The game: Lunch at PaloozaGenre: Action, struggle, party system: Nintendo Switch (also for PC, PS4 and Xbox One)
Developer|Publisher : Seashell Studio | Alternative Software
Age Classification : EU 7+ | USA All prices
: United Kingdom £ 12.99 | EU $ 15.99 | United States $ 15.99
Publication date : 3. November 2020.

Look at the code of AlternativeSoftware.

Food control

Lunch at the Palooza is a festive game where you play with curly eggs and compete to reach the top. There are eight food symbols available for selection. This includes a hamburger, meatballs, pieces of pizza and a sushi sandwich. All four will unlock them, play the game for the allotted time and win the games. You can also discover new skins for food, some of which are slightly less attractive.

I’m not sure I want a Blue Burger.

Mode in menu

The game has several modes. In main mode, up to four players compete at the table and try to knock each other out. Each of you has five lives, and this is basically your last case of food. Control, as simple as it is, is very dirty. They have a standard attack and a standard attack. They both felt like they didn’t have any weight. Despite the obvious blows to the opponents, it seemed that luck was at stake whether or not to repel the opponent. Some characters have proven to be much more effective than others, especially the food you discover, which makes the whole novel seem unbalanced.

Arcade level was probably the best.

Just as this mode has a King of the Hill style, where you must try to occupy an area for as long as possible, there is also Battle mode, where life doesn’t matter and you must eliminate as many opponents as possible before time runs out. Despite the fun ideas, all modes play at the same levels, and the game just seems awkward. Random power-ups appear throughout the level and you can pick up items to use against enemies, but everything quickly becomes chaotic. It’s very difficult to keep track of what’s going on, leading to a party that doesn’t want to have fun.

Motion sickness

You can play in 6 levels, three of which are unlocked. They are all on the table in an environment like a restaurant or playroom and later on my favorite level when I play air hockey. On one level you sit on the table, on the boat, while the background environment slides by. This movement actually caused a motor disorder in my wife, who helped me with this exam.

Strangers steal our pizza!

You can choose a game with AI robots, which seem much more competent than me in the game. Unfortunately, their level of complexity cannot be changed, which seems to be a missed opportunity.

Besides the four games, that’s actually all there is for lunch in the Palooza. There are no ways of acting or financing methods. It’s just a game you can play with other people on the couch. Unfortunately, it is not like a game that is available for family or fun.

Single pluspoints

I wanted to add a few positive elements for the closing. First of all, some product design solutions like jelly are pretty cute. Especially the noise he makes when he shoots at others! (Female) The main menu has a section where you can check your progress in unlocking, but by highlighting each character and level, the developers have created a rather humorous description and context for each item and level of food determination. That’s a nice detail.

The height of the boat has actually caused a motor deficiency.

Deactivate menu

Lunch at the Palooza has all the ingredients for a fun party game, but the order we get is ultimately more related to the food disaster.

Uncomfortable controls, confusing gameplay and a level that causes motion sickness. This is a lunch that stays in the oven much longer before it is ready to eat.

Final verdict: I don’t like it.

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