I was hoping Void Storms would be a good alternative to Fissure Missions. I love the idea of Railjack and the recent update was great, it really prepared us to accept Railjack as part of the game. But, uh…

  • Why do we have to have Void Storms on tax insurance missions?
    • Why would we possibly spend twice as much time on one relic.
    • What’s the point of that, other than getting Sevochet and his weapons back?
  • What are these Railjack missions?
    • Why is there only one objective for the *main* objective, which is just a basic warframe objective?
    • Why Nerf R-9 Cloud if it was the only mission that actually had a purpose?

As it stands, there’s still no real reason to play Railjack after it’s finished. I wanted to discuss some ideas on how to make this content almost playable, to the point where we want to play it.

Storms in the void

I want to talk about it first because it’s new content and, frankly, a simple solution.

  • To make it worth our time, we need to invest in missions.
    • It takes ~5 minutes to crack a survival and defense relic (which are continuous) and less if it’s capture and destroy. It takes more than 10 minutes to complete EVERY Iron Jack mission. They come to the same result, a relic has been opened.
    • Receive bonus rewards from Void Storm for completing the mission….. But aside from parts of Okay Endo Bands and Sevagoth (for now), they feel like something that doesn’t matter.
  • Let’s make sure we can open multiple relics for the time we invest. Even 2 or 3 would be something.
    • If we assume ~5 minutes = 1 open relic in the base game, then Railjack can easily make up 2-3 relics with missions that take 10+ minutes.
    • Ideally we could do it from 5 to 10, because people who play the game have literally hundreds of them, why not give them a chance to sell out?

Mission Rail Jack

And this one, frankly, is pretty simple too. In fact, we can reduce it to the same solution.

It’s worth it to us.

An excellent example of Railjack’s potential for R-9 cloud nerve. It turns out that people like to be rewarded for excellent coordination.

Was it too good? Yes, but my main point is Why deal with nerds instead of stifling other tasks?

It was said that this was a bug, and the rewards were returned ~7 times.

Why not let him shoot 3-4 times and do the same thing every railjack mission? Or why not let it increase gradually according to the level of difficulty? Apparently Proxima Veil is four times the size and rises from there? It would literally give us a reason to keep playing Ralejack outside of the mandatory reasons.

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  • Let’s talk about Zealot

I really didn’t want to start a thread about nerves, but the recent PQ has me worried about this career in its current state. I look up Kruber-Merk’s accomplishments, and I met another fanatic with the Heal Me Not trend, I am cheered. After some discussion in the squirrel team, I came to the conclusion that…..

  • Let’s talk about fibrous herbs.

Bolts and nuts were overused, bacon was hard to get and now fiberglass is in the same situation, it is overused but hard to get. Currently, fiberglass is used for two of the best items to make in the game: Ceiling gas separator and strip. The long…

  • Let’s talk about the estimated wait time.

For me, the estimated wait time given by the game is never very accurate. I think I could have pulled that number out of a hat and it would have been more accurate. An estimated waiting time of 70 years and an actual waiting time of over 400 years are not uncommon. Why is this so important? Well, that’s…

Let’s talk about Void storms….. And Railjack in general. For the game Warframe.

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