despised Jackman’s casting. Fans, on the other hand, did not criticize Jackman for accepting the part; he was just an actor doing his job. These supporters were also willing to be won over by Jackman, which they were. Some fans are unable to fathom an other actor taking up the claws since Jackman and Wolverine have become inextricably linked. In the instance of the Twitter mob vs. Gomez, this was not the case.

Thandi Newton, who plays Thandi on Westworld, cried in a similar circumstance, apologizing for her complexion not being black enough. She’s a black actress who plays black characters, but she’s worried that she’s not dark enough, that she’s not reflecting a more “diverse” audience, or that she’s stealing parts from darker actresses. The crowd expects Gomez to say something along these lines: “I’m very sorry because I’m too white.” This is a case of whitewashing. I’m a bad person for agreeing to play this part. “I despise myself because of my skin tone.” One Twitter user even went so far as to harass the young actress and boast about how she was banned as a result of it.

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These folks still call themselves racial justice warriors, despite the absurdity of targeting a person of color because of her skin color. It’s comparable to the scenario where everything is going to be white; as long as it’s anti-lighter color, it’s not racist. However, if it is anti-darker hue, these individuals believe it is racist. A scene from Family Guy provides an excellent analogy. When a policeman pulls Peter over, the officer uses a graph of skin hues to determine if Peter will face charges depending on his skin color. In that graph, flip the positives and negatives, and that’s precisely what the Twitter mob does everytime a new casting news is made. Unfortunately, Gomez is just a hair away from being shielded by these individuals.

America Chavez

In a rare stroke of irony, it is those who have been labeled racist for their views and who loathe America Chavez as a person who have flocked to her help, protecting her when the social justice warriors refused.

Gomez is completely unaware of the kind of drama and poisonous environment she has been thrust into as a result of her new work. Cancel civilization is closing in on her, ready to consume her whole, and this 15-year-old girl lacks the essential global knowledge and experience to endure the storm. The next years will be difficult for her, and fans can only hope that the pendulum swings away from cancel culture soon, or else no performer will be able to work again.

Marvel has been accused of “light-washing” America Chavez, a character in the Marvel Universe. The character is Latina and was originally created to represent Latinx people. However, the company has recently redesigned her to be white. Reference: miss america marvel girlfriend.

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