Lost Ark is a fun, open-world game where you can explore and craft your own adventures. The Lost Ark daily checklist will help guide you through the days of exploring this world.

The “lost ark daily checklist spreadsheet” is a document that is used to keep track of what should be done in the game. It includes things like what quests are available, which characters have been unlocked, and how many days have passed since the player started playing.

Lost Ark Daily Checklist - What to do daily in Lost Ark

Lost Ark features a lot of daily chores for you to accomplish, and it’s crucial to complete them all as soon as possible to maximize the amount of character development you may obtain. These daily tasks will provide you with valuable resources to help you perfect your gear or uncover valuable treasures that will empower your characters.

It’s OK if you can’t complete all of these daily tasks every day, but if you’re serious about advancing in Lost Ark, attempt to complete the following tasks. Note that the majority of these activities presume you are level 50 and have previously unlocked all of these features. Here are some things you should accomplish every day in Lost Ark:

Dungeons of Chaos

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Dungeons of Chaos are important dungeons in Lost Ark that require you to fight waves of enemies in three different zones. Killing these enemies will drop a substantial amount of honing materials which you can use to advance your gear to higher item levels. You can also get gear, Ability Stones, and tickets for the Cube and Boss Rush.

The majority of gamers will visit a Chaos Dungeon twice every day. If you complete the Chaos Dungeon more than twice, you will get Shards of Purification, a unique currency. These funds may be used to purchase more sharpening supplies.

Raids by Guardians

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Raids by Guardians are boss fights in Lost Ark that pits you and up to three other party members against a difficult boss. These bosses are gated by Item Level, so you have to be at a certain level to fight some of these bosses. These raids can drop Ability Stones and important honing materials. You can do these raids twice a day for rewards.

Una’s Assignments


Una’s Assignments are daily quests you can do. These quests are important, as you can earn some honing materials (leapstones in particular), work towards greater rewards through the Reputation system, and earn some Silver and Ability Stones. You can also get a special currency known as Una’s Tokens which you can exchange for Gold. You can take up to three quests a day, or four if you have Una’s Assignments [Daily] +1 (Instant Use) coupon.

Gates of Chaos

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Gates of Chaos are mini-dungeons featuring numerous boss fights that drop Rift Shards and Secret Maps. It’s important to do Gates of Chaos so you can obtain Secret Maps and receive some Honing Protection Materials.

Gates of Chaos are scheduled dungeons, meaning they have set times on when they appear. You can check which Chaos Gate is appropriate for your item level as well as what time it will appear through the in-game calendar system.

Islands of Adventure

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Islands of Adventure are scheduled locations that appear at only certain times. These islands are usually accompanied by a co-op quest. At the completion of these quests, you’ll get rewards that vary from Pirate Coins, Silver, and Island Tokens.

At least one Adventure Island should be visited each day. You’ll earn big benefits if you collect Island Tokens, but you’ll need Sailing Coins and Pirate Coins to purchase additional sharpening materials.

Dailies for Specific Events

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Lost Ark will have a special event every now and then with a daily activity for you to participate in. The Arkesia Grand Prix is a daily race that you may participate in to win special event cash as of this writing. This cash may be used to purchase a variety of valuable and luxurious gifts. If a special event is taking place, don’t forget to take part in it every day!

Honorable Mention: Purchase all of your businesses.

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This is more of a weekly task, but depending on your level of commitment to the game, there are a number of stores that you should visit every week. If you join a guild, for example, you will be given Bloodstones, which you may use to purchase Honing Materials at a Guild Shop. On every large island, this trader may be found near to the PvP area.

You may also go to an Open Seas store, which can be found at every major port. Every week, all of these stores restock. Make sure to purchase them so you may gain more practice materials and progress your gear more quickly.

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