Little Sim World is an upcoming independent game, super cute, that could finally give The Sims a chance to get value for money!

The Sims has been around for over 20 years, and there is little or no competition between them. That’s one reason why the show never evolved the way fans wanted it to. The expansion packs, while fun, were somewhat repetitive, as each new episode of the game was accompanied by very similar expansions – Animals, Seasons, Magic and more.

One of the biggest drawbacks of The Sims series for me was the lack of multiplayer. I always liked the idea of inviting friends into my Sim world and building my own house in the neighborhood with them, or even becoming roommates.

Yes, there was The Sims online, but EA/Maxis quickly discontinued that project when popularity couldn’t keep up with the offline version of the game.

In today’s world, multiplayer is more important than ever as people all over the world interact in a variety of ways – video games being one of them.


Play alone or with friends

little sim world coffee

Yes, Little Sim World will include a multiplayer mode where you can enjoy all of the game’s great features with your friends, as the development team explains, “Yes, a full multiplayer mode will be implemented after the game is finished. Don’t get on the wrong side!

No Angles is a key phrase in the ad. You will be able to share the game with your friends, not just send yourself a gift or visit the offline version of City of Friends.

Little Sim World to the rescue

Little Sim World is everything you expect from a delightful life simulation game. Think of it as the Valley of the Sims. Little Sim World has charming graphics, but it also has rich building tools and other features you might recognize in games like The Sims.

A small indie team is currently working on creating the first playable version of the game, as they also want to fill the holes in the heart of the Sim community that Sim fans deserve!

Not only does the small team promise to offer small and large content updates for free in the future (for the foreseeable future), but the game is also not locked behind a barrier and encourages you to play the game to unlock new furniture and clothing-something that has become quite rare with new video game releases.

Explore the open world on foot, by bus or in your own car.

  • little sim world bus

The world of Little Sim is an open world, with no loading time that you can explore. The big city offers a variety of activities you can participate in. Stop by the local Star Coffee for a bite to eat and maybe to meet some new people and make friends if you like.

To get around the big open city, you can walk, but if you want to get somewhere quickly, you can take a city bus to get you around quickly and cheaply. If you have saved enough money, you can even buy a car that you can customize yourself and drive around the city – wrooom.

Little Sim’s World – novels, weather, careers and more

little sim world

Little Sim World already has many features, and you don’t have to pay extra money for additional features.

The game will have a rich weather system that makes each day a little different from the others. Not only will you be able to enjoy the weather, but also the seasons, making vacation celebrations and gardening more satisfying. You know I’m a big fan of weather effects that create an immersive video game experience, if you’ve read my article “New Horizons – It Never Snows on My Island.”

Of course, as in many other life sims, you can make friends or even find a lover if you want to. The big city is filled with many characters with whom you can interact, make friends and even find your life partner!

Find a job!

Exploring the open world is great fun, and making friends in a café or park is a great way to spend your free time. Basically, you want to build your own house, improve it and buy the furniture you want – you know, turn a house into a home.

Maybe you really want nicer things and the latest fashion trends, but these things are not free. So to fill your wallet, you may need to find a job. There are many career opportunities in the game that you can join to earn simoleons money.

World release date of Little Sim

Little Sim World is currently still in development. You can support the game on Patreon and if you reach the right level, you can participate in the pre-alpha version of the game in Q1 2021 (between January and March).

If you want to be kept up to date with the game as soon as it becomes available on Steam, make sure you play today and follow the team on Twitter.

Little Sim’s Global Platforms

You may be wondering where you can play Little World Sim. The game will be released first on PC and Mac, and shortly thereafter on systems like Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox.

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